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10 Smart Step Stool Chair Ideas For Everyone

Some people need to use a step stool chair to improve their height. For example, when they can’t reach the top shelf, they need something to help them. That’s when a step stool comes in handy. You can just step on it like a small or mini ladder and then you can reach the spot you want.

Besides adults, kids would also need this item. So, they don’t need to struggle anymore to turn on the bathroom faucet. In this post, we provide you with step stool chair ideas with a smart and clever design. With this small furniture, everyone can get their leg up in a stylish way.

Kids’ Step Stool Chair

This stool has a clever design. It’s something that your kids can both step on and sit on. You can add a cushion for a more comfortable seating feel. This kind of step stool is available at the store. However, it can also be a DIY project for your weekend. Just find a clean board with a smooth surface. This multifunctional stool is quite sturdy. If you flip it over, you can turn it into a table accommodating taller tots. The sleek and modern style is just like what your kids love.

A drawer as Built-In Step Stool


Check out this smart vanity. It’s got a drawer that allows you to step on. It acts just like a step stool.

It’s smartly designed for your kids who want to enjoy the full view of a sink while brushing their teeth. Every time you want to use it, you can just slide it out. Then, push in the drawer back to get rid of the stepper. It’s a space-saving design of vanity that every bathroom should have. Besides, this drawer can also act as a storage space. Just open the container like a chest, so fill it with your bathroom stuff.

Ultra-Sturdy Rolling Step Stool

Rolling Step Stool

It’s a multi-purpose item that you should have in your house. This one is a product from a specific brand that offers a great perfect quality of rolling step stool. However, it comes with a decent price that you might don’t wanna miss. You can find this in the online stores. It’s made of high-quality sturdy plastic, so it worth the money.

It comes with two steps that you can adjust with any height. The finishing of this product looks quite attractive, right? The spring-loaded wheels add great portability to this stool. People like to purchase and use it at home because of its features.

Step Stool with Storage

Stool with Storage

Besides being multi-functional as a step stool and chair, you can add a storage space inside it. It would be a nice addition to featuring small furniture. You can use it to store away some toys, dishrags, other necessities. This wooden step stool can also be a nice DIY project idea. Make one step stool just like this and paint it to the desired color. In this picture, you can see the brown color brings out the elegance. Your kids will also enjoy using this as seating and storage to keep their lovely toys.

Step Stool Chair with a Zen

If you need your step stool with a sense of zen, you may wanna take a look at this one. This one is made of Bamboo. The material itself is enough to prove how much zen that this stool has to offer. In short, This furniture is designed to be a small table for the traditional Japanese style of enjoying a coffee. Since the material and structure is durable enough, you can use it as a step stool for your daily needs. This product also features a storage space that you can fill with all the small necessities.

Benjamin Franklin Style Chair

Benjamin Franklin Style Chair

This is a classic model of a chair and ladder combination. Once you need a ladder, you can turn your chair or seating to do the duty. When you don’t need the ladder feature, you can just fold it back and make a sturdy-backed seat. There are products of this kind available in the stores. However, if you have the woodworking skills needed, you build it on your own with wooden boards. The structure is very simple. You can just follow the guides. Just find that stuff online.

Step Stool Chair from the 1950s

If you like to add retro style furniture in your house, check out this vintage step stool chair. The steps under the chair are something you can easily fold when you’re not using it. People tend to have this chair around the kitchen. Back in the 1950s or 1960s, mothers use this metal furniture to feed their children. The design of this step chair is very simple. Even though it’s an old design, you can easily find it online because this type of item is pretty popular nowadays.

Antique Rustic Nesting Table and Stool

People like to use a nesting table like this set differently. The biggest one acts as a table. The middle item can become the chair for it. The smallest one is perfect to become the step stool. However, the set is pretty flexible though because the design is pretty basic and simple. You can even use all three tables as step stool that comes in a different level. The smallest one can be for your kids. Also, you can place this set in a corner of your room and let people use it according to their height.

Plastic Folding

step stool chair

It’s a product that you can easily find in many stores. The concept is really smart. It also saves space whenever you’re not using it. Just fold it flat and keep it in a tight place where everyone can’t see. Space like behind the door, closed cabinet, under the sofa, and many other tight places in your house. The lightweight makes it easy to carry around wherever you go. It comes with a typical grip-dot surface. It’s there to keep your feet away from slipping.

Kids Step Stool with Patterned Cushion

step stool chair

This type of step stool would surely bring joy to your kids. The fun color of the cushion will comfort kids’ feet when stepping on it. As seating, this one is quite enjoyable even without the back. Those ten ideas of smart step stool chairs are enough to inspire you to make the next move. So, which step stool chair is your favorite?

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