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Stone Shower Design for Bathing More Relaxing

If you are just too lazy to enter your bathroom, then one of the problems may be the design. Many people do not pay too much attention to this part of the house; they make it just plain.

However, you can change the design by adding some design to it like redesigning it with a stone shower.

The least you can do to upgrade your bathroom is by upgrading the lighting of the room. No one would like to take a bath in a dark bulky room.

So, try to repair the lamps and give extra light into your bathroom

Another way to boost up the mood is by redesigning it by adding some stone shower inside. Giving some nature touch inside will make you feel like you are in the wildlife.

Therefore, you will be happier and more excited when you enter the room.

1. Designing your Shower Area


One of the best ways to make your bathroom more interesting is by redesigning the shower is. At least this way, you can feel comfortable and clean when you enter the room.

There are many designs that you can choose from, starting from nature to modern style shower. It all depends on how you like it.

Thus, to give you some reference, here are some great ideas on how to decorate it.

a. Clean White Design


An easy way to make you want to shower more is by designing it all white. This will make your bathroom look brighter and more comfortable to enter.

For a modern touch, you can use tiles for the walls. Both small and big ones are worth to try but the smaller ones will look pretty.

You can also make it a bit classy by adding some wood for the storage of your things.

On the other hand, for a more natural look, you can use a stone shower with white colors as a change. This will also make the bathroom look clean and a bit rustic.

b. Glass Room Shower

 The best way to enjoy your shower is by looking at the view outside of your house. However, to make this possible, make sure that no one can see you.

Alternatively, you will have to use glass that cannot be seen from the other side.

You can make this design by making your shower area with transparent glass. Moreover, make your bathroom near the outside window so you can enjoy the view outside too.

This kind of design is best to build in a villa or high building. Therefore, you can see the whole view just from your bathroom while showering.

c. Natural Stone Shower

The next idea you can apply for your bathroom is a natural stone shower. So, to give a classic and natural look, build it all from natural rock.

Not only will it give a natural atmosphere, but it will also make you more relax when taking a shower. These materials are also very easy to clean, making it a favorite to many people.

You can choose many kinds of stone shower, starting from round stones, to square shape rocks. Whichever style you choose, they are both worth trying and change too.

d. Bench in Shower

You do not always need to redesign the whole bathroom to make you feel more comfortable. Adding some features like a bench in the shower can make it more relaxing.

You can build a bench under the shower; therefore, you can enjoy showering while seating down. This can also be handy if you have a small kid in the house, so you can bath them on the seat.

Make sure to build the bench from a water-resistant material like marble or stone shower. Just match it and adjust it with your bathroom theme.

e. Walk-in Shower

If you have no issue with a wet bathroom, then you can build a walk-in shower. The concept of this design does not have any walls to separate the shower with other parts of the bathroom.

It usually only has one wall to put the handle on.

One of the designs you can use for this kind of bathroom is a stone shower wall. So, make a wall from this material and hang the shower on. As for the flooring, you can use the same material to make it match.

Tiles are another material that is highly recommended to use. Not only are they easy to apply but they also make your shower area look brighter and cleaner.

They are also very easy to clean, so you will not easily be stressed out.

2. Why Use Stone Shower Walls for the Bathroom?

From all the materials available, the stone is one of the best to use for your bathroom. It is not only can bring a relaxing atmosphere inside but there are also many benefits from it.

One of the main reasons why people use stone shower flooring and walls is because it gives a good appearance. You can feel like you are in a new area just by changing it all with natural rocks.

Another great reason is that most of them are resistant to water and easy to clean. One of the best and most favorite types of shower stone that many have been using is marble.

This will add an elegant and traditional-modern look to your bathroom.

The key to choosing the stone shower is choosing relatively smooth stones for your bathroom. However, for the flooring, you can choose a texture kind of rock, so that it is not slippery and dangerous for anyone.

Another great thing about stones that many people may not know about is they can be used for the showerhead. However, you need a special design type to feel the function of it.

A stone shower head can make the pressure lighter and can rinse the water inside. Therefore, you do not need an extra filter when you take a bath.

Overall, stone showers are recommended material to use. Will it not only give a beautiful appearance in your bathroom but also make you more relax.

 To get the best style, choose a stone shower that has a smooth surface for the walls. On the other hand, for the flooring, it is best to use some texture so that it is not slippery.

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