Knowing the Function of Vacuum Attachments

Vacuum attachments are spare parts that you will usually get when buying a vacuum machine. Even though some of them may look the same, each item has different functions.

Therefore, before using, it is important to know what they can do to help you clean the house. 

Normally, when you buy a vacuum cleaner, it comes with a manual book to explain the use of each attachment.

However, most of the time, you will not get a complete set and need to buy an extra one. To help in choosing which part to buy, you must know the functions. 

Therefore, here are some explanations about vacuum attachments and their function to help you out. This way, you can buy the right one and use the right part for the right needs. 

1. Universal Vacuum Attachments 

One of the vacuum attachments that you must have is the universal tube. Like its name, many functions of this part can help you clean the house. 

Normally, there are 3–4 parts in universal vacuum attachments. They are the long silver tube, the bent one, and the other one has a smaller diameter compared to the other two.

One of the main functions of these vacuum attachments is that they can reach our unreachable places, for example, high ceilings, space behind your sofa, and many more. 

Thus, by attaching these parts to your vacuum cleaner, the hose will be longer and make it easier for you to clean those certain areas up.

From the three parts, the long silver tube is the most important one to have because this will make your hose longer than others will and can be used for other needs. 

Best Vacuum Attachments for Textile

Vacuum cleaners can be used to clean floors and carpets. However, without using a special attachment, you will have a hard time cleaning your textile.

Therefore, it is important to have a specific edge that can clean fabrics in your house. 

If you want to clean your carpet, for example, make sure to buy the small and flat attachment. Normally, the shape is wide, a bit like a triangle shape.

On the bottom part of the head, you will see a wide suction mouth to suck all the dust clinging on the textile.

Even though the size of the attachment is small, it has strong suction. This tool will help you clean your carpet, curtains, and even your bed.

Therefore, you will no more get itchy because of dirty and dusty fabrics. 

Hard Floor Vacuum

Meanwhile, if you have more hard flooring and fewer fabrics in the house, use a sweep vacuum attachment.

The bottom shape of this tool is just like a broom, but it is shorter to make it easier to clean things. 

By attaching this to your vacuum cleaner, you can clean almost any kind of dirt on the floor, from crumbs to strands of hair. With this attachment, your cleaning task becomes 90% easier than before. 

Vacuum Attachments for Cars

One of the vacuum attachments that you can use in cars is the brush head. As its name implies, the bottom part has long hairs that will help you swap off all the dirt on all surfaces. 

One of the benefits of using this tool is that it will not scratch or destroy any kind of surface, because most of the heads use soft hairs that are specially designed to remove dust. 

Therefore, whether you want to clean your car, curtains, or even floor from dust, you can certainly use the brush type.

However, remember that this kind of attachment does not have a big suction like the ones for textiles. 

Vacuum Attachments for Small Spaces

This kind of attachment is usually available when you buy a vacuum cleaner because almost everyone needs it. However, if there is not any, the shape of its point and one side will be longer. 

The main function of this vacuum attachment is to clean small areas that cannot be reached by normal adults.

Therefore, if you are going to clean places like vents, corners, or under your bed, use this tool. 

This is also one of the vacuum attachments for cars. With its small pointy edge, you can clean the whole seat where crumbs and dirt usually stick on.

Attachments Special for Pets

For those who have pets, they might want to consider this as one of their collection. High-power grooming is an attachment that can help you clean and soften your pet’s hair. 

Usually, owners have a hard time cleaning their pets’ fur, so they bring them to a salon.

Just like using the usual vacuum cleaner, you can clean their hair and still make it soft with this attachment. 

You can also use this attachment to clean hairs that are stuck on carpets or brushes. The suction is strong, so it will not hurt your pet at all. 

Full Blown Vacuum

If you have tried all the vacuum attachments above and your house is still dirty, it is time to step it up. Use the full-blown head that has one of the strongest suctions from all types of tools. 

With this attachment, you can do deep cleaning for the house and make things cleaner than ever. The edge of this tool is also flexible, so you can turn it left or right easily. 

The full-blown attachment is also a great option if you happen to need a quick clean. Just keep in mind that this is a bit expensive compared to the others. 

Now, after knowing the types and functions of each vacuum attachment, make sure to choose the right one for the right use. Therefore, you can effectively clean the house without too much effort. 

One of the vacuum attachments that you should have is the pointy and long tube tool. These two have the best function and will normally be used the most.  

The pointy-head can be used to clean small areas that you cannot reach with a normal size tool. On the other hand, you will also need a long tube to make it longer so you can reach high places. 

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