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Tree Garland Ideas to Liven Up Your Home

Tree garland is an important aspect to bring enjoyment inside your home. When looking for it in the department store, unfortunately, we may only find super boring beads. Instead of giving up so easily, why do you not trying to make a cheerful garland by your selves? Turns out, there are plenty of adorable ideas to brighten your mind. So, check this out!

1. Christmas Tree Garland Beads Polka Dots

christmas stocking

The key to making a cute garland dots is color mixing. Besides that, choose the material which fluffy and delicate. That fabric will make your decoration looks fancy but playful. To décor it; make sure you give enough space so it does not look weird. When it is done, no one can deny that this garland is an excellent way to cut the budget without compromising the taste.

2. Thick Christmas Tree Garland Snowflakes Shaped

Thick Christmas tree Garland Snowflakes Shaped

What will automatically cross your mind every time you hear Christmas tree and holiday vibes? Yes, snowflakes garland. The typical white with sparkling glitter is more than enough to catch attention.

Oftentimes, the snowflakes garland in which shopping mall sold is made from low-quality materials. If you consider much about durability and visually pleasing, make it into your DIY project is a great idea

Some tutorials give you various material options, but the famous one consists of mod podge, polymer clay, and glitter. To get snowflake-shaped, it is possible to mold manually. If you think it is impossible to be done nicely, consider buying a stencil or miniature wood is the best possible choice.

3. Tree Garland Ribbon with Extra Glitter

halloween decor inside house

Sometimes, a plush design can be simple and cheap. This glittery shiny ball absolutely will give fun sensation without compromising the elegant appearance. Options of this Christmas tree garland, for example, are glossy, glittery, or matte finishes. It is not only about the size but also about the final addition. Mix all the available options is a good call.

4. Fluffy Christmas Tree Garland Pompom

Garland Pompom

Another alternative to liven up ‘holiday party’ vibes is through fluffy pom-pom. You can buy the thing made from delicate fabric or something unique like a paper straw ball. This pom-pom is highly suitable for kid’s holiday party, or if you do not have a special agenda in the winter season but still want to cheer your day off at home.

5. Christmas Garland Hanging Light

No one can resist hanging light garland, especially if you arrange an event at night. So, check your warehouse first and try to find the abandoned bulbs from last Christmas. After that, trail the light bulbs and make a beautiful pattern directly to the wall or on top of the card paper. Once you finished, make sure to tape the string so it will not fall. To make it more interesting and authentic, you can make a balloon, star, or snowflake-shaped at the end of the string. Explore your idea as creative as possible!

6. Tinsel Garland Christmas Card

art exhibition

We know the digital era tends to erase the habit to send a card, especially during special occasions like Christmas. On the other hand, this old school thing can be a gem for your living room.

How do You Make Ribbon Garland for Christmas card?

First, collect the card you have. If it comes in a different size, color, and paper quality, do not worry. Otherwise, variation can enhance the overall appearance.

Second, prepare something to hang. It can be ribbon, rope, string, or anything else. Make sure the material is strong enough to handle the weight.

Third, stick the card to the ribbon or such. Spare enough space from one to another so it does not look too ‘full’.

Finally, place it on your favorite spot.

7. Banner Letter Tree Garland Ribbon

Banner Letter Tree Garland Ribbon

Sometimes, delivering holiday nuance can be done by sticking a letter banner. The good side, it is super easy, affordable, but eye-catching at the same time. You can make it into your DIY project. The preparations and steps are simple. However, you can choose the material from Styrofoam or cardboard.

Do not forget to coat it with glitter and colorful paint. Well, the result will be more than visually pleasing.

8. Show off Your Sewing Skill with Crochet Christmas Tree Garland DIY


Vintage style sometimes can be hard to get a strong nuance if we rely only on plastic and paper material. So, why do not try to make it from a wool thread? To make it more personal, you can pick your favorite looks and stitch them by yourself. Not to mention, this ornament is a perfect pitch to show your sewing skill off in front of your guests.

9. How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon Vertically from Dried Orange


Who said that holiday sensation could not be more natural? Nevertheless, it can be colorful too.

You can combine dried fruit, which has a vibrant color like orange, and pine leaves to make it softer. Before making it started, follow these systematic instructions.

You need to prepare these:

  • Knife
  • Baking sheet
  • Oranges
  • Scissors
  • Floral string
  • Needle with a large hole’s thread


  • Preheat the oven into 105-110°C
  • Cover the baking brass with parchment paper
  • Slice the oranges, do not too thin
  • Dry the slices with the napkin
  • Bake the oranges at 105-110°C
  • Turn over each orange so the result will be even. Bake again for about an hour. Do not make the slices too browned
  • Turn off the oven when almost every edge of the oranges looks caramelized
  • Leave them until cool and completely dry. Probably it takes one or two days. You can use an exhaust fan or vents to help the oranges dried quickly
  • Utilize a string or needle to sew the oranges and the leaves. Just in case you prefer additional flowers or other ornaments, thread them into the slices
  • Give some space at both ends so you can hang it on the wall, banisters, floating rack, or door

Briefly, things that need considerations when choosing the best tree garland are the type of occasion and who are the attendees. For sure, adult events need different trinkets with kids, right?

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