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Best Small TV Stand Ideas for a Comfortable House

There is nothing more fun than enjoying time at home by sitting on a sofa and watching television with a small TV stand.

The small TV stand can support the television so you do not need to feel pain in the neck because the screen position is too low.

In addition to its functionality, a small TV stand also adds value to home decor, as long as you pick the right unit for your home.

Choosing the right small TV stand idea is almost the same as the process you take to opt for other pieces of furniture at home.

Doing this thing might be a daunting idea. However, we already sum up some best small TV stand inspiration that you can present at home.

1. Vintage-Modern Small TV Racks

small TV stand

Bringing a contemporary impression that is so whimsical at home does not require you to pay a lot of money. This DIY TV stand requires only some plywood, glue, and screw.

First, cut the wood into some pieces. We recommend thinner pieces of plywood that are easy to install and are going to make the house look more minimalist.

Second, prepare special wood glue or glue screw. This screw will function to unite in plywood to another wood. You can use the model we recommend above.

Need not to paint the rack in case you want a classic vintage impression.

However, if you want a more playful accent, use brightly colored paint like a white or baby pink. These colors will create a humble shabby chic atmosphere.

2. Distressed TV Rack

Many items can be recycled into something better, such as an old pallet. You can easily transform an old pallet into a vintage TV stand while displaying a modern feel.

Cut a few old pallets, then put them together using glue or screws. After that, leave the top empty and cover with transparent glass.

Be careful when installing the transparent glass and make sure it is strong enough to support your TV.

If you do not want to take the risk with glass, better replace it with another thin distressed wood.

3. A Retro Touch

Small tv stand corner

A television might be a boring piece in a room and you can do nothing to change your TV style – unless you want to buy a new one.

However, you can try to modify the TV stand. A retro style is something that will never be obsolete years by years.

Retro style is represented by the use of bold colors, one of which is bright orange and red.

When your white room is too plain, both the TV rack with red color and the corners of this retro pop up as an appealing piece.

4. Bold and Rustic

You can easily get a rustic impression by just using raw plywood or distressed wood without having to paint it.

However, for a more bold vintage impression, you can use lacquer to coat the wood.

Lacquer will help you to give a dark impression and it is often used in classic and Mediterranean room themes.

A TV rack can look very attractive by using distressed food that is painted in dark colors or spiked with lacquer.

This furniture will be something attractive in the room with dark gray paint or white paint. A monochromatic impression will make the room more subtle and warmer.

5. A Small TV Stand from Door

Small tv stand corner

An unused door is still valuable because you can repurpose it into something more useful like a small TV stand. Some people tend to throw away broken doors since it is less functional.

Whereas, the appealing accent you can get from the door is too valuable to forget.

One idea of ​​recycling doors that is easy to do and does not take up a lot of time and money is to turn them into a small TV stand.

Cut the wooden door into several parts then make a square shape from them. Make sure the top center layer is strong enough to support the TV at your house.

You can add wheels at the bottom of the installation to make it a movable small television. After that, dab the lacquer so that the TV rack looks like a brand new one.

6. Pipe and Wood

The pipe does not only function as a plumber. The unused pipes are still worth it to keep because you can turn them into something valuable like a small TV stand.

First thing first, cut some plywood or distressed wood. Then arrange the wood into rectangular shapes.

Make the fourth hole in the wood installation according to the size of the pipe you want to use. The pipe will function as a leg or support of the small TV stand.

You do not need to paint the pipe. Let the pipe appear in its original color, which shows the industrial impression.

Still, if you want to avoid the pipe from corrosion, apply non-corrosive transparent paint to the pipe and wood materials.

This furniture piece will be a perfect match to the other bohemian or industrialist home decors.

7. Small TV Stand Corner

Small tv stand

The small rack TV installation might take up space, and you should prevent this thing in minimalist home decor.

However, that does not mean you cannot have a pleasant television rack. Putting the small TV stand corner creates a good accent and a win-win solution to a limited room problem.

This TV rack also doubles as a place to keep some decorative pieces. The thing comes in a triangular where the point will be stuck into the corner of the house.

Since it comes with an open shelf concept, the decorative piece you put there will pop out and create effortlessly magnificent home decor.

Installing your small TV stand is not rocket science as long as you understand the concept you want to pick.

Combine the small TV stand ideas above with the color or style you want and enjoy your time watching television while seeing how nice the home decoration you have!

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