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10 Unique Nightstands to Have Next to Your Bed

Plentiful bedside tables are available on the market, but not one appears the same as unique nightstands.

While supporting furniture to draw attention is hard, it is not the case with these quirky tables. The unique nightstands you will see in this article are going to stand out on the stage.

So, keep on reading to know more! Hopefully, you would end up fall in love with these ideas.

1. Man Cave’s Cinder Block Nightstand


Do you know the deal with cinder blocks? They reflect an image of masculinity. Is it because we have seen men work with these building materials a lot?

Furthermore, whatever the case is, it turns out that cinder blocks make cool nightstands for guys. No, not make a nightstand ‘from’ the concrete material, but ‘of’ it. It is fabulous, Right?

Then, stack some cinder blocks beside your bed, and it will be a unit of the jaw-dropping nightstand. The empty squares they own work as some storage space.

Additionally, you can even keep magazines vertically with this unit.

2. IKEA Wooden Stool DIY Hack


So many IKEA hacks exist on the internet. Most of them tell you to repurpose, while the rest instructs another hack.

Moreover, this one shows a mere stool turned unusual nightstands with the help of a wood slice.

Firstly, gather the wood slice, the stool, hand sander, and screws, and then sand down the slice’s top surface. After that, removing the bark or keeping it intact is up to you.

Next, eliminate the stool seat and replace it with the wood slice. The legs go directly onto the bottom side of the piece, and that is that.

As a result, you can either stain the set or leave it as it is to get the original look.

3. Unique Nightstands from Repurposed Vintage Suitcase


You will do nothing to make vintage nightstands like this one but preparing a stool as well as an old-looking suitcase and stacking them up.

Indeed, the job is easy. This repurposing helps you have a vintage-style bedside table. Besides, it gets rid of the suitcase, which is still functional to be a carrier, but you do not want it anymore.

4. Industrial Stool Unique Nightstand


The purpose of this project is to make cheap unique nightstands out of a mere stool and extra wooden base. Thus, you are going to use furring strips to make the feature.

Do not nail down the wood strips onto the legs to make it removable. That way, you can use it also as a tray to serve your guests.

5. Unique Nightstands with Floral Painting


If you are looking for unique nightstands with drawers, this is a good catch.

By embroiling in conventional Indian decorative design, this quirky bedside table is impeccable for keeping electronics, books, and magazines.

Therefore, the detailed blue, green, and red floral visible all over the unit are hand-painted, leave you with a worthy handcrafted piece.

Also, an open shelf at the bottom and three drawers above will come in handy to store more.

As it is side furniture where dust is highly likely to pile, you might want to clean it with a damp cloth, but do not.

Importantly, remember to use a dry cloth only, as the damp one will spoil.

6. Floating Modern Nightstands


You know by now that unique nightstands ideas are limitless, right? Therefore, this boxy bedside table made of acacia wood adds to the long list.

It comes with wall-mounted hardware, but you might choose to have it stands above the floor instead. However, for the sake of getting its benefit, we suggest you mount it.

By doing that, you can clean your bedroom optimally as the floor space under the unit is vacant. Also, it features a drawer installed with metal glides so that you can open and close it handily.

Additionally, whether it has feasible live edge finishing or the material is of premium quality, this rustic brown nightstand appears so clean and looks natural.

7. Asymmetric Black Metal for Unique Nightstand


For homeowners who love imbalance due to its quirkiness, asymmetric and unique nightstands like this one will serve them right.

Likewise, designed with a pair of metal shelves, its open base is ideal for displaying some artificial potted plants as the room refresher.

For industrial panache, the said pair gets their appearance done looking like mesh. Besides, the top part uses fiberboard in medium density, which finished fancily resembling black marble.

8. Geometric Modern Nightstand


Wood materials, especially the natural ones, are so versatile that you see them almost in any unit of furniture. It is also visible on this nightstand.

Hence, natural wood is the best for building things. Its originality, durability, and affordable price are the causes why they are popular.

Also, designing with this material is appealing since you can do almost anything.

Moreover, it includes adding a geometric design to this nightstand, as seen from its crisscrossed shelves. Those racks then work to contain your night readings before bed.

9. Decagon Side Table


Next, you have an unusual nightstand as quirky as this 10-sided furniture. Finished in warm wood and completed by metal hardware, it spreads the feel and looks of mid-century.

Generally, walnut veneer and engineered hardwood are its building materials. It is to no one wonder why the unit is sleekly catchy, apart from its refined configuration.

Meanwhile, a more appealing side lies within the brass base and knobs on its two drawers.

10. IKEA Funny and Unique Nightstands


You will not need any hack to make unique nightstands out of the product because this IKEA unit is already funny and unique from the very beginning.

Accordingly, the round tabletop organized on a supporting base makes a complete design for bedrooms of minimalism. Its lower basin is adjustable and works to store your phone chargers and night readings.

With the adjustable basin, you can set it lower or higher to suit the needs. Thus, it works well in the bedroom and living room.

Those are our picks for the best unique nightstands you should have beside your bed. They are so catchy that it is hard to decide on one, right?

All of the units belong to the quirky department. However, please consider their suitability with the entire concept of your slumber space.

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