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10+ Vertical Shiplap Designs For A Cozy Appearance

A vertical shiplap wall in a house is definitely not a new thing in the world of home design. You might see the horizontal one often but this type of surface is able to complement the height of the room.

Having a shiplap on the wall is quite popular nowadays. It can also add character and make the surface more attractive. The texture improves the design of the room.

Instead of having a blank empty wall, add dimension to it. It gives a simple but sleek look. Whether it’s horizontally or vertically, shiplap won’t be a disappointment at all.

This post will focus on the designs or ideas of having a vertical style of shiplap in a room. Here are some vertical shiplap designs that elevate the beauty of your wall.

1. White Vertical Shiplap in Powder Room

Check out this cozy powder room. As we know, a small space needs great brightness to make it feel bigger. Having a bright white wall is the right move you can make.

In addition, the wall should have a texture or dimension. It will eliminate a bit of brightness on the wall. So, the area won’t be too bright. The style of the wall really reflects the surrounding.

A few black accents on the faucet and handles balance the texture of the shiplap wall.

2. Darker Shiplap as Accent Wall

Vertical Shiplap

To set a special station for workspace in a bedroom, you may wanna design it differently. A small space in the corner will have a lot better looking with a sleek accent wall like that.

The shiplap wall in this room acts as the accent wall. That’s because it’s only installed on a specific space. It also gets a different and darker paint.

That blue color on the accent wall is so adorable. The corner space has a slated ceiling which makes it even more special.

Add a nice and simple wooden table and a comfy chair. Your special working station in the bedroom is ready.

3. Vertical Shiplap Wall in Peaceful Bedroom

Vertical Shiplap

This beautiful bedroom will be the best space to put you to sleep. Take a look at that comfy bed. The calm and peaceful atmosphere is packed in this room.

On the wall right behind the headboard, you can see that it’s vertically textured. The dimension catches the attention a little bit.

The lines and shapes are connected with the carpet design. Such character on the wall makes the bedroom less boring.

4. Vertically Textured Kitchen Wall

Vertical Shiplap

This specific part of a kitchen is specially textured with vertical shiplap. It makes a nice background for that wooden floating shelves. Every white element in this scene has its own character.

Check out the white marble countertop. Nice looking natural patterns look really sleek. The shiplap on the wall has its own charm. The kitchen won’t be too bright because of the dimensional addition to each element.

5. Gorgeous Rustic Shiplap Wall

This rustic accent wall makes a great decor to the entire living room. You don’t even need to add any decor items on the wall. The vertical shiplap is already a star.

The natural wood color really expresses the elegant beauty of this room. It’s a perfect interior design for a living space with a fireplace in it.

You can still feel cozy having chit chat nearby the heat without even need digital entertainment like a TV. Just do it in traditional style.

6. Entry Way or Mudroom Shiplap

A vertical shiplap seems to be fit in any kind of room inside the house. It adds more character and life to the atmosphere.

This fantastic blue space makes a great impact on every guest that comes into the house. It’s a fabulous way to welcome them.

The flooring shapes seem to be out of place but the colors match beautifully. Add a nice floating bench and its cushion for an extra facility.

7. Vertical Shiplap Ceiling

Instead of on the wall, you can have a shiplap on the ceiling too. This bathroom has an incredible way to apply a shiplap.

A nordic charm that this space has is enhanced because of that. The vertical shiplap seems to be all over the place. It’s a bathroom like no other. It’s placed in the attic that offers a fantastic scene.

8. Rustic Vertical Shiplap Headboard Wall

Besides being a nice accent wall in the bedroom, you can double it as a headboard. It offers a wonderful effect right behind the bed. No need to hang paintings or pictures, that’s enough.

Make sure you’re getting the shiplap wall with an exact look. That pale rustic background strengthens the character of the bedroom itself.

9. Half-Wall of Vertical Shiplap

Vertical Shiplap

For a room with a tall wall like this living space, you can apply a shiplap style just for the upper part. With a lot of open glass windows, this large room allows a lot of lights to come inside the house.

The well-designed wall would offer a dim of brightness to the room. Even though they’re painted in white, the textures play an important part to make the room stay cozy.

10. Fancy Bathroom with Farmhouse Element

Vertical Shiplap

The white shiplap wall adds a nice farmhouse element to this glamorous bathroom. Even though it’s just a seamless addition but it still has a nice impact on the background.

Take a look at the chandelier right above the bathtub in the middle. It’s such a unique touch to make the view up there more interesting.

You can enjoy the view while lying and feeling relaxed in the tub. The twin vanity on each side of the bathtub seems to be matched with the nice white shiplap background wall.

11. Shiplap in Beach Style House

Vertical Shiplap

It’s a lake house that’s located in Dallas, Texas. As you can see, the typical decoration in this region. Adding such bold decor items won’t damage the beauty of the shiplap texture.

Both of them go well together. You can even add furniture with a bolder pattern. That won’t be a disturbance for that elegant wall design. There’s one thing you already know about vertical shiplap from this post.

A shiplap has its own kind of flexibility depending on how it’s applied and which color it has. You just have to pay attention to detail.

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