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19 Most Unforgettable Vintage Wall Decor Ideas for Any Home Design

Whatever your home style is, vintage wall decor can help to boost the beauty of the space while offering other advantages.

How easy it is to switch the decorative items throughout time is one of the most exciting parts about applying such vintage decor.

As a result, you can update the look of a single piece in your decor without too much effort. 

Vintage Wall Decor Ideas to Give Memorable Touch in Your Space

While it seems straightforward to apply any vintage decor, you may find it hard to pick your best decoration idea due to the numerous options available.

You can check out this top list of vintage wall decor ideas to help to find your most suitable style. 

1. Retro Flower Vase

Hanging on antique-look shutters, this glass flower vase is perfect to home your favorite blooms. Thanks to the distressed paint finish and the wooden piece, you can get all the needed vintage touch from this wall decor. 

2. China Plate Wall Decor

Visit your local garage sale and look for China plates with a pretty print on them. You can pick ones with comparable colors or some with different shades.

Hang the collection at the empty corner of your walls and let these ornate plates accentuate the beauty of classic China. 

3. Rustic Leaf Wreath

Distressed paint emphasizes the vintage look of this decoration. Besides, it becomes a nice complement for the leafy green wreath. You can use the top part of old shutters to hang the wreath as they will add a vintage flair to the hanging decor.

4. Distressed Hand Painted Sign

This vintage wall decor is perfect for any bedroom or living room. Besides, it is easy to create and will not cost much money. Paint the wood in any color you like and distress it to give an elegant farmhouse touch.

5. Bronze Photo Frames with Ornate Design

Bring a new aesthetic into your home design with this bronze painted picture frame. The frame comes with a three-dimensional, ornate design that is ideal to highlight your photographs on the wall. 

6. Wood Wall Hanging with Lattice Design

Unique is the perfect word to describe this wood wall hanging that resembles something from a classic movie.

To emphasize the vintage style, you can paint the wood to seem worn and distressed. However, utilizing natural brown coating is not a problem.

7. Classic Style Gold Mirror

This ornate gold mirror has everything you need to introduce a classic vibe to your home. With its wide surface, there will be adequate viewing space as well.

You can pair this vintage wall decor with a painting of a famous figure that can bring another beautiful classic element and leave an unforgettable impression.

8. Burlap Wall Decor in Retro Style

Burlap makes a great backdrop for any room with retro style. You can simply stencil the fabric and use it as a hanging wall decoration. Along with the dark wood on the table, this DIY vintage wall decor will provide a wonderful combination that emphasizes your retro style.

9. Heart Hanging with Rough Wood

The heart-shape galvanized metal on this heart hanging introduces an adorable flair. Meanwhile, the rough wood frame promotes a rustic style to the design.

Featuring chipping and peeling paint, this wall hanging will emphasize your vintage decor even more.

10. Skeleton Key Collection in a Frame

Gather your collection of skeleton keys and display them in a frame. With a dark wooden border, the set will appear more vintage too. Rather than a plain backdrop, you can add your favorite photo or picture to the frame.

11. Wooden Wall Hanging with Mason Jars

If you need vintage wall decor for the kitchen, this flower hanging makes a beautiful option with its dark wood panel that hangs the jar. Besides, the painted white jars make a perfect complement for the wood and the colorful blossoms.

12. Creative Laundry Room Sign

Liven up your laundry room with this retro sign. It is made of wood that has a glossy finish. Then, the classic lettering makes this decoration look fun.

It is ideal for a DIY project and allows you to blend the outcome with other retro elements.

13. Beautiful Wooden Butterfly

This butterfly has a retro vibe that you need to make your home interior feels classic. It is made of wood and is outstanding enough to become a focal point in any room.

14. Vintage Plate Holder

Add something fancy but antique in your home with this metal plate holder. Along with the platter, it has everything you need to showcase an old-style vibe.

Simply hang this metal holder around the kitchen walls and display your vintage plates on it.

15. Mantel Pieces in Filigree Style

Everything about this wooden mantel piece is antique as it offers awesome ornate designs that were stained and carved. Meanwhile, the filigree piece hints a decorative item that is often accessible in Victorian styled house.

16. Stunning Copper Berry Colander

Those who need something straightforward to add a vintage flair into their home decor will love this idea.

All you have to do is hanging the copper pot on the wall and let its natural beauty gives a new look in your kitchen or dining room.

17. Wooden Fan Wall Decor

This wooden fan is carved to become a beautiful ornate wall hanging. Its shape is pretty and the filigree looks like something from a classic storybook.

While the design is wonderful, this wall hanging allows you to bring a vintage flair in any room easily.

18. Unique Filigree Wall Art

Vintage wall decor for bedroom should reflect your personal taste and style. This unique filigree wall hanging is perfect to personalize your room.

They are painted in golden and black with an extra distress style for emphasizing the retro look.

19. Dark Shutter with Retro Look

Lastly, you can redesign an old, dark shutter to become an eye-catching wall hanging that doubles as extra storage for other decorative items.

The dark, distressed paint makes the shutter look vintage and the burlap wrapper on the planters hints something from the pasts.

Now, pick one of those vintage wall decor ideas and help your room to get a new look. Happy decorating!

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