Storm Door with Dog Door to Protect Your Exterior Door

Other than windows, a way to get some fresh air is by letting the door open. To let fresh air come in the house without insects coming in, then install a storm door with dog door.

A storm door with dog door is as if a security door installed in front of an exterior door. However, there is an additional entrance for your pets.

Generally, when you see a storm door you will likely think it is a screen door. Because of the design, both entrances look alike. Even the size and location are in the same place.

However, storm doors come with a different kind of material, making it a bit sturdier than screen doors.

This kind has extra protection, which makes it durable against rain, snow, and even wind.

Things to Consider When Buying a Storm Door with Dog Door

Storm Door with Dog Door

If you are interested in buying a storm door with dog door, do not rush out. Because there are things, you need to consider before buying them such as the material, design, and size. 

Therefore, to ensure you do not buy the wrong product, here are things you need to consider when buying a storm door.


Storm Door with Dog Door

Usually, a storm door with dog door is out of vinyl-clad and steel-clad materials.

However, there is also aluminum material, which is the strongest of them all. 

The price of each material is also different, so choose one by considering the condition of your environment. As for the price, the basic one costs around $100 and $1,000 for more high-end material.

To know which material to choose, then know the strength and weaknesses of each type. The vinyl clad is the least expensive; however, it is durable against snow, ice, and rain.

The only lack of this material is the color that easily fades away, especially if it receives too much sun.Therefore, this type is best to use for houses in fade areas. 

The second option of material is the steel-clad storm door. This option is more rugged and stronger. It does not only have high endurance against the weather but also humans.

The last and most popular material that people use is aluminum storm doors. Compared to the two types before, this is the strongest one. It can resist any kind of weather and keep your door and house secure.

Size and Design

storm door with dog door

When you have chosen the material, it is time to choose the design of the door. Because this is a storm door with dog door, also consider the size of the additional feature. 

This will determine the design for your storm door. For example, to get much sunlight inside, then go with the full-view design. However, if you just need mid brightness, then use wood for the bottom part.

As for those who want more privacy, they can use the high-view storm door. This design only has a glass panel on top and the other part is pure solid material. 

The design of the door also means choosing the opening option of the door.

Most storm doors are reversible; however, owners can choose whether they want it the opposite or the same was as their exterior door.

Last but important, you have to measure the height and width of your exterior door. Even though all doors look like they have the same size, some are different. 

Best Buy Home Depot Storm Doors for Your House

After knowing what to consider when buying a storm door with dog door, it is time to know which type is the best buy. Here is the best buy to have in your house.

Emco ¾ View Door

storm door with dog door 

From the name of the door, people can know that the panel is ¾ of the whole door. With this design, you can get plenty of light but also some privacy at the same time.

s for the material, it is from light-weighted aluminum. This is the strongest type, so it is durable against any kind of weather.

The design of the door is also very attractive as it comes in six different colors and one of them is white and almond. Therefore, if you want a natural color, those two are the best option. 

Overall, this door has hit 4.2 out of 5 stars for its easy assemble, endurance, and design. Therefore, it is surely worth checking out if you are planning to buy a storm door.

To buy this, you will have to prepare $196. 

Larson Tradewinds

Storm door  

With Larson Tradewinds door, you can see more of your outdoor view as it has full view glass design. It also combines with lightweight aluminum to make the door more durable and stronger. 

One of the advantages of this door is it has a retractable screen. You can pull the screen up or down to get more air into the house.

For this door, buyers have given a 4.5 star for the firm quality, value, and easy installation instructions available on the box. Therefore, if you are looking for better quality, this is the next option. 

Pella Rolscreen

Buying a Storm Door

For those who have a hard time installing equipment, then buy the Pella Rolscreen door. This door is very easy to install even if you are a beginner. 

One of the great features of this door is the Low-E glass panels. These panels can reduce heat transfer and conserve energy. 

EMCO K900 Series

Storm door

If you have a pet inside your house, then you must have a storm door with dog door design. With this design, your animals can come in and out easily without you having to open the door.

The recommended storm door with dog door design is the EMCO K900 Series. This type comes with vinyl cladding with a durable composite core. 

Well, those are some of the things you must consider when you buy a storm door with dog door. Other than just considering the design, make sure also to check out the material and size.

This is important, as the material will determine whether your door will last long or not. So, adjust it with the condition and weather of your house.

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