Small Screwdriver Guide: Various Tip Styles for Different Functions

Small screwdriver sets are essential for doing any household jobs since everything has screws. They become the first tools to know, so you can define what devices your projects require.

It is impossible to have a single screw for all woodworking and building projects. Consequently, a large variety of screwdrivers is acquirable to fasten or loosen any screws.

Screwdrivers have a simple design and come in many styles with different functions. Various sizes and shapes of tips define the small screwdriver types.

Besides, many handle designs are available. Those variations provide a wide range of motion. Whether or not you need some of them, it depends on your job and hobby.

Furthermore, let us learn more about screwdriver variations that match every specific screw heads. By understanding the differences, you can use the correct tool for every job.

This article will explain some common small screwdriver styles that are required to be your must-have tools at home. Keep on reading!

Various Handle Designs of Screwdrivers

Electric, battery-operated, corded, and cordless are variations in shanks. Those handle types of screwdrivers offer better clearance in any situation.

1. Electric

Small screwdriver electric can make a tough job on damaged heads. This power tool applies torque without requiring manual strength.

2. Battery-Operated

Battery-operated screwdrivers are not similar to the automatic ones. Many of them need battery power to be compact. These small screwdriver styles take up less space in your tool belts.

3. Corded

Corded screwdrivers have great functions at a busy workstation. They put out a constant amount of power. Since the designs require tethering, these are not very popular.

4. Cordless

Cordless models come with a rechargeable battery pack. They can take away perquisites from battery-powered and corded screwdrivers.

Unfortunately, these can slowly lose torque and become bulky.

Screwdriver Types to Know

1. Slotted Screwdrivers

Slotted screwdrivers are tools that also known as straight and flathead. They feature a sharpened edge on the tip that gauges the screw’s width. They become the most popular of all types.

2. Torx

Torx Plus is the best tool for security fields. This drive has star-shaped or flower blades. Besides, it gives high torque tolerances.

Due to its efficiency, Torx screwdrivers become famous in appliance manufacturing too. On the other hand, people get a more difficult time facing a device with Torx screws.

The star screwdriver features magnetic bits and resists slippage with power application. Building purposes, structural framing, and wood-to-concrete fasteners regularly use this tool.

3. Robertson

Robertson provides a great feature to reduce screwdriver slippage. This type sets up at the lower part of the toolbox. Among all drive types, this square head has the highest torque tolerance.

Moreover, the square recess screw usually needs a power drill. It is made for subflooring installation because this small screwdriver will go faster.

Robertson screws are also available in furniture and automotive industries because of its durability. They cover complete tasks and become all-in-one screwdriver sets.

4. Hex Key

Allen wrench is a small screwdriver name of the hex key. It has an unusual model that lacks a tip or handle. This security hex version is the best for bike maintenance and furniture companies.

Hex key with its specialized security version is suitable for high-risk fields like prison maintenance. It features a long shank and comfortable handle.

The hexagon type is similar to a six-sided metal blade that forms an L-shape. Bundles of furniture usually include this screw.

5. Phillips

From furniture to appliances, everything popularly uses Phillips. Due to its usefulness, you can find this small screwdriver in almost all fields.

It features an angled tip that will fit a screwdriver into the screw head deeper. The blade cannot slide out sideways.

The X-shape blade fits into the head cavity to give better traction while loosening or tightening the screw. It is originally designed with power tools.

Multiple Phillips drives will belong to the best small screwdriver set for electronics. This tool becomes the most preferred head combination and type of device.

Although Phillips screwdrivers are standard on electronics, they are also widely used in woodworking and construction.

Phillips screwdrivers are best for drywall installation in the multipurpose building. Opt for corded power to install cross head screws.

If you only need one or two screws to install, a ratcheting or manual screwdriver goes fine. However, for many screws, a power drill with interchangeable Phillips bits will be more efficient.

Additional Variation in Screwdriver Operation

1. Manual Screwdrivers

Manual small screwdriver features a thick handle and cylindrical steel shank that ends in the tip. The pointed end is smaller than its handgrip.

Interchangeable bits are additional features to match certain screw head designs. To turn a screw, take a moderate twisting force.

The manual type requires a reposition of the head before using it. Elevate the screwdriver from the screw bean.

2. Ratcheting Screwdrivers

Ratcheting screwdrivers avoid lifting and repositioning the tip after every turn. Just switch a button on the screwdriver to change the direction of the ratcheting action.

Turn the screws into the clockwise motion to insert them. On the other hand, the counter-clockwise direction is to remove the device.

Furthermore, Yankee is a specific ratcheting small screwdriver that works on a spring-loaded principle.

Just position the tip of Yankee in the screw head instead of using wrist motion. Then push slowly toward it.

3. Powered Screwdrivers

Powered screwdrivers present an ability to swap drill bits. Inserting and removing screws require a quicker time. These tools significantly reduce the time of screwdriver operation.

The ribbed sides of screw heads provide stronghold in wood. Thus, they can replace nails in many building projects.

Other Types of Small Screwdriver Alternative

Some other styles of screwdrivers are the clutch head, Frearson, Hex socket, Posidriv, spanner, tri-angle, tri-point, tri-wing, and Japanese industrial standard.

The small screwdriver styles depend on the types of screws.  You might not need all the types and rarely use some of them. However, when you need some tools, they are available.

In conclusion, recognizing small screwdriver variations and their functions is very important. Then picking the best design to match a certain screw will avoid screwdriver pitfalls.

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