Applying Stink Bug Traps at Home

An insect can be disturbing and become a problem when they enter the house. That is why it is important to have stink bug traps to get rid of them. 

Stinky bugs could appear in variety. Starting from the brown color, yellow color up to grey. The body itself has five sides which are shaped like a shield. It could grow up to 15mm long. 

Usually, they live outside, but during a specific time, they would crawl inside the house and even stay for quite long. Therefore, to get rid of them, let’s prepare stink bug traps!

Stink Bugs Getting Inside the House 

Stink Bugs Getting Inside the House

Why do stink bugs get inside the house if they are usually outdoor? During the fall season, these creatures would start to find a way to survive before winter comes. 

One of the solutions for them is by living indoor, which is inside our home. Even though during winter they don’t eat or reproduce, but still they could be very disturbing. 

They would crawl into the house mostly in the fall. What people must pay attention to is that they would enter from any space and do it quietly. 

Stink bugs are not dangerous. They would not bite humans or ruin any furniture as well, also they don’t contain any disease or bacteria. 

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However, stink bugs are still disturbing and a problem. They usually come in a big number, making people uncomfortable and could be found everywhere. 

Not only that, when we squish one of them, they would leave some awful marks. And also it has an unpleasant smell. 

How to Handle the Stink Bugs

How to Handle the Stink Bugs

What to do we have to do when it goes inside the house already? The premiere thing is to avoid squishing them. Otherwise, it would leave marks and an awful smell. 

There are much range on how to handle the stink bugs in our house. Here are some useful methods that you try to make some stink bug traps:

1. Use Vacuum Cleaner

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner is a convenient way as the stink bug traps. Make sure your tool uses a trash bag inside. Just to make sure that if leaves some smell; you could throw the bag away. 

The vacuum cleaner will not kill or crush the bugs. It would gather them up and after that, throw away the trash bag inside immediately. 

2. Sweep it Away 

Sweep It Away

If you don’t have a vacuum, then you could sweep it away by using a broom or a kind for the next stink bug traps. Make sure to do it quickly since they could still run away. 

Some of the insects could even fly away, so this method might be a little bit difficult to do. Just remember after sweeping it, do not kill it inside. Otherwise, it would still get smelly. 

3. Flush it 

Flush It

Not only using a broom, but you could also make stink bug traps using bare hands, a piece of paper, or anything near you. After that, you could simply throw them into the toilet and then flush them away. It would leave any smell and the insects would be gone. 

4. Soap and Water 

Soap and Water

The next method is with using soap and water. Mix these two ingredients in a big container. And then place it under a light overnight, it would then be the next stink bug traps.

Stinky bugs would usually fly around lights. However, they like to fall on the ground. Placing the container overnight, it would help to get rid of it effortlessly. 

5. Stink Bug Traps for Garden

Stink Bug Traps for Garden

One of the stink bug traps for the garden is a trapping plant. The insects would be attractive to them and can kill it too. 

The animal loves plants like okra, mustard amaranth, and sunflowers. Place it near the bugs and they would approach it. Mostly they would stay on the pot. 

Once the stinky bugs are on these plants, you could throw the animals to the outdoor trash, or just bring and leave to the pot outdoor directly to the sun. It would kill them. 

6. Use a Sticky Trap

Use a Sticky Trap

Sticky traps will not get rid of stinky bugs but also other kinds of little insects. You could simply just place it where they usually walk or fall. 

Place it overnight so that people would not step on it as well. Moreover, you should not let the stick trap exposed too long, otherwise, it might get smelly from the trapped bugs. 

You can buy a ready product like stink bug Walmart or Lowe’s that are available in the market. 

7. Wet Paper Towel 

Wet Paper Towel

Try a stink bug trap home remedy by using a wet paper towel. Place them in the forwarding of the window or doors so that they could not access the other room. 

Then, the next morning, gather the insects and throw them away in the garbage. This is a simple stink bug trap home remedy that is easy and effective. 

How to Prevent the Stink Bugs 

How to Prevent the Stink Bugs

Even though there are many ways to make stink bug traps, but the best way is to prevent it, is before winter. The best moment to do it during the fall. Here are some methods you could try: 

1. Close up All the Entry Access 

Close up All the Entry Access

The first thing to do is close all the entry access from outside to inside like the door and window. Also, pay attention to small spaces like holes and cracks. 

2. Have a Door Sweep 

Have a Door Sweep

The second thing we could do is install a door sweep. This could close the gap between. You could choose either the rubber one or a brush. Both are great to use. 

3. Use Yellow Lights

Use Yellow Lights

Stinky bugs and other insects are attractive with lights, especially the white ones. That is why try to change it to yellow ones to prevent them from coming. 

4. Check the Ventilate 

Check the Ventilate

Besides windows and doors, they could also get in from the ventilated holes. So make sure to close that access while it is not used. 

5. Spraying 


One of the best products to get rid of insects is stink bug Amazon or the ones in Walmart. Some of them are used to kill but most of it is to keep the animals away. 

Just spray them around your house and they will keep away from it.

6. Use Scents 

Use Scents

Besides using spraying stink bug Walmart sprays, you could use some natural way to prevent them. A fresh scent like mint oil or even garlic water could also keep them away. 

7. Use a Professional Pest Control 

Use a Professional Pest Control

If you tried those steps and still get difficulty in getting rid of them, then you might need some little help from the experts. Professional pest control would be the last way. 

However, using pest control as the stink bug traps might cost more money. But the result would be worth the disturbing insects inside the house. 

Make sure to prefer the right company and give a warranty. Sometimes, they would need more than one visit to handle the bugs. 

So those are some tips and tricks on how to make stink bug traps at home. If you want a fast track, then choose to get help from the professionals.

Make sure to choose the most suitable one for your home and keep safe! 

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