Ways to Remove the Smell in Smoke Room

Whether it is in a smoke room or your own house, the smell of someone smoking can be disturbing. Usually, to remove it people just spray perfume to reduce pollution. 

However, this is not a great solution because it does not lessen up the smell. On the other hand, the fragrance from the perfume is mixed up with the smoke, which makes it worse.

Therefore, rather than spraying a smoke room with perfume, it is better to find ways on how the smell can sway out faster. This will be easier and healthier for others too. 

1. Smoke Room Ideas to Get Rid of the Smell


One of the ways to get rid of the bad small is by coming up with the right smoke room ideas. Make a place that has good ventilation so that the bad air can go out easily. 

However, you also need some fresh air coming in, so opening the window of the smoke room would be a great idea. Install a fan near the open area to help push out the smell. 

By putting a fan there, the bad smell of the smoke can easily go out through the window, whereas the fresh air can come in. So, make sure that this small equipment is always on. 

Another way to get rid of the bed small is by making the right smoking-room design. Install as many windows as you can in this place so the air can always be fresh. 

Then, build it in a place that is far from others like the baby or living room. This is to prevent them from smelling the smoke from people smoking. 

Baking Soda for Smoke Room


You can also use home ingredients that you have in the house to remove the smell. One of the most popular ones is baking soda.

If you have a smoke room in the house, then one of the ways to get rid of it is by putting a bowl of baking soda inside. Leave if for 24 hours or a day and it will become better. 

To get the best result, you should do this step daily in the smoke room. Therefore, the smell does not pile up inside and make it worse. 

You can also use this material for smoke room furniture like the carpet or sofa. All you need to do is spread it around and leave it for around 2 hours. Then vacuum it up and the smell will be gone. 

For smaller items that are hard to wash or cannot get wet, remove the smell by putting it inside a bag of baking soda. Let it in for around 8 hours before taking it out. 

White Vinegar to Neutralize the Smell


Another ingredient to use for the smoke room in the house is white vinegar. This material has a low pH that attacks the high pH in smokes and gets rid of the smell. 

Do not worry about the smell of vinegar because it will not make it worse. It will neutralize with the smoke, so your nose will not get bothered with it. 

One of the ways to neutralize the smell is by boiling a full cup of vinegar. Then pour it inside a bowl and put it in a room or car. Let it for 2–3 hours and the steam will help waft around the smoke. 

You can also use the same way for a room or a car without boiling the water. However, you will need to leave it for a longer time or around 8 hours long. 

If you want to get rid of the smell from your clothes, then wash it with an additional half cup of vinegar. Do not forget to add some perfume later so your clothes do not smell strange. 

Charcoal to Remove Smoke Smell


If you have no baking soda or white vinegar to remove the smell of smoke, then try charcoal. This homemade perfume can also make your room feel better after smoking.

You can put a small amount of charcoal inside a bag. Then hang them in cars, rooms, or places where you smoke. For a bigger area, you can put more of them so they can trap the smell. 

You should change the charcoal once every week to get optimal air. However, do not put them near fabric or on a piece of furniture because they can leave a stain that is hard to remove.  

Remove Smell from Smoke Room Furniture

Getting rid of the smell in a closed area is easier than smoke room furniture. If you do not have baking soda, then dry it out in the sun so it gets some fresh air.

Let it in the sun for around 2–3 hours, so the smell can evaporate from the furniture. It may not all go but at least it will not be as bad as before. Do this routinely to get rid of all the stinks.

The next way to remove the smell from furniture is by putting some coffee beans on the sides. Normally they have a strong fragrance that can beat smoke; therefore, it will not disturb your nose. 

2. Smoking Room Designs

One of the safest ways to prevent your family from breathing the smoke from cigarettes is by making a smoke room. This way, you do not bother other people with the emission. 

One of the things you must have in a smoke room is a ventilator and a window. This will help the circulation of the air, so the place is not only full of bad emissions. 

It is also better not to use an air conditioner inside the room because it will twist the smoke and polluted air. Whereas the windows will be opened, so you will not feel the cold temperature anyway. 

Do not forget to put some homemade fragrance also into the room such as coffee, charcoal, or white vinegar. This will at least reduce the smell a bit and make it fresher.

Well, if you happen to have any smoke room in the house, office, or the mall, those are some of the easiest ways to remove the bad smell. Make sure to clean them regularly so they do not stink. 

These ways can also be applied in cars or furniture that is in smoke rooms. So, start making these simple methods to get rid of the bad smell in your place. 

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