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DIY Shoe Cubbies You Can Make at Home

It is Sunday and you can spend the time making your shoe cubbies! Your footwear collection needs a proper space and instead of buying a new one, save more budget with a DIY project. Here is some DIY shoe cubbies inspiration that you can create easily at home:

Exposed Your Heels in Shoe Cubbies DIY from Frame

basic pump

The heels have a fascinating look that it is too good to hide. Instead of putting those things in closed storage, why don’t you create such a decoration using the heels? You can transform a disassembled photo frame into a display rack. Before doing this recycling project, prepare to paint and dab the color into the piece.

Stick the piece into the wall using screw or adhesive. Make sure it’s strong enough to handle your heels collection. Finally, hang all the heels to the new open shoe rack. This concept will remind you of Carrie Bradshaw’s tempting collection in Sex and The City!


  • The hacks don’t require too much time
  • The heels cubbies are affordable
  • It can turn into a decorative piece at home

You cannot hang the heavy heels, otherwise, it can be broken and damage the wall

Shoe Cubbies from PVC Pipe

sapateira de cano pvc

PVC pipe is something that homeowners will never expose, but in this project, the PVC Pipes come as the attention stealer. The PVC pipes are a good idea as shoe cubbies. The concept is quite simple and the process you’ve must through doesn’t take up too much space. However, this idea might need some advanced equipment to cut the PVC into pieces.

The rest of the steps only require adhesive glue to stick the pieces into the wall. Let them try for some minutes. After it dries, check whether it is sturdy enough to support all of your shoe collection. Now you are ready to put some shoes in there and create a unique look!


  • The cubbies from PVC creates a unique look
  • The project is quite simple

● You need a sharp thing to cut the PVC

Floating Shelf

Floating Shelf

Every time we talk about the tiny space, a floating shelf always comes as an idea to apply in the first place. This project is something you also have to create the shoe cubbies. Build the floating shelf from unused things at home, like plywood. The thing is thick enough to support the shoe collection. Stick the woods with the screw in the entryway nook.

We pick this place to stick the storage because once you enter the house, you can directly put your shoes and don’t litter the house.


  • The floating shelf creates a minimalist look
  • It does not take up too much space
  • It doesn’t require serious construction skill

● You have to make sure that the thing is sturdy enough to support all your shoe collections.

Featuring the Wire Hanger

Featuring the cloth hanger might be an affordable option in creating a proper shoe cubbies alternative. The idea can save up more space and you don’t have to deal with the stuffy storage.

If you live in a tiny house or a studio apartment, hanging up the shoes is a good option. What we need to prepare are just some unused wire hangers and adhesive glue.

Stick the hanger to the wall. Make sure it is quite sturdy. We suggest you not to hang heavy shoes like boots because it is not too sturdy to handle those things.
● It is simple DIY hacks that even the children can do this
● It saves more space at home
● It cannot handle the heavy shoes
● The result is not as tidy as the other shoe cubbies hack

DIY Shelving Unit

Do you have too many shoe collections? You can only fix the problem with the big shelving unit because the hanging shelf won’t support them anymore. When we talk about a shelving unit, there are two ways you can opt. First thing is to buy an affordable shelving unit. The method is quite simple but requires more budget.

The shelving unit in a hardware store is quite expensive. Moreover, if it comes in a unique style and made up of sturdy and high-quality material. If you want to save space and be more satisfied, opt for the shoe cubbies DIY way to present the shelving unit.

You need to prepare the material at first and to save much time, consider letting your friend help you through this project. The process might take a day or more if you want to make a bigger shelf. Paint the shelving unit with the color you desire. Let it dry and the furniture is ready to use.


  • The shelving unit is the most sturdy furniture to keep not only your shoes but also other collectibles thing
  • It is removable and creates a compact look at home
  • It can save more than ten pairs of shoes.


  • The furniture will take up too much space at home
  • When you want to do the DIY project by yourself, it takes a long time and needs a big effort
  • The project requires many materials
  • If you buy a shelving unit, make sure you have enough budget.

Create a Camouflage

Create a Camouflage

If you don’t want people to see your shoe collection, you can consider this idea to try at home. The concealed cabinet is something people usually cover with a mirror, a photo frame, or paint. To create this rectangular storage, you need to dig on your wall, dab the concrete, and paint it
After that, install a photo frame or painting in a rectangular shape. It will be functioned as the storage door.


  • Your house won’t look too messy
  • The camouflage functions as the home decoration
  • You can put as many shoes as you want


  • The installation might take uptime
  • It needs serious renovation
  • You must prepare much equipment
  • Compared to the open shelve in the entryway, it is not too practical.

Having shoe cubbies at home will let you be more organized. No more dirty shoes along with the flooring that brings many specks of dirt.

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