12 Best Uses of Tape Up to Fix a Range

When you need to patch, mend, or hem something, duct tape up makes a perfect solution. This versatile and highly durable product will give the best.

Refer to the following information to discover several surprising ways to use this ever-present silver multi-tasker at home.

1. Repair Window Screen

Do you find a tiny hole or tear in a window screen? Then, take and use a strip of it to give a temporary patch to the damaged area.

Tape up the hole for a while until you can get the replacement. Simply rip, attach, and press the product on the screen.

2. Wrap Various Cords

This is one of the simplest ways to take advantage of duct tape around the home: to organize clutter caused by corral extension or lengthy appliance cords.

You will need some layers of it to make a wrap to the cords. For a more organized look, try to assign a different color to each cable type.

For instance, use pink duct tape to wrap cords for the TV and employ blue ones for phone accessories.

To tape up the corral extension without getting adhesive on it, consider folding the strip in half. However, you should keep the ends at their complete width.

After that, wind around the wires and fasten the sticky ends together.

3. Tape Up A Broken Taillight

Believe it or not, duct tape is capable to deal with your car problems as well. This product makes an excellent solution to address a range of issues.

You can employ duct tape to avoid worse crack on a windshield. Moreover, it also allows reattaching a sagging side-view or rear-view mirror.

Besides, this versatile product can also be used to tape up a damaged taillight. If you need something to shut broken trunk lid or hood, it makes a great solution too.

Simply use it to keep the hood closed until you go to nearby repair shops.

4. Create A Range of Crafts

Tape up and get your sweet crafts done! It is no secret that this adhesive strip has also been a popular material for many DIY projects.

From a customized textbook cover, flashlight headlights for bicycle, to a shock-resistant smartphone sheath, duct tape is just versatile for any craft project.

Either the classic gray or the colorful one will make your crafts even more appealing.

Some other crafts to create with duct tape include unique Halloween costumes, beautiful floral arrangements, and dollhouse furniture.

5. Use It as A Rope

Now that you are running out of rope to put your things together, try to get a roll of duct tape and twist a long piece of it into a cord.

For a stronger chain, you can tape up several cords in different lengths. This way, it will be easier to get the necessary piece for other heavy-lifting activities.

You can also use this idea to create a sling for moving large objects around or to fasten several items together for storage and moving.

6. Hem A Pair of Pants

Do you want to hem a pair of paints but cannot find any thread and needle? Then, grab a roll of duct tape as a quick solution!

All you need to do is folding the hem of your pants inward to the preferred length. After that, tape up along the edges of the folded fabric.

None will notice if you are doing so. More importantly, it will be easy to get rid of it later and sew the hem properly.

Furthermore, you can employ a piece of it to keep your sweater snag unraveled or fix small tears on it.

7. Expel Bugs

If you often see ants or other crawling bugs around the home, grab your duct tape and look for any tiny gaps or holes in the basement walls.

Once you find them, tape up the holes, and gaps properly. In addition to the basement walls, check the water pipes and other places where pests may invade.

To use it for trapping the bugs, simply lay a piece of it with its sticky side up around the basement floor’s borders or in between the joists.

When it comes to flying pests, you can hang loops or strips of tape from the basement ceiling.

8. Make a Lint Roller

Instead of purchasing a lint roller on the market, create one with duct tape.

You can take advantage of an old paint roller and tape it up. Then, use the tool to get rid of dust and pet hair from carpets, curtains, or upholstery.

For smaller jobs, such as removing pet hair from a dark-colored blazer, you can simply loop a piece of it around your hand and squash it over the garment.

9. Create a Watertight Patch

A tiny hole in a kayak, canoe, or boat can also be sealed with duct tape. You can use this adhesive product to create a temporary watertight patch.

Simply tape up beneath the hull so that the water pressure can help to maintain the patch in place. Keep it this way until you can undergo a more proper repair.

Besides, you can also take advantage of it to seal gaps or holes in outdoor equipment, like camping tents and canvas covers.

10. Craft a Temporary Splint

Combining duct tape and a firm stick will make a useful temporary splint for a broken or sprain bone.

Moreover, you can also tape up a deep cut to reduce blood loss until proper medical attention is received.

11. Extend Lifespan

A roll of duct tape will make such a useful emergency kit for household essentials or sports gear, just like this hiking tool.

Aside from this hiking tool, you can also use extend the helpful lifespan of plastic items like planters, buckets, yard lights, and others.

12. Eliminate Residue

Tape up stubborn, sticky residue on glass or plastic surfaces with duct tape.

Directly put some duct tape over the sticky mess and rub several times. After that, try to peel the adhesive ribbon away.

You may need to do it several times until the residue peeled off.

To conclude, tape up can be a great alternative to fix a variety of daily issues like banishing bugs, organizing messy cables, and many others.

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