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DIY Small Fountain in 15 Artistic Designs

One of the ways to decorate the garden beautifully is by placing a small fountain. The tranquil, relaxing sound from the water flows to the fountain can be an excellent touch to welcome nature.

A small fountain doesn’t only beautify your outdoor space but also gives a calming feeling. The sound can also give you the vibe of a bigger woods out there.

With these 15 artistic designs DIYs, you can give a small sense of tranquility and make your garden looks modest and pretty. So, choose your favorite DIYs fountain below for your outdoor space.

1. Excellent Pot Fountain

You can prepare a cheap pump for making this homemade fountain. You just need to insert it to a big concrete or ceramic planter, after that water should flow from it. Finally, plug it inside.

Put your DIY on the ground full of flowers. By doing this, the landscape will be highlighted.

This cute fountain is perfect for your patio or deck too. You’ll feel calm by the sound of the water.

2. Artistic Design with a Bowling Ball

Instead of being in the basement waiting for thicker dust to cover your bowling ball, why don’t you use it to decorate your small fountain?

You can use a length of a big planter, barrel, or sewer pipe as the base. The bowling ball will be the center of attention of this artistic small fountain design.

3. Ornamental Bamboo Fountain

The Japanese garden is usually famous for its traditional bamboo fountain. A lot of Japanese people believe it can make deer run away.

Even though your garden is far away from the deer’s habitat, you can use this inspiration to enjoy the calming water sound. When the receptacle is full of water flows, it will tip.

Then, it will spill the water and you’ll hear the loud sound of knocking bamboo hits the stone base. The position of the bamboo’s length will tilt again, so the water can come through.

4. Old Watering Can

When you see the old water can decorate the fountain, you may think that the water comes inside of it. But actually, it doesn’t.

There is a clear tubing that feeds the can with water. To nail this project, you need to extend the tube toward the watering can.

The tubing will fall to the ground when the water goes to the maximum spot level. The water also can recirculate in a newer loop, making it calming to anyone who sees it.

5. Classic Wine Barrel

A classic focal point that can be in your small fountain is wine barrel. You need to deodorize and sterilize it first before you transform it into a decoration for your fountain.

To make it prettier, add some aqua plants and lights of LED. Doesn’t it look great?

6. Majestic Geyser

If you are worried your children and pets may fall into your little fountain in the garden, try this grand geyser design.

This fountain makes the water look like it’s dissolved to the soil and stones.

There are three hidden tools for pulling out this fountain DIY. First, there is a tub buried underneath the stones along with 15 water gallons inside the tank and a pump.

7. Incredible Repurposed Bottles

Are you looking for the next vintage design? You just need four things that you can find in the house. Get your big wooden planter, a barrel of whiskey, glass chip, and three wine bottles.

This fountain design is spreading a relaxing vibe. Your wine bottles and barrels will now have a useful purpose.

8. Scene-Stealing Water

Next, the design of your small fountain requires a big plastic storage tub, leftover wood of decking, as well as fixtures of copper plumbing.

The pipes are hidden in the back wall which can flow the water from the tub. The backdrop is also amazing where you can see falling water from the curtain.

9. Landscaping Stones

This small fountain design is delightful to look at. The pile of beautiful stones is well-balanced while hiding a 14-gallon plastic drum.

The circulation of water due to the stones become cooler compares to where stones are in a conventional birdbath. It is why the fountain looks friendly for birds to perch on the stone.

10. Fantastic Leftover Paving Stones

This fantastic garden fountain is quite cheap to build. The smart design only requires you to spend $6 of a circulating pump that changes decorative plants into flowy water.

The fountain gives uniqueness to your property. You just need to stack your leftover paving stones within the lower pots. It will be the foundation for the higher pots.

Then, the pots look like they are hidden because of the layer of stacked stones around them. Isn’t it pretty?

11. One-of-a-Kind Globe

Try to put your old globe as the decoration of your small fountain. It is a perfect feature to make the water flows around it.

12. Breathtaking Flowers

If you like flowers, you can put your favorite flower pots around. It will beautify it more elegantly. The freshness and the beauty of the flowers will blow you away.

13. Petite Deck

It is a beautiful petite that fits your deck perfectly. It only takes around 15 minutes to do the DIY.

14. Massive Water Wall for Patio

This massive water wall is not quick to come together, but once it’s done, it will worth your effort.

Try to move your old water wall to your deck. Your guests will enjoy their time there.

15. Simple Water Fountain

simple water fountain

Last but not least, this small fountain is for those who love simplicity. If you like the sound of water comes through it but prefer a light decoration, then you can try this DIY.

It only cost around $150 with this decorative stone fountain. You can even get the materials needed easily.

Those are 15 artistic small fountain DIYs that can beautify your garden into an astounding yet peaceful one. Choose the design that suits your budget and space.

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