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The Most Gorgeous of Stone Pattern Ideas For Walkway Backyard

The garden path brings you into a magical atmosphere of the flowered, tranquil space. A stone pattern comes as a perfect example to beautify this paradise.

There are many possibilities you can get when using the stone pattern as a garden path concept.

This material possesses a sturdy character and has a neutral color that can adapt to any backyard’s themes.

Catch up some best stone patterns that will inspire you to create an amicable vibe to your garden. Here we go.

1. Gravel and Wood Stone Pattern Walkway

Gravel stone pattern walkway is an affordable idea that can come as an attention-stealer in your garden.

Combining a bunch of gravel with the salvaged wood is a perfect statement for a simple and elegant backyard.

Level up the pathway with the gravel and create many steps with the wood. The process is simple and does not require a high-level of construction.

It is also an affordable idea of a stone pattern that does not require a high budget.

2. Red Bricks

One thing many gardeners love about the brick is that it is sturdy, durable, and creates an elegant statement.

Red bricks are a safe option for the garden path both in style and in function. This material eases you to walk in the backyard, and it suits any theme.

You need around three layers to create the red bricks garden path. First, make a layer with a mesh as a water-absorbent. Second, fill the joints with the gravel or sand.

In the uppermost material, you can install the brick.

Installing bricks might take up more time and budget. However, the result is worth it, and you do not require serious renovation in a short period.

3. Modern Pathway

Not every pathway features an old-school style that brings you back to the past. Create a more futuristic nuance using the modern pathway.

A sharp-edged, bright paving stone is a perfect element in creating a modern vibe. This durable material can also stand extreme weather.

It shows a contrast when you combine it with the dark Pavel. This is such ultimate conformity wrapped inside a simple style.

4. The Gravel Walkway

Are you craving for a natural pathway in your backyard? These bunches of thin gravels are a statement to bring us back to nature.

Using the gravel walkway concept is affordable and does not require serious renovation.

You only need to cover the road with a thin gravel walkway and arrange it neatly. For a more playful impression, try the stone pattern out of the said elements in varying colors.

5. Grass and Stone

The square stone walkway and green grass are a great match for any type of home.

You can buy many customized square stones at the hardware store with a wide variety of attractive motifs.

Give distance between one rock and the other so that the grass will grow well.

Do not forget to cut the grass regularly so that you will not be disturbed when walking on this stone walkway

This walkway installation process does not take long, so it is suitable for those of you who like practicality.

6. Rustic Walkway

Combining a variety of flagstones with different shapes is the best way to produce a walkway with a rustic concept.

Compared to the red brick walkway, this pathway is more affordable, easy to install, does not require too much layer, and does not easily scratch up.

If you do not want to do too much renovation in a short period, this pathway suits you. We also do not need to worry about the walkway’s dull color.

7. Stepping Stone and Gravels

You can also combine stepping-stones and gravels to create a luxurious and subtle pathway.

Install the gravel rarely, about ten centimeters each, and then in the empty section, pour the gravel.

You can combine gravel with grass, but make sure that you always cut the grass regularly.

8. Rustic Stairway

If you have a hilly yard, this stairway is a good accent to walk you. It features a stepping-stone with irregular shape and gray color.

You can add accents of flowers or grass next to the stepping-stones to make it look natural and colorful.

The installation of stepping-stone may take up time and budget. So, make sure that you have enough preparation before doing this thing.

9. Mosaic Pathway

From pebble stones, you can create a mosaic pathway. Make a pattern first so that the walkway installation process becomes easier.

After making the pattern, you can buy various kinds of pebble stones with various colors. Then, place the rocks on the sand and cement that forms the bottom layer of the pathway.

The mosaic pathway does not only serve as a path for the garden. It can also be used as a place for foot reflection. Well, you catch two birds with one stone using this concept.

10. Gravel and Bricks

If the brick is too monotonous and the installation process is too difficult, you can think about the combination of the material with gravel.

Space one brick apart and fill the space with gravel. This concept will create a more casual and artistic walkway impression.

Instead of using the red bricks, you can try for the more neutral shade like gray or broken white.

11. Synthetic Grass

The natural impression is very visible from the installation of synthetic grass for the walkway. The good news is, this material can absorb rainwater.

If you have children, the idea of ​​synthetic grass is highly recommended. This material is safe, does not make you easily injured, and easy to replace.

Synthetic grass can be cut as you wish and the price is quite affordable.

If simplicity is something you enjoy in the renovation process, then artificial turf is the best choice.

You can also add some gravel to add up the stone pattern in this pathway.

12. Glass, Stone, and Sand

Some hotels use glass and sand as materials for making outdoor pathways. These two things can present a luxurious and modern impression.

You have to prepare white sand and glass that is strong enough to be a step for your feet.

You can add starfish, pebbles, or shells to create a beach accent on this pathway. Voila, it is so easy to give an attractive touch to your home garden.

Always check the glass and immediately use special glue if there are cracks there.

Many interesting pathways can be made with a stone pattern. This material permits you to explore many kinds of design and it deserves to be in the backyard.

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