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Walking Path Designs to Complete the Garden

A good-looking garden is not only captured by the plants or the flowers you have, but you also need easy access to get there without ruining or stepping on them.

To make this possible, you will need a walking path for the front or back yard of the house. 

Take your garden into a completely new level with a beautiful walking path. Even though it will only be used to pass through, it is important to make the style as interesting as possible.

After all, this will still be a part of your front or backyard. 

1. Natural Gravel

One of the best materials you can use to install a walking path is natural gravel. Not only is it a part of nature, but it can also create that kind of atmosphere outside your house. 

Gravel is usually square size, so they are a perfect design to use for walking paths. To make them look prettier you can also add some small rocks around the area or on the sides. 

If you do not like too much rock, then it is never wrong to full the front yard with grass. Then make a path by putting the gravel on top of the grass. You will need to dig in a bit to make it sturdy.

One of the best things about this material is that it doesn’t need much maintenance and it is cheap. It is also a great choice for those who live in a tropical area. On the other hand, it is not recommended for areas with snow and steep slopes. 

2. Recycled Garden Path Ideas with Pretty Tiles

Bring the inside of your house to the outside world and make them match. You can do this by using your unused tiles as a walking path for the garden. 

If you have very enough tiles, you do not need to cut them in small pieces. However, if they are too big or there is not enough, then break them into a few parts.

To make an artistic path, you can break them in uneven shapes. Even though it may look strange in the beginning, but it will look pretty when you are done. 

So, rather than buying new materials, try to use the things you have. Then, come up with recycled garden path ideas to décor your garden. 

3. Inexpensive Front Yard Walkway Ideas with Pallet

Those who have a limited budget can also use the unused materials inside their house. If you happen to have a wooden pallet, then why not break it down and use it as a walking path. 

The shapes of the woods are already rectangles, so all you need to do is shorten it up. Then spray and paint the pallet with protection.

Therefore, it can last longer and not rot even though rain and the hot sun hit it. 

Then invite your kids to join you installing it on the ground. Let them dig in to make a place for the walking path.

Put the pieces of the pallet on top of it and surround it with soil again so it becomes sturdier. 

4. Best Material for Walking Path – Red Brick

The best material for walking path that is resistant towards the sun and rain is brick. They have been used since many years ago and they are still popular until today. 

They are special because they add a bit of character to your garden with its unique color. Clay bricks are usually red to chocolate color whereas the environment is usually green.

Now, combining the two tones will make a beautiful contrast to the yard. 

They are also relatively easy to install on your own. All you need to do is put them on top of gravel without even having to cement them.

Alternatively, just dig in the soil and plant them inside of your garden. 

The next reason why red brick is the best material for a walking path is that it is strong and cannot easily crack. They are less sensitive towards rain, snow and the sun, so they can last longer than others can.

One day if one of them does break, then you can easily pop one out and change it with a new brick. Thus, both installing and repairing is easy to do. 

5. Cheap DIY Garden Path Ideas using Concrete

Walking Path

To make your house and garden look simply and a bit industrial, then you can make a walking path from concrete.

One of the best things about using this material is that you customize the shape of the walkway, as you like. 

Whether you like it tall, short, big, or small you can adjust it the way you like. The colors are also very natural, matching with nature around. 

If you decide to make one with this material, then it is best to have a template first. Therefore, your making process becomes easier and your shape becomes more precise. 

When you are done, make sure to let it dry and avoid it from the rain too. If it has not dried yet, it will ruin the shape and inside structure of the walking path.

The only minus thing about this idea is when you get bored with the design. Because you have concreted the house, then you will have to uninstall it all before changing it into a new one. 

6. Mulch

Walking Path

For a more natural material, you can use mulch as a walking path in your garden. They do not belong to the strongest elements, but they can come one with the environment.

Spread them on the ground and add some more each week or when they start to get thin. 

They are inexpensive and easy to maintain, but they can kind of mess if the wind blows. Hence, they are best to use in places that are not windy and tropical areas. 

Well, you can apply those walking path ideas in your front or back yard garden. Most of them are very affordable and easy to make on your own.

When choosing the right material, do not forget to consider the weather and condition of you are too. This way you can have a long-lasting walking path without having to change them regularly. 

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