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Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas for the Best Installation

Without tearing up the walls to wiring installation, under cabinet lighting can add a dramatic effect to the kitchen. It boosts the value of your kitchen.

The lights also provide an excellent task to give you efficient cooking experience. Therefore, this lighting will make your space more practical and attractive.

You can adjust the brightness as needed. It gives shining task illumination wherever you need. Use this lamp as evening lighting so that bright overhead lights can be turned off.

Hopefully, this following guide enables you to apply the gorgeous under cabinet lighting ideas. A wide variety of options are available to suit the needs.

Some Advantages of Under Cabinet Lighting

Add Visual Appeal

Every lighting design creates a different ambiance in the kitchen. It might be a contemporary style, warm feel, or futuristic look.

Give Useful Additional Illumination

Overhead and below cabinet lighting complement each other perfectly. It can highlight the backsplash and illuminate the work area. Remove the Shadows

By installing lighting under your floating cabinet, shadow will not form in the workspace. Thus, it gives adequate illumination while cooking and preparing food.

Lighting Features to Consider

Fixture Lenses

Fixture lenses reduce bright reflection and glare on the countertop. They also distribute the light equally.

Some lighting fixtures should include lenses because they will be glaring. For instance, Xenon and Halogen need this feature because they can be flares.


The high voltage of a cabinet lighting is 120V, while the low one has 12V or 24V. Both have a similar life span, bright quality, and energy-saving.

However, if you need a more comfortable area, low voltage lighting is the best choice. It offers less heat to the cooking space.

Also, low voltage allows you to use smaller fixtures to suit the narrow space under the cabinet. Thus, it is possible to install more lights in a limited area.

Energy Efficiency

Comparing to other types of lighting, LEDs become the most energy-efficient. They have almost no heat and give out enough brightness at a 5 watt.


Under cabinet lighting options have two basic wiring types that include easy plug-in and hard-wire. For easy installation, plugged in lighting is cheaper and more preferable.

While easy-plug-in allows you to install by yourself, hard-wired lighting requires a professional electrician for installation since it connects the lights to the existing wiring.

Depending on the metal thread requirement, plug-in-only, wired under cabinet lighting, and both are available to choose.

Dimming Capability

It is recommended to use dimmers in your installation. Although lighting with dimming capacity spends extra cost, you will have more control over the lamps.

The dimmer provides the best lighting conditions depending on someone’s visual needs. It ensures the one who has eyesight problems to get low-intensity lamps without any glare.

Heat Output

When it comes to thermal conductivity, LED and fluorescent lamps are very beneficial. Those lights are the best for any place with heat sensitivity.

Xenon gives more heat output while Halogen becomes the hottest lamp. However, incandescent bulbs still use this type of lighting.

Easy Installation

There are some things to consider when you opt for a DIY installation. Define the best easy-to-install lights such as LED strips.

Moreover, battery-powered lamps and wireless under cabinet lighting will be a good idea. Importantly, consider aesthetic and functional factors for your easy installation.

Variations of Lighting Installation

1. Strip Lights

Most strip lights feature an adhesive back and protective cover that fit any cabinets. They are attached to the surface using screw-in clips.

Choose the right brightness of strip lighting based on your purposes. The brighter lamps are great for illumination. Then, installing a dimmer is important to control the bright options.

On the other hand, less intensive LED strips are the best under cabinet lighting ideas for decoration. You can cut off the lamp to suit the length of your cabinet.

2. Puck Lights

LED and recessed puck lights require different installation. Surface-mounted lighting needs some small holes.

Besides, recessed puck lighting needs screws to secure the cap. Its power hub connection and should be positioned underneath the cabinet to join with the control outlet.

Types of Best Under Cabinet Lighting

1. Halogen

Halogen is an incandescent lamp that contains inert gas in the bulb. It has a blazing color that gives a warm and bright effect.

This type of lamp produces more heat output, so it has less energy-efficient and shorter life span than the other incandescent under cabinet lighting.

2. Fluorescent

Due to its low heat output and high energy efficiency, Fluorescent lighting becomes a popular choice for any kitchen remodeling project.

Slim fluorescent strips are the best lighting for below your cabinet. The lamps provide plenty of light, although they disappear below the surface.

Fluorescent has linear bulbs and compact lamps. If you choose those types of lighting, consider the wattage. It represents the light intensity.

The higher the wattage, the brighter the lamp will be. Thus, try to combine a bright light with dimmers to adjust the intensity.

3. LED

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. This type is the most popular incandescent lamp since it has low heat output, high energy saving, and long lifespan.

Individual and strip lights are two major types of LED lighting. They offer different styles of aesthetic preferences.

LED strip lamps are the best for a minimalist kitchen design. Besides, if you aim to get a focused area of lighting for cooking, puck, or individual illumination works great.

4. Xenon

Xenon features a thin tungsten filament to produce light. It becomes brighter after being electrically heated until hot burning.

Xenon lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lamps. On the other hand, they are less power saving than LED and Fluorescent under cabinet lighting.

Plug-in and hard-wire are available in Xenon. You can place this light under the cabinet in both linear and individual forms.

Define the right type to achieve proper illumination. Also, opt for the stylish one to enhance the beauty of the room. Feel a dramatic effect from its warm light.

Finally, under cabinet lighting provides many great options for homeowners. It brings a functional and decorative look to the cooking space

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