Tiki Torch Wicks DIY Project, How to Turn Trash into Masterpieces

Doing outdoor activities at night feels bland without a flame. Therefore, you will need a good tiki torch wicks to stay warm, bright, and free of insects.

Tiki torch itself is not something new. This kind of item has indeed been used since ancient times and has evolved.

People used to make it from bamboo or other natural materials. Not only it is to light up in the dark but also to drive various insects and other uninvited guests away from your area.

The Importance of Tiki Torch Wicks

Nowadays many modern fire-based lamps are designed to be more powerful, practical, but still artistic.

However, while the physical form changes, one thing will never be replaced: the tiki torch wicks.

A wick is the most important component for the best torch flame. Therefore, you must use the best one when making this type of lighting.

In modern days, Tiki torch wicks are very easy to get at various household equipment stores. Nevertheless, with the factory materials used, maybe you have to pay a high price.

Hence, for the sake of saving money, why not try to make it yourself at home. Surely many unused objects can be used to create a masterpiece.

Preparing the Best Tiki Torch Wicks, DIY!

Once again, it needs to be emphasized that a good axis will produce a good flame too. Ideally, cotton will give the best and long-lasting effect.

If you want it easy, many stores sell tiki torch wicks; Ace hardware, Walmart, and other furniture stores. However, of course, that is not what we will discuss in this article.

In this case, the main point is to make your own Tiki torch wicks, how to use the trash around, and then turn it into a useful item. Need not to buy the new one.

You can use anything like cloth, ropes, or anything that can burn. You do not even need a lot of material as 1/4 inch tiki torch wicks are enough to provide perfect lighting.

Nevertheless, if you want a brighter effect, you can slightly extend the part of the burning part.

However, note that you must still provide excess in the submerged part of the fuel below. The size does depend on the large tiki torch that you make.

The unused rope will be better, but cotton clothes are also a good idea. You should follow some steps below.

Step by Step DIY Tiki Torch Wicks

  • Prepare the materials, which will be used as wicks.
  • Measure the lenght of the wicks. Set aside approximately 1/4 inch as a part to be burned. The rest, adjust with the height of the fuel jar
  • Make sure the submerged part can reach the bottom of the container perfectly. Therefore, if you have a 3-inch-tall of jar, you should have approximately 3,5-inch wicks for a torch
  • Cut into the appropriate-lenght of pieces
  • If you use a rope, you can simply cut it to the required size
  • If you use cloth, make sure to make it thick enough. In addition to the right lenght, you have to roll it up until the right size to light up.
  • You should tie the cloth wicks to make it neat and stay unrolled
  • Prepare some tiki torch wicks, depending on how many crafts to be made.
  • Set aside the wicks and you can continue to the next stage.

Making an Artistic Tiki Torch

After the wicks are ready, it is time to move on to the next stage. You will start to make a craft that will beautify your garden.

This process will depend on your creativity. First, you have to design the appearance. Just look around to find what can be used.

In case you do not know what to do, let us see an idea presented by In addition to use a jar as a fuel container, you can also use pipes to make it more artistic.

Now Prepare your Materials and Tools

To make your tiki torch, there are some tools and materials you should prepare. Here they are.

  • Copper spray paint
  • Copper pipe (5 feet)
  • Fruit picker basket
  • Copper pressure slip coupling
  • Adjustable stainless steel pipe or hose clamp
  • Your handmade tiki torch wicks bulk
  • Tiki fuel, can be replaced with citronella oil
  • Cotton swab
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Cutting pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Majon sar

Working on Tiki Torch

The steps presented by are very simple. When everything is ready, then follow the steps below.

  • The mason jar will be used as a fuel container. Make a hole in the lid of the container by using a nail and hammer. Its size must be enough for the wicks to pass, but also not too wide
  • Create a unique design by using a fruit picker basket. Using cutting pliers, try to reshape the chassis. Remember that its size must be big enough for the fuel container to enter
  • The next step is coloring. Use a Copper spray paint to spray the cage and jar lid.
  • Match the copper pipe and copper pressure slip coupling. Thus, a modified fruit-picking basket can be installed on top.
  • Note that the fruit picker basket has a narrow section, which normally attaches to a telescopic pole. Slide this section.
  • After that, open the screws on the copper pipe and the pressure coupling. Attach the fruit picker basket on it. Then, tighten the screw again.
  • Place the copper pipe and fruit-picker basket construction in the desired position around your garden.
  • Fill the mason jar with citronella oil or tiki fuel until it reaches a quarter to a third of the container.
  • Insert about ¾ parts of the wicks into the holes on the lid.
  • Cover the mason jar with its lid and let the wicks soak the citronella oil.
  • Place the jar containing the wicks and fuel in the fruit picker basket.
  • Now you have a beautiful tiki torch that can be turned on at any time.


Everyone certainly agreed that illuminator is one of the most important equipment when holding any garden activity, especially during the night.

However, it will not work without good tiki torch wicks.

After learning those steps above, you can even make your life brighter with your masterpieces. Use anything possible to create the best tiki torch wicks now!

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