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Best Vintage Medicine Cabinet Hacks for Stunning Bathroom

A vintage medicine cabinet is a way out of the regular pharmaceutical box that makes your bathroom look boring. The new style will freshen it up, so giving a more earthy atmosphere. We gather up some vintage medicine cabinet ideas that are awesome in style and function. Certainly, You can replace your old containers with the new ones, or upgrade them, which is a more budget-friendly project). Let’s take a look at these stunning inspirations:

Change the Knob

A little thing can make a big change, and that is what you can see from this vintage medicine cabinet knob. If you want to make a change but don’t want to spend too much money on it, buying a fancy knob is a better idea. The vintage medicine cabinet knob is cheap and doesn’t need contractor level skills.

Look at this knob. It is a highlight that steals the attention. Its emerald color gives a new look to your vintage medicine cabinet. Either you have a wooden vintage medicine cabinet, iron, or plastic one, this emerald knob knows how to make it more exceptional and remarkable. You might buy some rhinestones or jewel stickers from the hardware store, and stick them in the vintage medicine cabinet surface.

Who thinks that your container is filled up with the medicines after all?

● You don’t need many tools to install it
● It doesn’t require professional skill And It is affordable

● Sometimes it doesn’t make a change if your cabinet requires serious renovation

A Magnetic Cabinetry

magnetic latex primer

There is a nicer choice to enhance the charm of cabinetry the vintage way: magnetic cabinetry. This project requires only a beginner level of construction because what you need are just a special paint and less than half minutes. Buy magnetic chalkboard paint (find it in an online store for a more affordable price). Stretch the surface of your cabinet with that tinted covering.

Gluing the magnets in some cosmetics or medicine. It doubles as a decorative piece in your bathroom. Look how artsy the room is! Be careful when you glue the magnet. Make sure you don’t stick it to some heavy cosmetic pieces, otherwise, they fall and break. You can draw anything to this chalkboard-cabinetry, and that is why we recommend the idea.

● It gives a shabby chic and vintage charm
● You can pull out of your creativity to decorate the piece

● The dust will easily stick on the surface
● Not every hardware store provides magnetic chalkboard paint

Build-In Cabinet

behind bathroom door wall storage

A built-in cabinet might require serious construction skills, but the result is worth it. The purpose of this concept is to save space in a minimalist house and present a modern vibe. Install this built-in medicine cabinet in a wall cavity amid two furniture pieces. Paint it the way you want, but we suggest that you pick similar shades with the rest of the furniture in your bathroom to create such harmony and simplicity.

● It gives a minimalist charm
● It is quite sturdy

● You need a serious renovation
● It is not so budget-friendly

An Artsy Recessed Storage

An Artsy Recessed Storage Vintage Medicine Cabinet

As your house is getting stuffy, you will think twice when deciding to add new cabinetry. If your house is already full of cabinets, new storage will make it look stuffy. Add a more awesome touch with concealed cabinetry. You can use a hinged painting to create that kind of camouflage. This thing doubles both as a cabinet door and magnificent decoration. The idea above might take too much time (and middle construction skill also). If you want a simpler concept, take a look at a hanging painting to cover up the medicine cabinet.

● A painting is always the right decoration choice
● Easy to install without too much renovation

● The hanging paint make it complicated every time you have to reopen the cabinet
● Not that easy to find the painting in cabinetry size

Vintage Medicine Cabinet Mirror

Vintage Medicine Cabinet Mirror

What a nice moment to see yourself in a glass reflection. This sensation you can experience when installing the interior mirror in a beautiful vintage medicine cabinet mirror. The outside part features frosted glass that enhances a minimalist atmosphere and gives balance to full mirror installation in the inner part. This luxe cabinetry is important stuff many beauty influencers tend to buy because it gives a charming atmosphere in the room and making your collections more stunning.

● It presents a spacious look inside the cabinet
● Easy to clean the cabinet, so It is effortlessly stunning

● The inside mirror is fragile, so you better not to put heavy makeup kits

Open Storage Vintage Medicine Cabinet

bathroom sink Vintage Medicine Cabinet

Open storage is an effective way to store things while overcoming the problem of limited space at the bathroom There are many ways you can do this open storage idea. For example, using old pipes and repurposed planks as you can see in the picture above.

This open storage exposes your beauty care and medicine collection, so makes them look more accessible. Besides placing your medicine collection, the other benefit we can get through this concept is that you can hang the towels and other kinds of fabric in the pipe.

● The process only requires affordable material such as plank and pipe
● This concept forces you to be organized all the time because it exposes your collections.

● If you have too much collection, the storage will look so stuffy
● It is a bit fragile, so cannot handle the heavy things

A New Thing Of Vintage Medicine Cabinet

A New Thing Of Vintage Medicine Cabinet

If you buy a new house in which the previous owner has installed medicine storage, you are a lucky person. However, not every furniture in the old house meets your taste. Rework on the old cabinet and create new storage that is more minimalist and fascinating. The coating will give a new breath to the old storage. In this idea, we feature the monochromatic color such as black and white to create a vintage-modern accent. We let the outside mirror be the way it is because it gives a more spacious atmosphere to a small bathroom.

● The rework is affordable

● Sometimes it requires serious skill of construction.

A vintage medicine cabinet is such a good idea to install in your bathroom. Pick the option that suits your budget and no more messy drugs and makeup collection.

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