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20 Ideas of Side Table Decor to Accentuate Your Rooms

It is not an obligation to have pricey artworks as side table decor to make yours presentable in the living room or anywhere inside the house.

As side furniture, it is perhaps not the focal point everyone turns his/her head into, but you could make ones do so with a proper decoration or two.

So, let’s get the ideas of side table decor here to accentuate the living room of yours.

1. Spring Floral Composition above Wooden Side Table


It turns out that flower arrangement never fails to satisfy. At least, the images of Pinterest side table decor say so.

One of the pictures is this spring floral composition. Set above wooden furniture, they make a complete combination of natural elements indoors.

2. Terrarium as a Side Table Decoration


When talking about side table decoration, you cannot leave a terrarium behind. Such a décor will always give nuance of nature with some greens.

Hence, it is like making a mini greenhouse sits on your furniture. Following your living room concept will be a nifty idea in picking the material of the cage.

3. Book Stacks in Contemporary Living Room


Book stacks do not always symbolize clutter. However, they could be some aesthetic living room side table decor as well, as long as the arrangement is eye-pleasing.

This picture might be an example. A stack of books is in a white setting along with an arrangement of flowers and table lamp, which most show a subtle hint of black.

4. Small Cacti Plant above Glass and Teak Wood Side Table


If flower arrangement is too much for you, go for some succulent plants to have a simpler plantation. For this glass and teak wood side table, picking a neutral-toned pot will be fascinating.

Moreover, with a cactus, you do not need to water it too frequently since it is that type of plant.

5. Wooden Side Table with Extra Storage Space


This wooden furniture comes with extra storage space. Thus, it houses several side table decor items.

For example, they consist of a white ceramic table lamp, mini potted flowers, and some stacks of books on both the topmost and the middle layers, as well as an additional square basket on the lowest layer.

6. Orange Vibes as Side Table Decor


A little bit of bright pop up in the living room would not hurt your eyes. Instead, it freshens and gives a new direction to cast your glance.

7. Lovely Side Table to Upgrade the Living Room


Whatever installed in a set is always pleasing to the eye. It applies to this unit of coffee and side tables as well.

However, the decoration does not have to come in a set, too. A table lamp is usually necessary for furniture beside the sofa, while it is not the case for the units in front.

8. Flowers Decoration atop Stool-Like Side Table


As there are thousand species of flowers, or maybe more, the arrangement options are various. Therefore, you could opt for a seasonal or year-round composition to make them decorating your side table.

9. Succulent Plant and Aromatic Candle Combination


Succulents always come in the first list of simple houseplants. Also, they grow well without regular watering and fit almost all interior concepts.

So, you could pair a potted cactus with a cup of an aromatic candle to please your senses of sight and smell.

10. Fabric Table Lamp over an End Table

You must know by now that fabrics could satisfy your thirst for decoration. Likewise, this picture explains everything. Just remember that it is not a must to involve many patterns in one space.

11. Shabby-Chic Decoration upon Bedroom Side Table with Drawer


You cannot resist this kind of bedroom side table decor for sure if shabby-chic is one of your things.

Then, why is it not when the tissue holder, pink tray, and fabrics below them are so traditionally fascinating?

12. Eco-Friendly Decorations


Relying on some eco-friendly items is one of the trending side table decoration ideas now. Besides, you could make use of their colors, shapes, or structures to make your furniture more than presentable.

For example, in this picture, you see a plate of bright yellow lemons and some green plants in a planter.

13. Brown Clay Flower Pots to Decorate Front Porch


Are you in the middle of finding exterior front-porch decoration ideas? Everything that exists in this image might inspire many homeowners.

Additionally, black rattan armchairs and a rectangular wooden side table in a similar tone, as well as clay flower pots in different sizes, are just perfect.

14. Black and Gold Accents for a Surprising Living Room


Contrasting objects are always surprisingly fascinating if you know the right colors to contrast each other. In addition, for black furniture, golden accents are its faultless pair.

15. Candle Sticks on Top of a Solid Wood Side Table


A solid wood side table strongly emphasizes the rustic concept. What could strengthen the image of such a style is candlesticks put on top of the furniture.

Accordingly, let’s try the idea if you fancy this unsophisticated theme.

16. French-Country Decorations


There is so much going on above the side table in the picture. However, unexpectedly, those items are far from the image of clutter.

Furthermore, each item spells vintage for you and makes a French statement as unity.

17. Tree Sculpture Decor


Framed pictures, a table lamp, and other knick-knacks seem normal to be the side table decor, but a tree sculpture makes an exception. You must own it for a statement and attention diversion.

18. Round End Table Setting with a Floor Lamp


When you worry about getting a decent amount of light, but your side furniture has limited space to hold a table lamp whatsoever, try floor lighting to resolve the matter in question.

Likewise, this image above sets a good example.

19. Brass Planter, White Table Lamp, and Raffia Basket


Aside from colors, contrasting materials and textures could also be an option in decorating. So, take everything you see here as examples: raffia basket, brass planter, and a sleek white table lamp.

20. Side Table with Spring Decoration for the Living Room


Seasonal decoration would fit those who have easily bored character. Therefore, when a particular season ends, you can decorate a new entirely if you have the said trait.

Well, which idea of side table decor that meets your liking? Just execute it right now and accentuate the room beautifully!

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