The Top Ten Tow behind Spreaders for Fertilizing a Large Lawn

It is important to maintain a large yard and property. One of the best tools to manage it is with using tow behind spreaders. It is a great investment to use on the field.

The tow behind spreaders might be a little bit expensive. However, we must have the right tools because things could get out of hands very quickly. People called this device, a lifesaver.

People could use this tool for seasonal use. It is not expensive because it saves more time and hassle. With using the two behind spreaders the yard would look great and neat.

Guides of Tow Behind Spreader

Before choosing and buying tow behind spreaders, people might compare one brand with another. Especially for the price and value.

If this the first time buying one, ask for some guides from the short buyers. They would you to choose and buy the right one.

Why Should We Use Tow Behind Spreader?

Why Should We Use Tow Behind Spreader

In the past, people would use tow behind spreaders apply grass seed, fertilize, and weed killers and more. However, now it does more than it usually does.

Now it could hold more things. Not only that, it is easier to use for homeowners, ranchers and even landscapers. Big spaces would not be a problem.

Vehicle that could hook a Tow Behind Spreader

Used pull behind spreader on a vehicle so they can spread materials on a field. This would establish the job easier and faster.

Here are some examples of vehicles that can be hooked for used pull behind spreaders:

An ATV is the first vehicle that you could use. Mount the tow behind spreaders directly on to the utility rack. It would then give a precision control.

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ATV is a great option when it is hard to reach the uneven terrain. Other vehicles would not be necessarily do this activity.

Next, you could attach any kinds of tow behind spreaders with many kinds of Universal Hitch products. Such as lawn or garden tractor, mower, UTV and more.

Another vehicle that we could hook is the Lawn Tractor Spreader. Not only that it gives a great machine to the tow behind but also it looks masculine.



When you plan to purchase the right product, there are some things you should still consider. Here are some them:

The first thing is the cover. Not all tow behind spreaders comes with it, whereas it is useful to cover up and to protect it. Buying it separately is not a great option as well.

The second thing is the materials. It could come in polyethylene, metal, steel and others. All have each benefit and backwards. Make sure to choose one that fits to your daily activity.

The third thing is the flow adjustments. Know how fast you would need to operate. Also, the route of the line as well. This would affect many things to the tow-behind spreaders type.

The next thing is the tire. The different type and size of it, would give a variety performance while using it.

After knowing some information about the things to consider, let’s get to know about the top 10 brand that are great to use, especially for fertilizing. Here is the list:

1. The Agri-Fab

The Agri-Fab

This type would help you save more time because it has a large with about 130 pounds. You would not need to stop and refill it in the central of your project.

This spreader has a long-lasting gearbox and tapered gears. It would prevent objects that might get inside the gear which could ruin the machine.

The machine itself has a great maneuverability. It is also completed with an on-off control. Using this Agri-Fab tow behind spreader would not let you miss a spot.

As for the tires, it comes in large size. It is perfect for an uneven or rocky field. 

2. Chapin International

Chapin International

The Chapin International tow behind spreaders comes in a larger size which is 150 pounds capacity. It is impeccable for those who own a large yard.

Not only that, the machine is also suitable for professional and even commercial works of seeding or fertilizing.

You can adjust the setting on whether using it for domestic or for commercial use. This product is made for the US where the quality control is very strict to pay attention.

Moving to the gate adjustment part, it is very easy to use. It has 11 setting that would make you application needs remain accurate.

The tiring is about 14-inches wide, which is perfect to stabilize in different terrains. Moreover, it also has a heavy-duty trailer hitch design.

3. Yard Commander

Yard Commander

The Yard Commander Tow Broadcast Spreader comes in smaller size, which has the capacity of 125 pounds. The small vehicle makes it quick when using it.

However, it comes in a heavy-duty metal gear. It makes it resist rust, tear and corrosion even though you used it often.

Despite of the small gesture, this tow behind spreader has quite a large tire. It gives a great performance of work in the yard.

4. Brinly


If you still need a larger capacity than choose the Brinly tow behind broadcast spreader. This is a great option because it would hold up to 175 pounds.

This vehicle is completed with extra poly hopper and it is large, which it makes the spreader rust and dent-proof.

Besides for fertilizing, you could also use it for sands and even ice melt! The hardware comes in a heavy-duty polyethylene that would stands strong without worrying getting break down.

Another great thing from these spreaders is that it has an Auto-Flow spread control patterns. This would allow us to get a professional result.

5. Craftsman


For a flexible work of 100 pounds capacity, the Craftsman spreaders is the choice. Even though it is smaller, but it covers up to 17.500 square feet yard.

The small size makes us quick and easy while working on it. The fertilizer or grass speed would be in a fast process thought the yard or even gardens.

6. Precision Products

Precision Products

The next one is the Precision Products Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader. This has a 200-pound capacity. It is perfect for large area but also quick.

It comes in a plastic hopper design with heavy-duty plastic. This is so that is remaining strong from getting corrosive.

The other benefits of this tow behind spreaders are that you would need less than 30 minutes to assemble it. Moreover, you could control it from home with just sitting down.

7. Buyers Products

Buyers Product

The Buyer Products ATV Broadcast Spreader comes in a 100-pound capacity. Despite the small size, it is a great vehicle for farming, hunting, landscaping and others.

The tow behind spreaders comes in with a protective cover. Therefore, you don’t have to worry when it rains or get sunny while it is outside.

The machine itself is installed a 12-volt motor. There is also a hopper and shield to support chilling when it gets warm while using for big works.

8. Earthway Semi-Assembled

Earthway Semi-Assembled

Another spreader that comes in small size is the Earthway Semi-Assembled. It could hold up to 80 pounds. It is suitable for small or medium gardens and yards.

It comes with a handlebar controls that allows us to manage as we go along. Moreover, it is completed with an ev-n-spread technology.

9. Agri-Fab 45-0463-130 Pound Tow Behind Drop Spreader

Agri-Fab 45-0463-130 Pound Tow Behind Drop Spreader

The next option is the Agri-Fab 45-0463-130 PountdTow Behind Drop Spreader, which can cover up to 40.000 square feet.

This tow behind spreaders has a galvanized steel agitator. This could help to improve the durability and ensure the coverage.

Moreover, the hopper is also available with protective coating. It helps preventing from corrosion and rust.

10. Yard Tuff

Yard Tuff

One of the smallest tows behind spreaders is the Yard Tuff Lawn Tractor. It holds only about 80 pounds capacity and it is included with a cover as well.

The small size makes is possible to match with almost any lawn or garden tractors. However, it could work efficiently, quick and easy. This is because it has a 12-volt spreader.

So, those are the top list of the best tow behind spreaders that you could use. Starting from the lawn tractors for garden house use, up to professional and commercial ones.

Make sure to purchase the right type. Every terrain and products would also be a factor on choosing the what kind of tow behind spreaders to be use.

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