10 Types of Hammers Commonly Used Everyday

Despite having almost the same form and function, we know many types of hammers in the carpentry world. The way to use it is by hitting or affecting the workpiece.

This tool looks simple but very useful for various purposes.

Due to its various uses, the materials and shapes are also different. That is why then we get the classification of hammer based on function.

Some are for light work, such as fixing nails, but some have a heavier duty.

In this review, we will discuss some unusual hammers usually used in daily lives. As it is for a different purpose, the physical appearance also adjusts.

Some of you may often be wrong when using it, so let’s learn them one by one to make it right.

1. Claw Hammer


These are the most popular types of hammers that you often find at home. Its use is indeed very popular for doing various household jobs or anything related to wood.

Generally, this tool weighs 16 to 24 Oz so it is quite comfortable to hold.

The claw hammer usually has two distinct metal-heads. One of them is flat while the other has a V-shaped head. Meanwhile, the handles are made of various materials, including wood and rubber.

2. Ball Peen Hammer


From some types of hammers used in forging, ball peen is the most popular. The handle is usually made of wood. These types of hammers weigh 8oz to 12oz and are commonly used for metal-related.

This tool has two different sides of the head, namely flat and round.

3. Cross Peen Hammer

Cross Peen Hammer

This hammer is similar to a cross and straight but in a lighter version. The shape of the head is the same, with the handle, which is also made of wood. You can use it to do light joinery and cabinet-related work.

4. Cross and Straight Peen Hammer


Like ball peen, the function of cross peen is to do all things metal. The distinctive feature of this hammer is that the head is flat on one side and pointed on the other.

The handle is generally made of wood, as it will be easier when doing heavy and intense work.

5. Mallet Hammer


The types of hammers are made of wood and used as driving chisels or tapping wood joints together. The head is made of wood functions so that the pressure does not cause damage as metal did.

6. Sledge Hammer


Even though it has a small shape, the sledgehammer can break up hard objects such as concrete, stone, or masonry. They range in weight between 7, 10, and 14 lb.

7. Soft-faced Hammer


This hammer has a distinctive shape because of its large head and is made of rubber, copper, or plastic. Its function is the same as a mallet, which can be used to do all things related to furniture.

8. Power Hammer


Of the many types of hammers, this one does have a different shape. As the name implies, these tools, also called powered nailers, perform heavy tasks like joining large amounts of wood together.

When individual nailing is not possible, this tool will take over. He can install precisely and quickly so it is widely used for gardening or making furniture.

9. Club Hammer


The types of hammers are also known as the lump. The head is large and has a function for driving steel chisels and doing masonry nails.

It weighs approximately 2 1/2 lb and is perfect for doing household chores.

10. Special Hammer


In the world of carpentry, some hammers are made specifically for specific purposes.

For example, Brick Hammers are used for striking bolsters or splitting bricks, Veneer Hammer for pressing and tapping veneers, and so on. As the name implies, this tool is called a special hammer.

11. Another Classification of Hammer


The types of hammers discussed above are the most common types encountered in everyday life. However, this tool is also divided into several large umbrellas, based on the type and use.

The following is the division.

Household Types of Hammers


This Hammer is designed to do repair work and all things wood related.

The handle is also quite heavy-duty because this type is expected to be able to do intense work, such as making furniture or installing home decorations.

Forging Types of Hammers


This type has a function related to blacksmithing. As it relates to metal, the design must also be heavy-duty. The general form of the forging-type is to have two distinct heads: one flat and one round.

Those who work in the engineering world generally use forging hammers.

Small Types of Hammers


The types of hammers have a light texture and a small shape. Following the design, its use is not for heavy things. You can even use it with one hand.

Generally, it is used to install nails or do things that do not require a lot of effort.

Hammers are indeed very interesting things because they have various uses. Diverse designs also help us to get work done very accurately.

No wonder this tool has always been a mainstay for everyone who works in the carpentry world.

Types of hammers themselves are known to be in the tens with various forms, functions, and different manufacturing materials.

Along with the times, there is a possibility that this type of equipment will continue to develop according to the existing demands.

Even though this tool looks simple and interesting, you still have to be careful using it.

Make sure you keep using a variety of safeguards when working because hammer blows can cause fatal consequences if it hits someone.

Besides, the debris that might emerge from the blow of this tool could hit you or others around you.

Some hammers with heavy and large types also have to be careful about using and storing them so as not to cause accidents for the user.

After reading this review, of course, you can begin to distinguish that this tool has different ways of using. Apart from the mentioned above, there are dozens of unmentioned types of hammers.

From now on, let’s properly use this tool, and do not get it wrong.

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