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Tiling a Small Bathroom to Make it Look Bigger

Tiling a small bathroom sometimes becomes a problem when building a room interior. With limited space, we must be careful in arranging strategies so that the room looks bigger and not crowded.

Mistakes in choosing materials, colors, and installation techniques can have negative consequences.

Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

The selection of bathroom tiles influences the arrangement of the interior design of this room.

Whether the color, material, pattern, and installation method will determine the nuance of what your private space will be. Therefore, to avoid mistakes, you need to consider them very carefully.

Floor to Ceiling Tiling Designs

One way to create a feeling of relief is to uniform the colors and patterns. Therefore, it seems like this method can be tried for tiling a small bathroom. You can install the same motives and tints from floor to ceiling.

This method will make room users feel like they are in a large area so that they avoid claustrophobia. This method will be better if you use bright colors that make space feel bigger.

Using Reflective Surfaces in Tiling a Small Bathroom

Another option to do is to use glossy tiles that can reflect light. In this way, the glow will continue to spread all over the room to make it brighter. It will create an energizing atmosphere and make anyone feel comfortable.

Best Tile Color for Small Bathroom

Color is a crucial factor in small bathroom tile ideas. Choosing the right spectrum will prevent the owner from feeling tight and crowded. In theory, bright colors would be better because they could give the impression of a spacious room.

However, you don’t always have to use white. Gray or cream can also give the same nuance. You can also use natural colors that are bright but muted like light blue.

Using pastel colors is also possible but you must combine them with the right tints so that they don’t clash and give a full impression.

Dark shades are not a bad idea. With the right arrangement, monochrome colors can also give this room a fantastic nuance.

What Size Tile for Small Bathroom Shower

The size of the tiles does not have a significant effect on the feel of the bathroom. However, this still affects efficiency. You should choose the small one for tiling a small bathroom because it will minimize the possibility of wasting it.

If you are using a large size, there are parts of the edges that may not fit the tile size and will need cutting. Meanwhile, if you use a smaller, then the discarded size is at least not as much as the big-sized one.

Keep Simple in Tiling a Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, then don’t put too many items in it. You must still prioritize the concept of minimalism and space efficiency. Use every inch well. Wall-mounted storage is preferable to placing furniture on the floor.

Those are some tips for tiling a small bathroom. Taking advantage of a narrow space is different from a large one. In this case, we have to be good at implementing strategies to avoid the impression of tightness that may arise.

Next, we will discuss some ways to make your narrow bathroom feel bigger. You will find that the illusion is also in tiling a small bathroom and can have an impact on your spatial arrangement.

Tiling a Small Bathroom for a Bigger Impression

Comfort is indeed the most crucial thing in the interior design of the room. However, you should also know how to make a small bathroom look bigger with tile.

There are a few recommendations you can follow:

  • Bring in natural light from outside. You need to install windows or vents that allow the maximum amount of sunlight to enter. The light reflection bounces off the floor will give the impression of broader space.
  • Reduce the combination of colors and patterns. The more you use tints and different pictures in one room, the more crowded you will feel. It’s the best idea to uniform the view and spectrum in the bathroom as much as possible.
  • White is better. This color has a strong influence on bringing a broader impression in the room.
  • As much as possible, match the color of the floor with the walls. Thus you feel the room is bigger than it is.
  • Using plain tiles on the floor will give a clean and spacious feel. It would be better if you also use the same thing from floor to ceiling.
  • Use of large glass in several locations. In addition to placing a large mirror that can reflect an image, giving a wide impression, you can also install glass materials in several spots, for example, as a shower barrier.
  • Using an open shelf can be an option to give the impression of the bigger room. However, you also have to pay attention to the neatness of the items in it. Make sure they are always in a neat condition so that it is comfortable to look at.
  • Prioritize floating-based storage. Placing too many items on the floor will make the room cramped. Choose any wall-mounted storage you like to put in the bathroom.

Those are some tips for tiling a small bathroom to give the impression of a larger room. Apart from that, maybe there are still several other strategies that can be applied so that you are more comfortable spending time in this personal space.


Tiling a small bathroom turns out to be a fun activity to do. Not carelessly, you can apply various strategies that can have a big enough impact on your personal space. Now, you know that the size of the room will not be a problem if we can manage it.

Apart from the tips above, of course, many other useful strategies may not have been mentioned. Before deciding the decoration, you also need to find enough references so that your bathroom design will be truly perfect.

One more thing, don’t forget to consult with experts for information regarding proper design and arrangement. Not only about tiling a small bathroom, but you also have to master a lot of strategies about spatial planning to create a maximum atmosphere in your own home.

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