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Shower Storage Ideas and Tips How to Maximize It for Small Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where you can clean up or sometimes for relaxing. That is why you need to make it tidy and spotless, which makes your bath will not get a lack of shower storage space.

Just create some extra space in your bathroom without undertaking an expensive full renovation.

Try to apply space-saving tricks to bring shelves, cabinets, and other organizers well placed into a small room.

Also, think about putting the organizers in vertical spaces like in the shower, under the sink, and above the door. A small bathroom can be tricky when it comes to choosing the right storage.

You can maximize the saving space by organizing your daily essentials. Do you want to reorganize your small bathroom? Here are some shower storage hacks ideas and tips everyone needs to know.

Bathroom Shower Storage Shelves Ideas

Shower Storages

Organizing the bathroom can be an interesting activity to do on the weekend. You can create a range of storage that will give your shower more space to keep everything organized well.

Here are some shower storage ideas for a small bathroom you need to know.

Basket Case

If you feel the vanity being cluttered by toiletries, baskets can be a good idea to your bathroom. Just organize your everyday essentials into a basket and hang it on the walls.

You can add metallic numerals to identify the storage. The baskets will give a new atmosphere in the bathroom.

Magnestic Strips

Shower Storage Ideas

Medicine cabinet probably looks old and boring for your tiny bathroom. Now it is time to create an instant and simple shower storage using magnetic strips.

This magnetic storage could adhere to the cabinet door. These organizers are perfect to put your accessories like hairpins, nail clippers, and trimmers.

Ropey Towel Rack

DIY towel rack would be a simple and creative idea for your shower storage. The construction is easy and simple to make by using a natural rope.

Just screw the eyebolts into the wall, and then thread the rope through the bolts. After that, you should tie knots at each end properly.

Wine Rack

Shower Storage shelves

Unused old wine rack in the kitchen can aesthetically replace your magazine stand or towel storage. It means you do not have to buy more furniture for your bathroom.

This rejuvenated bathroom will be leisurely entertainment. Besides, the rack can be a unique corner of the room that catches everyone’s attention.

Baby Steps

Shower Storage space

Adding step stool to your bathroom would give the kids time to use the sink. It should be lightweight enough, so the kids can easily pick it up and move to the sink or reach something in the higher places.

Now, doing bathroom activities with the kids is fun to do.

Shelf Space

Adding shower storage space to a small bathroom can be a little bit tricky. You have to put a precut wooden board and securing it with L-brackets.

Place the shelf above the door with plastic baskets and put the toiletries inside for space-saving tricks.

Storage Rails

Shower Storages shelves

These shower storage rails are used to guard against sudsy spills and create instant order on the bath. It should be installed above the tub.

You can hang S-hooks from the rod line with soap holders, magazines, and towels. These types of shelves will give your bath a simple yet aesthetic look.

Open Shelf

Shower Storage

This open shelf can be repurposed from a multi-tier pantry rack as an option to replace your old cabinet. You can line the shower storage shelves with daily essentials, and clear plastic bins.

Vanity Tray

Shower Storages

You can use a three-tier serving tray to organize a vanity in the small bathroom. No need to buy a new one, just reuse tray from the kitchen so it will not spend more budget.

Homemade Bath Holster

shower storages

No need renovation required or adding more shower storage shelves to use these homemade bath holster. The materials are suction cups and unused hair bands.

It can secure your soap and shampoo bottles that placed directly to bare shower walls. If you have a minimum budget to buy a new rack, this holster can be a great option.

Tips to Add More Storage in Your Bathroom

Before organizing your bathroom, you should consider the option. Hang a simple caddy around the shower if the bath does not have any shelves.

The caddy probably allows for all types of products that you use. So it can be used to maximize the shower storage like body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.

For some surface area, you may use various bath trays, bins, and baskets and can get more creative with it. Choose the adjustable storage as it looks simply like a caddy for soap.

Freeing up your bathroom does not require adding more shower storage but you can try to remove unused products. As a solution, place the daily essentials into a custom bottle that fits your space.

Besides, the product will provide various sizes and styles that good for your hygiene items. Downsize the essentials you want for more spacious storage.

Shower storage shelves issues might be a problem if you have kids around the house. So, just get rid of things that the children do not need in the bathroom.

You should separate all of the toys to make the kids easier to understand their friendly zones outside the bathroom. Parents must have it as a good solution for kids’ stuff in your home.

That is some information you need to know about shower storage ideas and tips to maximize it for a small bathroom.

Keep everything organized might help you to sort out bathroom clutter and comfortable.

You should create functional furniture or accessories to add more storage like shelves, cabinets, etc. Just check it out at local home improvement stores for inspiration.

Put your feelings and creativity to organize your bathroom, so it becomes easier to do. Do not forget to clean up the shower to prevent clutter and a lack of storage spaces.

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