Tips on How to Select and Maintain Shade Sails Installation

Shade Sails Installation is the best way to protect the outdoor areas from the UV rays that are harmful. It is not only useful but also cheap and easy to build. 

It is named the shade sails because it has the same technology, look, and even material as a ship’s sail. You could find it used all over the world starting from public spaces, playgrounds, stores, and others. 

The protector has been used since ancient Egypt. The structure has been growing like the industrial revolution. Here are tips and more info about the share sails installation that are used these days. 

Shade Sails Installation Types 

There are various kinds that are used these days, all around the world. Each one of them has it have different purposes. These are the most commons shade sails installation types. 

1. Waterproof 


Outdoor means being exposed to cold, hot, rainy, and sunny. That is why the waterproof type is the best one to use, especially in the tropic area. 

The waterproof shade sails installation is usually made of a durable PVC material. It is often used for areas like the parking lot and playgrounds. 

2. Sunshade Installation Ideas


Like the name, this shade has the shape of an umbrella. It is a composite of rafters and steel posts. As for the materials, it could use various ones. 

The umbrella shade is one of the sunshade installation ideas that can protect you from light. However, this type comes in small size, therefore, people usually use this for outdoor use. 

3. Arched Canopy Shade 

Arched Canopy Shade

This type of shade is mostly used in garden areas and parking garages. The arched canopy is a freestanding structure that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

This shade sails installation is also water-resistant and sun-proof as well. What makes it distinctive is that it might build in many shapes. It is compatible for those who wish for a unique one. 

4. Privacy Screens Shade

Privacy Screens Shade

Unlikely like another type, this one usually does not stand horizontally, but vertically. Like the name, the privacy screen shade is used to cover up an outdoor area. 

The privacy screen is drawn by four (it could also less or more) corners. Sometimes it also comes with frames. The shades usually connect more than one item with the same material. 

The connection of the shades actually does not cover 100%. People could still put through some small objects. The main purpose is to have a private space behind the screen. 

However, not all people use this shade sails installation for privacy. Some also have it to divide two separate outdoor areas, like the garden for example. 

5. Various Shade Sails Shapes

Various Shade Sails Shapes

There are many kinds of shade sails shape that people could use. Starting for the public area or to their private space. Each place has its own. 

Not only it comes in various shapes, but also in different types, sizes, structures, and materials. Mostly the fabric would be waterproof since people do want to avoid getting wet. 

As for the shape, people could purchase in many ways. Either it is the common square shape, triangle, shapes in five or six. It could even get costumed as well. 

The shape of the shade sails installation nowadays comes in variety because people nowadays pay more attention to the art. One of the highly renowned ones is the triangle one. 

Choosing the Right Shade Sail 

Choosing the Right Shade Sail

When planning to purchase a shade sail installation, there are some things to pay attention to. Here are some tips before choosing the right item. 

First, choose a high-quality one, especially for the material and structure. It is a serious entity to pay attention to here. Avoid choosing a cheap one despite a minimal budget. 

This is important because the less quality could make the shade sails installation to break apart. Moreover, it could move along the wind as well. 

Besides safety, cheap shades would easily get stretched. When it does, it would not be durable, and it could even cause a hole. 

Second, choose a shade sails installation that uses a stainless-steel wire that is used all around the side. This is because it would tight. 

And third, select a material that would highly protect people from the UV. Each fabric has different protection. Make sure to purchase the right one. 

Shade Sail Post Ideas

Shade Sail Post Ideas

There are many kinds of shade sails post ideas to use in our area. Here are several that you could use in a handy way. 

1. Shades for Garden 

Shades for Garden

The garden is a space where we could chill and relax. For this area idea, you could match the shade and furniture with a tone or theme. 

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Adding a hammock here would also be a great combination. Not only useful but the garden then would be a great place to spend with the loved one. 

2. Shade For the Swimming Pool area

Shade For the Swimming Pool area

The swimming pool needs an umbrella shade sails installation. Combine it with Jacuzzis, loungers, a little bar with some green plants and this place would be just perfect!

3. Carport


Using shade sails is a must for carports to protect our exterior car. To make it neat, you could add some vertical gardens to the area. 

4. Shade in the Children’s Area

Shade in the Children’s Area

A shade sails installation in this area is important not only to cover the kids but also to protect the space. Use some colorful colors to make it fun for the children. 

5. Camping Shades

Camping Shades

Besides the tent, the shade sail is must bring items when going out camping. It would be a helpful thing to use inside the natural space and give comfort as well. 

Tips When Using Shade Sails

Tips When Using Shade Sails

After buying a shade sails installation, we should also pay attention to the assembly and when using it. This is because it could ease the maintenance after. 

First of all, when installing it, make sure the fabric and structure are drum tight. This is to avoid it wobbly and getting fall apart. 

Second, when attaching the shade sails, make sure to do it correctly. Doing it wrong might cause it to lose it the future and even serious injury after it. 

Last, make sure that the shade sails installation has at least ten years warranty. When it does, it means it has a nice quality. 

Tips and Trick of Shade Sails Installation 

Tips and Trick of Shade Sails Installation

Installing a shade sail is quite easy to do. However here are some tips and tricks to know. 

1. Material 


The material of shade sails comes in many varieties. Starting from sun sail, bitumen paint, wood stain, paintbrush, and others more. Choosing the right one would affect the whole space. 

2. The Method 

The Method

During preparing the installation, make sure that you have chosen the right type and material. Also, recheck about the size as well. 

When everything is ready, follow the instruction and steps exactly as it is. Also, avoid the rain while installing the shade sails. 

Taking Care and Maintaining Shade Sail 

Taking Care and Maintaining Shade Sail

After installing it, it is important to know how to take care of and to maintain the shade sails installation. Here are some tips so that they could long last. 

  • When it comes to winter, take down the shade sails installation. The cold weather, snow, and frost are not good for it 
  • Once a year, clean the shade sails by using some detergents and scrubbing. If it is too difficult to do, you could ask someone to do it. 
  • Often check on the shade sails installation, especially after a storm or other extreme weather. 
  • Avoid metals, halogens, bleaches, and other chemicals

So those are not only tips and tricks, but also some great info about shade sails installation. The price is not included as a cheap item. However, it has a great purpose and it is long-lasting. 

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