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13 Table Top Fire Pit Exceptional Ideas

Do you love the idea of making by yourself a table top fire pit? Then, this summer is the right time for you to make one. 

You cannot just sit on your bench enjoying the bright sunlight because these perfect DIY ideas will complete your night with the warmth from the table top fireplace.

The table top fireplace can be an exceptional outdoor centerpiece or reception décor. It can also be used to prepare some snacks like marshmallows. So, whenever you want some toasted marshmallow, you will have your fire pit as a toaster station. 

Here, you will find one perfect inspiration using non-toxic fuel cans that are safe when you burn them indoor. It is also alcohol-free. We also add more than 13 awesome ideas to inspire you more.

Awesome Table Top Fire Pit DIY

Prepare Clay Pots

Three pots are enough to recreate this awesome table top fire pit DIY. You can use either cement or terra cotta as the pot’s material. Just pick which you like more.

If you have the time and in a crafty mood, you can even create your pots. Just remember that the best pots material to nail this project is clay. You cannot use glass bowls.


  • Terra cotta pots
  • 1/5 inches hardware cloth of galvanized
  • Flame gel fuel that is safe and non-toxic to burn outdoors and indoors
  • Firepit glass in some colors you like
  • Wire snips
  • Wire
  • Lighter
  • Sharpie

Table Top Fire Pits: First Process

This is the first process to make the table top fire pit. It covers the fuel prepping steps. First, you need to measure the fuel can’s diameter. For this project, the can’s diameter is 11-inch.

Next, cut a rectangle out of hardware cloth or ¼ galvanized mesh with wire cutters. You should cut it a minimum 3 inches times the can’s diameter.

This table top fire pit used 11-inch x 3-inch. Then, mark the area of using a sharpie. If you have a taller pot for this DIY, make sure your rectangle taller as well.

After that, enclose the mesh around the can’s top. Use a piece of wire to secure it tightly. Then, add this mesh around 1-inch to 4-inch from the can’s top.

Table Top Fire Pits: Second Process

Now, let’s go to the piece of cake step! Fill in your pot with some bit of fire pit glass. After that, put the mesh in the fuel can.

Then, the top of the mesh and the area around the can must be filled with fire glass. Finally, take the lid away when it is time to burn. Use extinguish instead of the lid to put out the fire.

Tips to Create Table Top Fire Pit Successfully

If you want to have a certain burning process, it will be better not to try various mesh and glass configurations.

Moreover, fire extinguishing needs a careful step. Also, you must change the lid frequently, especially when you’re having an outdoor event.

Perfect for S’ mores Party

Well, what do you think about this table top fire pit? Isn’t it astounding for your s’ mores party? This station will be the center of attention for your guests.

The flame comes from non-toxic alcohol that is useful for toasting because it can clean burning flame.

13 Extra Ideas for Awesome Table Top Fire Pit

Here are the extra inspirations for you to have nice, small fire pits that are suitable for a simple life. Let’s have a look!

1. DIY Bottles Fire Pit

If you have any old bottles, you can make these attractions of the fire pit. It is simple for any smaller space in your backyard.

2. S’ mores Roasting Station

The next roasting station is fantastic for small gatherings. Have a project to do this DIY to have your own s’ mores roasting station.

3. Concrete Fire Pit

This concrete fire pit is effortless to get either online or in furniture stores. You can choose any size that fits your space.

4. Bowls Table Top Fire Pit

Build this table top fireplace in a colorful, firm, and beautiful bowls! Then, put it at your backyard table as a decoration.

5. Marvelous Fire Pit for Picnic table

Are you looking for the perfect fire pit for your picnic table or patio? Take a look at this design!

6. Simple Concrete Fire Bowl

It is notably easy to do this project of concrete fire bowl even for a newbie. It will be a pleasing decoration for your table top.

7. Perfect Fire Pit for an Apartment Dweller

Are you looking for the best table top fire pit in your apartment’s rooftop or balcony? This design is worth the try!

8. Simple Portable Fire Pit

Your small urban yard or garden deserves a beautiful center of attention. Try this simple, portable fire pit to bring natural elements to it.

9. DIY Fire Pits

This innovative design looks artistic. It is a nice way to give a pretty touch to your plain garden.

10. Adirondack Bowl Table of Fire

The next alternative is this fire bowl table that can be an incredible alternative for your tiny backyard.

It can fit in your tiny patio or small deck that needs something to spice things up.

11. Glass Bowl Fire Pit

This glass bowl fire pit is perfect for indoor. The DIY steps are easy to do using the simple stuff you have in the house.

12. Terra Cotta Fire Pits

This cheap and warm fire pit can be a great company to enjoy the night sky. This DIY terra cotta is cheap and easy to build.

13.  Mini Fire Bowl

This mini fire bowl is an excellent solution for anyone who is looking for the fire pit in a small size. It fits even on your tinniest table.

You won’t have to worry about its ability to provide heat because it still can produce enough warmth to roast your favorite marshmallow. 

Now, from all of the above ideas, which table top fire pit do you prefer to have?

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