Stump Killer to Remove Trees Left Over Without a Grinder

Trees are beautiful when they can grow high and grow fruits. However, it can also be homework once its die’s leaving leftover on in the garden. When this happens, you’ll need a stump killer to remove them off.  

One of the stump killer ingredients high concentration of nitrogen that will help the decomposition process. It doesn’t work fast but it will remove the leftover from a tree. 

Now, there are many kinds of stump killers available in the market. To help you choose the best product, here are some recommendations:

1. Earthworks Health LLC Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Crystal

If you are looking for a stump killer that can work more than just a leftover remover, then use the Earthwork product. It can also be used to clean ponds and drains to kill roots. 

All the crystals inside the package are easy to apply, which makes the distribution easy too. The results are also clean even though it is not quick.

The only cons about it are the total weight inside the packaging. Usually, the net is a 10% shortage than the details on the package. 

2. Bonide Vine & Stump Killer

One of the safe killers that won’t kill other plants around is Bonide Vince. The stump killer ingredients are not as strong as others; therefore, you will need to apply it a few times before really killing it. 

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with a brush. With this bonus, you can apply the chemical easily on the tree without getting hurt.

This product also ensures that the stump will not regrow again to disturb you. Just make sure to apply it until the plants root inside. 

Last, but most important, Bonide stump killer is budget-friendly compared to the other products.  

3. VPG Fertilome Chemical Stump Killer

If you need to remove heavy stumps, foliage, and poison ivy then try VPG Fertilome Chemical. 

The ingredients inside this product are categorized very strongly making it helpful to get rid of stumps easily. However, make sure to not splash or dip anything on it because it will kill the chemical. 

To get the best results, apply the chemical evenly on each layer of the tree stump. The size of this product is 32-ounce, so you can use it for several treatments. 

4. Tordon Stumps

Another budget-friendly killer that is very helpful is the Tordon Stumps. This is not the most potent chemical; however, it is specialized to work well in 20 different plant species.

A great thing about Tordon stumps is it will leave the bright blue dye on the areas that you have applied. Therefore, you know exactly where you left off and need to continue.

Also, be careful to not spill any on your grass because it can kill them quickly. 

5. Voluntary Purchasing Group Stump Killer

Voluntary Killer contains triclopyr which is one the selective herbicide to kill stumps on properties or in gardens. It is not too strong; however, it works effectively in killing poison ivy and vines. 

Just within the first apply, the chemical will directly sink in the root and system killing the entire thing. However, if you decide to dilute it, then you’ll have to brush it more than once to get the results. 

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Like we said before, the chemical is not too strong, so it doesn’t work as quickly on big stumps. However, if you accidentally spill the chemical on grass or flowers, it will not make any dangerous damage. 

6. Gordon’s Stump Killer

Gordon’s stump killer is a product that will not only remove stumps but also prevent them from re-growing again. 

Once you apply it, the liquid will go directly into the root of the stump, killing off their life and any existing sprouts. This also includes the plants and flowers around. 

The next great thing about Gordon’s Stump Killer is the packaging. It comes with a squirt bottle which helps the applying easier, so it prevents staining and irritating your skin. 

7. Spectracide Stump Remover

A bit different from others, this stump remover is made in granule form. Before applying it, you’ll need to make drill a hole on the surface of the wood. 

Then, put in the remover with herbicide and hot water to dissolve the chemical. This will break down the stump and make it porous. 

If you don’t use herbicide, it will not work effectively. You’ll also have to apply it many times to kill the stump.  

Whereas Spectracide Stump Remover comes in a 16-ounce bottle, which works powerfully on small or medium size only. 

8. Epsoak Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulfate

This is not a stump killer product; however, magnesium Sulfate is a compound that can help remove them.

They work just like potassium nitrate that will take away the moisture and make the soil in your garden dry. However, before applying it, you’ll have to drill holes on the stump. 

It is not as effective as other stump killers as it takes a long time to kill them. However, this compound is very safe to use and extremely cheap. 

9. Calyptus 45% Pure Vinegar

Another DIY chemical that you can use to kill stumps is white vinegar. It is cheap, easy to make, and non-toxic, so it is very recommended to try. 

To make this work, spray undiluted vinegar on the tree roots on a sunny, hot, dry day. Do this routinely until the leaves die.

When this happens, it means the vinegar has killed the nutrition process; therefore, the tree and stump will not grow anymore. 

10. Morton Rock Salt

If you live in a hot-dry area and need to get rid of stumps in your garden, then use rock salts. It contains sodium chloride that will kill a tree starting from its roots till the stump. 

Like vinegar, rock salt can stop the nutrient and food supply from the root system, delivering stumps death. 

To successfully kill stumps around your house, you’ll first need to make holes on top of it. Make sure it is big enough so the rocks can fit in. 

Then pour around two inches of rock salt inside and add some hot water to help it work more effectively. Let it there for around six weeks to see the results. 

One of the benefits of using rock salts is it safe to use around kids and pets. Also, the chemical inside will not harm any flower or grass near the tree. 

For those who are not in a hurry to remove the stumps, it is best to use DIY removers such as vinegar and rock salt.

However, if you need a quick stump killer that can work fast then choose VPG Fertilome Chemical. Just make sure to use it safely and don’t spoil it on your grass.

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