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Using a Temporary Wall to Divide Rooms

You can now divide your house into a few rooms for different functions using a temporary wall. With this support, people can take it off or put it on. It can be adjusted according to needs.

It is cheap, and most importantly, it is not permanent. 

With a temporary wall, you can efficiently and effectively separate spaces in your house or building. Depending on the material and design, most can give complete coverage from the floor to the ceiling.

It is also very flexible to install as well as uninstall, and you can reuse it later. 

Temporary Wall Ideas

Whether you live in an apartment, house, or a building, you can still divide your area. Use a simple temporary wall that is easy to install and remove.

Therefore, you can store it if it is not needed anymore. 

Well, here are some recommendations for those who are looking for a temporary wall.

• DIY Wood Temporary Wall 

To start making a temporary wall, you will need a sill seal, wood or lumber, hammer, and some nails to hang them on.

First, apply the sill seal against the surface on where you will be installing the wall. This is like glue, so it will make the wood stick on the ceiling or the screen.

Other than that, it is also used to protect the existing place from damage when you uninstall it. 

Then, cut the lumbers according to the length you need. You will have to prepare around four of them, two for the top and bottom, whereas the other two are for the sides.

Cut them adjusting the length and width of your existing wall. 

Now, it is time to place the vertical studs between the plates. Make sure that the height of each wood is precise and the same.

This may cause you difficulty in placing them in. If so, tap them in using a hammer until they can fit perfectly. 

To make them sturdy and strong enough, nail them on the plates, both for the top and bottom part. This will be safer, too, for those who have small kids in the house. 

You will then have your temporary wall ready to divide the room. If you like it neutral, you can leave it just how it is. Alternatively, you can also paint it to give a better visual for the whole room.

• Temporary Walls for Apartment

If you are looking for something simple and easy for your apartment, why do you not buy an IKEA temporary wall? They look just like the real one, but they are lighter and versatile. 

The IKEA temporary wall is more than just a screen. Because when you open the sides, you will get a bed, table, and even a closet to put your things in.

The concept of it is also sliding, so you can move it easily from one room to another. 

This is a great option for those who live in a small space like in an apartment. Just with one wall, you can use the space for different needs. 

• Temporary Walls for Office

Temporary walls are also often used in an office. Mostly, companies need a flexible wall where they can divide a big room into small ones.

However, they also need a quick solution if they need to open it back up. 

If this is your concern, then the best use is sliding panels. With this design, people just need to pull the panel to divide the rooms into two or more rooms. 

On the other hand, if they need a bigger space, just push it back and make it like a normal wall. Therefore, you will not need to take it off or put them in special storage. 

Another design of temporary walls for office is foldable panels. The main function is also the same as before, but to open and close it, you just need to fold and unfold it. 

• Temporary Walls for Garage

If you want to divide your garage into a few rooms, make a functional wall. Rather than just installing one, why do you not create additional storage, too? 

Well, to make it functional, create a wall from a tall shelve. Buy or build a board that is high enough to touch the ceilings so that it does not look like a separator. 

This way, your garage will have two functions, a place to keep the car safe and storage to keep all your equipment, such as hose, tools, and other big things. 

Once you want to change it, you can easily remove the board and install it in another place. It is cheap and flexible to use compared to real walls. 

• Temporary Walls Room Divider

For parents who are looking for a temporary wall room divider for their kids’ bedroom, they can use plywood as an option. This material is not only strong but also easy to process. 

Use plywood to divide the room into two bedrooms, but rather than covering it fully, cover it only 80% of the height. Utilize clear glass for the rest of the height and let it blank with a hole on one edge of the side. 

At this place, you can install a lamp or an air conditioner to use in both rooms. Therefore, you will not only get two bedrooms but also save energy using temporary walls. 

Once you want to make the room large again, all you need is to take down the walls. Even though you do not use it again, it will not cost too much for you.

Well, you can use those ideas and designs for making a temporary wall. Not only are they cheaper than the real ones, but they can also versatile. 

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you can divide the house into several rooms using these IKEA walls. They are simple, multifunction, and affordable. 

On the other hand, for companies who need extra rooms in the office, they can use folding panels as the walls. Open the board when you want a large space and then close it when you need two rooms at once.

With this flexibility, you can get the place you need. 

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