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Under Cabinet Knife Storage Rack and Other Ways to Stow Blades

Without a doubt, a blade is the most frequently used tool in culinary space. To keep slicers sharp, you should consider under cabinet knife storage.

Cleaning and material definitely can affect the cutting performance of your knives. Proper maintenance and organization are important, too. Bad storage practices certainly will damage the edges of the blades.

On the other hand, the right methods ensure that your knives stay crisp. If you are looking to declutter blades, take a gander at these smart solutions. From block to magnetic strip, there must be something for your kitchen.

Under Cabinet Knife Storage Ideas

This under cabinet drop-down storage is designed with child safety in mind. It also clears drawer and counter space. The holder features magnetic strips and hinges.

Moreover, it sits nicely underneath the upper cabinet. When you want to grab some knives, just drop the holder down. After that, close it to keep the organizer out of sight.


  • A great solution for tiny kitchens.
  • Ensures child safety.
  • The holder can contain up to 8 knives.


  • Blades are not so easy to grab.
  • The holder installation takes a bit of time.

Magnetic Knife Box

Unlike under cabinet knife storage rack, the magnetic box takes up counter space. Since the holder is made from walnut wood, it offers a classy look. The powerful hidden magnets secure blades in place.

They allow you to see the right cutting tool during cooking. Design-wise, the wooden magnetic knife holder is crevice-free. It minimizes the accumulation of bacteria and provides easy cleanup at once.

Countertop Knife Block

Organizing blades in a countertop block is a great idea. This makes your culinary space clutter-free.

Moreover, knife block keeps your choppers and slicers close at hand every time you cook. It is such a stylish unit, too. In this picture, the beechwood knife block comes with 35 slots.

You can display your blades and sharpening steel. Normally, classic wooden blocks include knives. Meanwhile, the new ones usually come without blades.

How to Make A Knife Holder

If you are crafty enough, give this idea a chance. Instead of buying a standard block, build a DIY knife holder that is terrific and inexpensive.


  • Prepare tall glass vases.
  • Fill them with dried beans or bamboo skewers.
  • Store your knives in the vases with the handles up.

You should place the handmade knife block in a certain spot. Make sure it is out of the way, so the blades won’t fall off the floor.

Dual Purpose

Probably, you love watching online tutorials or reading a cookbook before preparing a meal. This knife holder is a must-have item, then. As you see, the block integrates slots to stow thirteen blades.

It lets you quickly pull out the right knife. Moreover, the knife holder features a shelf. It can be used for holding a cookbook or tablet.

Drawer Dock

Do not stash your knives in a drawer loosely! They will clunk against each other. As a result, their cutting edges won’t remain pristine.

You can make the blade organizers yourself out of cork sheets. Cut them into small rectangles.

They serve as knife holders. Similar to under cabinet knife storage rack, the drawer dock is an ingenious solution for the kitchen with limited countertop space. It is a breeze to build, too.

Unusual Magnetic Strip

This magnetic strip has a quirk factor to it. The unit does not just showcase knives, but also doubles as an artwork.

Unlike under cabinet knife storage solution, the magnetic rack only holds three blades. You can hang it on the backsplash or kitchen wall. Be sure you mount the magnetic strip at the shoulder height.

For your safety, display blades with cutting edges pointing to the left and handles at the bottom.

Hidden Knife Rack

If you are short on space, don’t despair. Fix a strong magnetic rack on the cabinet underside. Since there are varying lengths, pick one that meets your needs. This under cabinet knife storage rack houses blades securely.

It also keeps your cutting tools within arm’s reach, yet out of sight. Furthermore, under cabinet magnetic strip frees up wall and countertop space. When you don’t use the knives, attach them to it.

Chalkboard Knife Board

We guarantee this DIY chalkboard knife holder will be a showstopper in your kitchen. It is budget-friendly, functional, and chic.

The supplies you’ll need for the project are raw wood knife block, old rag, chalkboard paint, sandpaper, and painter’s tape.


  • Sand the knife block lightly.
  • Get rid of the residue by wiping it down using a slightly wet rag.
  • Tape off its rubber feet.
  • Spray the block with chalkboard paint. Let it dry.
  • Rub the chalk all around its surface. Use the rag to wipe it off.
  • Add label or doodle to your chalkboard knife block.

DIY Leather Knife Holder

Under Cabinet Knife Storage

Your treasured blades deserve a cozy home. This hanging knife holder is constructed from leather. It provides a luxurious texture. Similar to under cabinet knife storage rack, the leather blade holder is compact.

However, it costs you more money. The holder keeps eight knives easy to access. You can stitch it yourself either by hand or machine.

Beyond the Block

Under Cabinet Knife Storage

You don’t have to stow knives in a block. Revolutionize your kitchen by storing them safely in the slotted table.

This holder lets you grab your blades quickly. You can also transform two chopping blocks into a slotted knife organizer.

Rustic Knife Rack

Both under cabinet knife storage rack and wood magnetic strip keep blades off the countertop.

They also allow for easy access. This DIY knife holder is made out of spare wood. It produces rustic charm. The magnets are powerful enough. They prevent blades from slipping.

Repurposed Books

Under Cabinet Knife Storage

Are you bored with a standard wood knife block? Create a holder for your blades yourself, then. For the project, you need old books. Glue the covers together and decorate the knife holder with a jute rug.

It is easy peasy, right? Well-honed choppers and slicers are nothing without a home. It is time to include under cabinet knife storage system in your kitchen.

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