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10 Fascinating Wall Desk Ideas for a Tiny Space

Do you need an extra table that does not take up too much space? Let us take a peek at the following wall desk ideas!

You will be amazed at how wall desk ideas can fit a tiny room and make it look as professional as a modern office.

1. Wood Wall Mounted Desk

Wood Wall Mounted Desk

This wall desk idea delivers us comfort to work. Hence, with its small shape and unique design, you do not need to add a lot of features.

However, do not worry about storage because there is already a small drawer under the desk. 

Your stuff will not scatter on the table. Thus, thanks to this tiny hidden storage.

Further, these small wall desk ideas are suitable for those who own tiny rooms. Adding this table will not make the chamber too stuffy but it can still save much stuff.

2. Black Home Office Desk

Black Home Office Desk

If you like simple touch with a masculine sensation, a black home office desk can be an inspiration. Therefore, you can imitate the wall desk in the picture above.

To keep the table tidy and avoid cluttering things on it, find a wall desk that occupies shelves on the right and left. Also, this multifunctional shelf can function as book storage.

As a finishing touch, place the garnish on the tabletop. Do not forget to choose a chair that matches the wall desk ideas.

3. Standing Steel Frame Wall Desk Design

Standing Steel Frame Wall Desk Design

Unlike the previous hanging wall desk ideas, this table is made up of solid wood with a steel frame attached to the wall. 

Thereupon, these wall desk ideas can be an alternative for people who do not like the concept of a hanging table. 

Even though it retains a dark color, this table is suitable to be placed in a room dominated by calm colors.

Instead of making shelves on the right and left sides, you can include a board at the top to meet your needs or simply as a decorative matter. 

4. Folding Dinner Table

Folding Dinner Table

If you cannot obtain a large dining room, do not worry since we can still have a lavish dining table in a tiny space.

Start by choosing the folding dinner. Even though it is small, you can still equip it with two to three chairs.

Otherwise, if the furniture is no longer in use, fold the table and chairs so that the room will be more spacious enough to do other activities.

Not only as a dining table, but you can also convert it into a work table. A brilliant solution for maintaining a tiny space, right?

5. Long Wall Desk

Long Wall Desk

For homeowners who are interested in long desk ideas that do not take up space, the example in the image above can be an inspiration. 

Even though it is long, the width is not too big so that it can still leave a lot of space in your room.

This table only has an additional shelf at the top which also hangs on the wall. There are no additional shelves that require more space.

6. Simplistic Folding Wall Table

Simplistic Folding Wall Table

Need an extra table for the tiny room? You can consider these wall desk ideas.

This table is a perfect piece for boarding students who can only rent a tiny room, so they only have limited choice. Therefore, this selection is practical and quite helpful.

Further, this table area is enough for a big laptop. While not using it, you can easily fold it up, and the table will stick to the wall.

Moreover, you may adjust the seat selection with the table selection. If it seems too plain, hang decorations on a table like a photo or other wall art.

7. Single Piece of Wood Wall Desk Ideas

Single Piece of Wood Wall Desk Ideas

Do you need a simple but aesthetic desk in your space to work in?  This wall-mounted wooden desk works well.

This table is only made of one piece of wood. Although the material seems simple, its strength is enough due to the support of metal materials inside.

Furthermore, the wall desk above is a helper for a narrow room.  Then, put a big-screen laptop there, and you are ready to work.

Additionally, accentuate the desk with decorations like the flower vases next to the indoor plant.

8. L-Shape Corner Wall Desk

L-Shape Corner Wall Desk

Make use of the corner of your space so that it does not feel too empty. Here we feature the L-shape corner wall desk idea for a tiny room.  

Likewise, this table installation is a solution to a plain room. It is useful and not too overrated for a minimalist chamber.

Meanwhile, covered by cream wood color, it describes the calming sensation.  It is also quite sturdy that you can put heavy stuff like a laptop or indoor plant vases.

In addition, the other side of the table is a smart storage idea to keep the book collection. Make it more marvelous and eye-pleasing with the wall decoration.

9. Rounded Wall Desk Ideas

Rounded Wall Desk Ideas

Want to get rid of the boring rectangular wall desk?  This wall desk ideas can be a brilliant thing to have.

Made of light-colored wood and a semicircular design, it seems whimsical. Thereupon, this table can be used as a workspace or to put the decorative piece.

Further, you might apply the wall desk ideas in your room as a dressing table.  Do not forget to add a mirror to enhance a spacious look.

Again, looking at this wall desk gives us a comfortable feeling. Interestingly, it is affordable but also charming.

10. Organizable Wall Desk Ideas

Organizable Wall Desk Ideas

A tidy person will die to have this table! Not only being ergonomic, it can also store a lot of stuff so say goodbye to the messy things.

The middle space only fits one laptop, but you can still organize your things on the shelves on the right and left sides.

However, you do not need to worry about cable management for your electronic equipment.  

Also, at the bottom of the main table, you can arrange the cables, so there is no messy wall desk. It will give you a tidy and sleek impression!

In conclusion, homeowners should not upgrade the tiny room into a big one. The wall desk ideas are the budget-friendly solution to have! Let us install them at home and feel the magic.

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