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20 Storage Bench with Cushion Inspirations

Are you looking for additional storage to keep your stuff? Then you’re in the right place. This storage bench with cushion ideas can be excellent seating for your guests.

Here are 20 DIYs you can put in one of your week projects. These inspirations will not only create a functional piece of furniture but also decorate your house more efficiently and beautifully.

1. Beautiful Bench from an Old Bed

Cut off the footboard and headboard of your old twin bed. The arms will be made from the footboard while the back of the bench will become the headboard.

For the seat, you can repurpose an old dresser drawer. Next, choose the color you like for the coat. For beautiful finishing, add some pull-up drawer along with a few cushions on the top of the seat.

Now, this storage bench will look more classic and homier with your favorite guitar and framed portraits. You can always pamper yourself on a Sunday morning here.

2. Unique Toy Box

Say no more to messy toys. A DPI board and 4’ x 8’ plywood sheet are all you need to stash your children’s games, toys, and other kinds of stuff in their playroom.

This unique storage can give clutter-clearing look. The lightweight sliding doors are from the DPI board that has great durability and can move easily.

3. Heaven on Earth for Booklovers

The next storage bench with cushion is specially designed for book lovers. Use a vintage laminate shelf to lay the bench together on its side.

You will get 2 x 4’s base and seat. Also, you can use a smooth plywood bench seat to complete this comfortable storage bench.

4. Neat Storage Bench with Cushion DIY

This file bench can keep away your important documents like medical records and tax bills. You can easily open the lid whenever you need to find those documents.

5. Craftsman-Quality Storage Bench with Cushion

This storage bench is not only inexpensive to make but also has a craftsman-quality look.

It costs only $35. The bench end has an X-shaped. The frame has a darker stain and the crates are completed with a lighter wood sealant which results make the bench looks cool.

6. Blue Compartment and Seat

The bench seat has built-in-flip-top. It is functional and effective as a compartment. You can store your umbrellas, scarf, and hat that needed in the bad weather.

7. Simple Storage and Bench for Shoe Collectors

Though it seems difficult, you will nail making this all-wood bench for the shoe. But if the woodwork is not your cup of tea, better find someone who can help you to make it.

8. Functional Bench in the Mudroom

This functional storage bench with cushion DIY fit for your mudroom. Pine is the base material for the seat. It doesn’t only give purpose to your mudroom, but also warmth nuance to its surroundings.

Remember to screw the bench into the studs to avoid it tipping or sliding.

9. Pretty Storage Bench

The next storage bench with cushion will fits your mudroom again. This pretty bench can keep your accessories, shoes, even paperwork neatly.

You can place this bench in your garage entrance and next to your laundry room.

10. Attractive Long Bench

There are two benches screwed all together behind this attractive long bench. A hinged wooden board was placed at the back, top of every bench.

This board can also flip up. You can slip in it easily to keep your stuff away. It is not only efficient but also accessible.

11. Repurposed Old Wardrobe

If you have an old wardrobe, you can refit and modify it into a beautiful storage bench. It will be a perfect decoration for your living or family room.

Remove the right-hand drawers and the main doors from your big, old dresser. Complete it with some baskets for storage and a wooden bench seat.

12. Amazing Slat Storage Bench

Are you ready for the next creation? Try this slat storage bench from door hinges and longboards. It is a beautiful décor for your patio.

13. Paradise in Bedroom

This luxury storage bench will make your bedroom looks like a paradise. Use upholstered plywood in no-sew design. Don’t forget to prepare the fabric and adhesive.

14. Ornamental Outdoor Storage Bench

This patio storage bench has a unique ornamental fretwork. That feature is on the backrest of the bench. The storing space is quite big. You can even keep your pillows here.

15. Artful Bench

The artful storage bench with cushion comes from the tape of the painter. There is also an Aztec pattern that makes it match with your stylish rug.

16. Functional Bench in the Bedroom

Recreate this storage bench with a cushion if you are looking for an airy and lightweight bench. The bench seat is from a big board of wooden.

The support foundation is from wooden dowels. To add a tranquil space to sleep, you can create a shelving design to it.

17. Efficient Storage Solution in the Mudroom

This is the next storage solution in your mudroom. The efficient storage bench with cushion can make your boots, coats, and jackets well-organized.

18. Artsy Storage

If you have any misplaced items scatter all over, put them away in this storage bench with cushion. It is sturdy yet elegant with its big flip-top seat to store your boots.

There is also a tiny drawer to store your small items like keys or rings. It is the best spot to seat and to welcome anyone from the entryway.

19. Playful Bench for the Little Ones

The next bench is a smart solution to clean your children’s craft tools like crayons or paint. You can find see two benches set complete with a tiny cube corner to corner.

You can put some cushions too. The materials can be from upholstery foam. It is functional, yet your children’s art gems can be put inside it.

20. Farmhouse Style Bench

Are you looking for a farm-house style bench? Try to create this rustic two-tiered benched in your entryway. It is simple yet so elegant.

The bench is also to provide bins made by metal that look great together.

All the storage bench with cushion ideas above has its uniqueness. Some of them look great with a certain house theme like rustic or farm-style one. Are you ready to do some DIYs?

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