Small Black Ants and the Best Ways to Get Rid of Them

Small black ants are tiny, persistent, six-legged creatures that are native to North America.

Although they have small bodies, you should not underestimate them because they can be spotted in a group as many as two thousand workers.

Imagine they invade your house with such tremendous numbers. They would love to have a nest build in plenty of areas in your house.

Moreover, that can be a dire problem as they are quite difficult to handle. Don’t you agree with that?

1. Information about Small Black Ants

If you wonder where you can find these black little creatures, well, wooded areas are among their favorite spots.

Small black ants would highly infest yards and houses as well. Well, the reason is obvious. They need a home to live in just like any other living thing.

Judging from their tiny bodies, I believe you would understand where the name came from. They are small and they can only reach up to 1.5 mm.

That is a very clear explanation of where did they get their name.

Although they are called small black ants, they can be found in a few colors including dark brown to black – usually jet-black.

If you look carefully, you would encounter small black ants making a nest in decomposed woods.

Other places like sidewalk space, beneath rocks, debris, or even bricks are also possible to be used to build nests.

If your house walls in your house are seen to have cracks there is a chance that small black ants might be in there.

The kitchen would also be the place for them to hide where they can steal many foods.

Due to their weak and small stinger on their bodies, they are not a threat either to humans or to pets. However, they can give you pain on the neck.

You can find them build their colonies from average size to very big ones.

Do you know how to get rid of small black ants? There are several ways to eradicate small black ants from your house.

First, you have to find their nest. Second, if you see there are trails on the floor or walls or somewhere outside the house, they can lead you there.

Then, you can start by using some insecticide that you can trust. Typically, you can choose one that offers some benefits.

One that is repellent and can terminate them in an instant. A strong insecticide comes with a formula that stays there for a while even long after you spray it.

When spraying some insecticide, make sure you use the necessary equipment as instructed.

It can prevent you from something bad that can happen to you while spraying. You should cover your mouth as well as eyes and wear gloves as the instructions are told.

You can spray the yard and plants and the surrounding areas you believe small black ants live there.

Once it is done, you can now move into your home or kitchen. Small black ants in the house definitely can be a nightmare too.

It is not because they can cause some serious damage to your house, but they just keep coming back repeatedly making a mess everywhere.

That is where they get on your nerve. The methods you use would be different from the way you eradicate them in your yard, so does the insecticide.

There is some insecticide that is in dust form and you can put it into a duster when you are about to use it.

You can spray it into their nest. You should look for any wall voids, around appliances, or any small holes in the walls that small black ants use as their nest.

Or, you can use a formula for baiting ants – it is sweet bail, which comes with a syringe to help you apply it anywhere in the house.

It is like the glue that you can just push it out of its tube. It allows you to reach small or difficult areas of their nests.

Apply it around the kitchen or appliances where those ants can be seen roaming freely as if there were nobody watching.

Keeping any food in the kitchen stay covered or hidden in well-sealed containers when baiting is highly recommended.

Here are some useful tips to prevent small black ants keep coming. You had better keep your kitchen clean from any leftover.

Ants would look for some food and that is the reason why should remove any food sources on the countertop.

Other ways you can try are to sweep and vacuum the floor regularly.

Other than small black ants, you might find a similar problem coming from the same creature family. Yes, they are flying ants.

2. How to Get Rid Of Flying Ants

Flying ants look so intimidating with their wings, antennas, and mandibles. What are the tiny black ants called? Oh, it is swarmers.

If you think that flying ants are not related to ant species in general, you are wrong. They are still ants. What makes them different are their wings.

They grow their wings when the mating season comes. You would likely find them in your house when there is heavy rain or high-level humidity.

Do you know how to distinguish between flying ants and termites? It is only natural as they have the same features such as wings and antennas.

However, there is an easy way on how to recognize them. With the clue that you are about to discover, you will no longer how difficulty in identifying them.

Flying ants have the back wings that are smaller than front ones. On the other hand, termites have wings that are the same.

Here are some guides on how to get rid of small black ants in the house.

Eradicating Flying Ants

  • A vacuum is a powerful tool to eradicate flying ants and other insects alike. Point it to holes of their nests and suck them in it.
  • Get dish soap and mix it with peppermint oil spray. After that, spray the formula to areas that are hard to reach by a vacuum.

Restraining Flying Ants to Return

  • The best way to make sure flying ants do not come back to your house is by finding their nests and remove them for good.
  • Finding the source by following where those ants come from is a good idea.
  • Flying ants oftentimes create their nest in your walls, somewhere under the base house or building cracks.
  • Destroy the nest is said to be the easiest and promising way. Pour hot boiling water into their nest in which the colony comes from.

Closing Any Crack in the House

  • In a house, you will find some cracks that would likely happen to be ants’ home. Sealing them is one of the most effective ways you can try.
  • This will also prevent other groups of insects to come, as they cannot find any ant nests since you already close them.
  • If you think you need more than those methods mentioned above, you can take some preventive measures.
  • Use a formula composed of one tablespoon of boric acid plus a cup of water. Spray it on the areas where those annoying swarmers appear.

Small black ants will give you a huge problem if you just let them stay and nest there in your house. Getting rid of them as soon as possible is your only option to deal with them.

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