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Redecorating a Tree Trunk in the Yard

Having an old tree trunk in the back or front of the yard can make destroy your pretty scene. Not like normal plants, they cannot grow anymore or be used for other needs.

Therefore, one of the best ways to get rid of it is by cutting off. 

Cutting it off will need more energy and cost, as you will need someone to pull it off. Therefore, rather than getting rid of it, why not make it decoration or an additional ornament to the garden. 

Decorate your tree trunk so that it can become something useful or pretty in the yard, or repaint it so that it not just a stump in the backyard. 

Tree Trunk Décor


One of the things you can do to the stump is to make a tree trunk décor. Decorate into a rabbit house or your pet’s place, so they can have a place to rest. 

To do this, you need to dig in a hole in the bottom part of the tree trunk. This will be the entrance for your pets to come in and out. Also, install a small door that they can easily open and close. 

Then, on the upper side of the trunk, make another hole so that your pets can get fresh air. However, if this is too hard for you, then put a pretend window on the sides of the stump. 

To make it look like a real rabbit house, put on a roof on top of the tree trunk. You can use thin boards and stick them together in a triangle shape. Then put it on the top of the stump to make it look real. 

• Board Mat for Kids to Play

Another great idea that you can make from a tree trunk is a board mat for your kids to play. However, before decorating it, make sure that the stump is short enough to reach. 

With your kids, decorate the trunk using plastic fences, grass, and flowers. Let them create their little world by using their imagination. 

Also, do not forget to cut the grass around the trunk so your kids can play with comfort. This little space will surely be your kid’s favorite place in the backyard.

You can also create a small board game from a tree trunk. So using the stump on the ground, design the board with the game you would like to play. For example, if you want to play tic-tac-toe, then divide it into 9 squares. 

Then for the objects, you can use small rocks around the tree. Choose the same colors to determine who is X and who will be O.

• Playground

If you have a high-unused tree trunk in the yard, then make a small playground for your kids. You can either build a slide or a ladder for the stem or innovate it a bit to make it better. 

For those who want to build a slide can add some hang rectangle woods on one side of the trunk. This will be used to climb up the stump.

On the other side, install the slide where you can buy in many kids’ shops.

For safety, add some woods around the top part of the trunk. This will prevent your kids from falling or jumping from the top. 

Another idea you can use for a playground is making a ladder. Let your kids train their skills by climbing up the trunk. You can install the woods on each side of the stump, so your kids can get up from any side. 

Alternatively, other than wood, you can also hang a sturdy rope, where they can climb and get down with it. Thus, by playing, they will also train their arms and legs strength. 

• Small Table & Chairs

If you happen to have a tree trunk cut, then why not make small dining set in the backyard. Use the small and short pieces for the seats and the higher parts for the table

If you only have a few pieces of tree trunk cut, then get some more from the existing wood. Then place it around the table to make it look like a dining set. 

To make the table bigger, you can put a square shape board on top of the trunk. This will let you put more things on top of it. However, if you like more natural, then you can use the existing design. 

• Wood Bench

Another thing you can make from the tree trunk in your backyard is a small bench. Carve some of the sides to make it a comfortable place for you to sit on. 

If you are too big to sit on, then make it for your child. This way, your kids can enjoy the backyard while seating in their wood bench. 

• Cabin for Birds

To attract birds coming to your backyard, then make a little cabin on top of the tree trunk. Create a small house for them to eat and drink, while giving you a pretty scene. 

To make a cabin in the backyard, will need round logs, and board for the roofs. Then pile up the woods until it makes a small house. Cover the top, so the foods for the birds can be safe from rain. 

Do not forget to refill food every day, so birds can keep on coming. It is also important to clean the area once a week, so it does not cause a bad smell around your yard. 

Last, if you have no energy in making anything from your stump then you can put your tree trunk for sale.

Even though it may not make a lot of money but at least you do not have big wood in the back yard of your house. 

However, rather than throwing them away, it is best to create something out of a tree trunk. Not only will it make your garden look pretty but you will also get an extra decoration for the yard.

You can either make it as a small playground for the kids or create a place for animals to rest. Whichever idea you choose, your children will surely love them both. 

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