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25 Wall Hanging Ideas To Take Over the Vertical Space

Some wall hanging things could save the space from being too plain. That is because those elements would bring a pop of soul to your vertical area.

Indeed, decorative items hanging on the wall would make any room stand out. Therefore, think creatively and artistically about what to put on there.

However, do not spend lots of money on wall hangings. With a few materials, you will be able to make them yourself.

Further, some people, especially beginners, would need a couple of guides or tutorials to succeed. In this article, we have gathered many DIY wall hanging ideas that you can make right away.

1. Romantic Wooden Stick Heart


The first one provides you with a romantic soul. The image of a heart formed by some dip-dyed sticks looks so beautiful.

Then, the gradation of red and white colors catches every attention possible.

Besides its romantic look, this shabby chic style also becomes the main scheme of this wall hanging design.

Furthermore, it is such a great idea to have this one in your next project. When Valentine’s day is coming, you will know what to do.

2. Vintage Macrame Curtain


This wall hanging comes in a curtain. The bohemian style that gives is so hypnotizing. Also, it has such a significant effect on the visual of your space.

Then, you could choose to hang it right above the door of your bedroom. This decoration looks great for the girl room. Besides, the vintage vibe will be a great welcome scene.

3. Wall Hanging Planters Macrame


To indulge some freshness into space, you will need to bring in some houseplants. However, they do not have to be large or massive. Just a little bit of greenery hanging from the walls.

Furthermore, it is such a simple idea that will make a good impact on the whole space. The combination of macrame and a plant holder is not something you often see in a house.

Likewise, it is a simple macrame curtain that transforms into a holder for little hanging plants.

4. Wall Hanging with Clam Seashell


If you are one of those beach people, you will have some of its elements inside your room. It is a pretty decoration that looks like some kind of dreamcatcher.

Wherefore, you can hang it on the bright white wall to highlight the texture and lush. Then, to maximize its design, try to set it above the window. So, the wind will blow and move it around.

Moreover, for a coastal theme of the interior, consider this item as a perfect addition to your space. You can even make it yourself with some ropes and a clam seashell.

5. String of Paper Leaves


It is such a minimal wall hanging decor that offers an attractive scene to the empty wall of yours.

However, creating this project is super easy. You only need a thin rope and some leaves from colored paper.

Next, this wall decor needs just a few cuttings, foldings, and tyings. With more creativity, you can make it more impressive than the original one.

Moreover, it is a simple addition to the bare vertical space inside the house. Also, to improve the festivity, make the strings longer, or create more of them.

6. Minimal Wall Hanging with Faux Plant


The faux greenery has a strong character that defines this decoration. Besides, it is a simple wall hanging that consists of a plastic rope and a stick.

The thin stick becomes the holder of the faux plant. Then, the pale color combination that comes from the orange rope and a light-brown stick offers a big highlight to the green element.

While hanging the decor item, it forms a triangular shape. This decoration delivers its special charm to the room.

7. Flowers and String Wall Hanging DIY


Take a look at this ingenious idea. The designer only uses the blooms to spread the romantic feeling differently.

With some macrame and a long twig, you can hang beautiful decor on your empty wall. Thus, it would make any room feel special.

The girl bedroom would be a lot better having this decoration. There are not bold colors involved in this idea, just soft but romantic decor.

8. Yarn Wrapped Tassel Wall Hanging


It is another type of wall decor with a bohemian style. Some colors come from the yarn. Also, they wrap some ropes to make a tassel.

With help from a thick natural twig, you can have a design with a perfect combination. This item offers a rustic style with some colors.

9. Round Flowers Wall Hanging for Bedroom


The round base provides a beautiful shape to let the flowers shine. It is a nice DIY wall hanging idea to add a fancy touch to any space.

A minimal amount of flowers and leaves are enough to give a sweet taste visually. Hence, hang this round accent detail on the bedroom wall. Then, feel the atmosphere.

10. Simple Wall Hanging Shelves


Small planks and ropes are two materials to create these adorable wall decor. Thus, prepare them to begin the project.

Firstly, make some holes on the plank to create a way for the rope to hang flat. Then, hammer a nail on the wall.

The last, hang it on. Make sure you get the right length for the rope to form a triangular shape.

11. Canvas Floral Artwork Wall Hanging


This accent detail contains an artistic graphic that would catch your eyes. So, hang the decor on the wall where the guests can see it such as the living room or dining space.

The reclaimed wood material used for the frame secures the impression. So, people would focus on enjoying the beauty of the floral graphic in this wall hanging art.

12. Colorful Pom Poms with String


It is another wall hanging idea with strings. Use some yarns and a stick to display your colorful pom poms on the vertical space.

Furthermore, pom-poms are great decoration since they offer a cheerful charm. Besides, easy steps are helpful. The majority of materials to make this craft is the yarn.

So, gather all your colored yarns and get ready to be crafty.

13. Colorful Strings Full of Hearts


This one has a similar concept to the previous one. Instead of pom-poms, this wall decor has paper hearts.

This craft requires lots of heart-shaped papers. Thereupon, the decoration will be a fun DIY project if you do it with friends or kids. They will enjoy making the elements.

After finishing the hearts, get ready to connect all of them with the strings. Just like you see in the picture, it would become such a lovely wall hanging for your vertical space.

14. Decorative Macrame on the Wall

The design of this Macrame decor is quite similar to the one with curtain form. Well, this one is something else.

Accordingly, hanging this item on the wall should be on your decoration list. A bohemian decoration will not be giving a significant change.

However, it does define the character that you want to set around.

15. No-Weave Wall Hanging with Canvas and Macrame


If you are dealing with an interior that handles its minimalism well, this one will be a consideration as the decoration to hang. Also, the white and sleek color offers a nice additional charm.

Further, the color and texture will be a great feature that will not disturb the simplicity and minimalism of this concept.

16. Random Ribbon Wall Hanging


Gather all of the ribbons you have. Maybe, there are some leftovers from the last birthday or Christmas boxes. Then, they would form a colorful wall decor.

In the picture, you can see that the ribbons come with a similar hue. They look more elegant and neat. However, The item still guarantees a decorative scene on the wall.

Moreover, with a long stick and a thin rope, you can make a nice and impressive-looking decoration with a blink of an eye.

17. Draped String Wall Hanging


Macrame seems to be a perfect material to make decor with a bohemian vibe. Also, this concept is easy to make. Therefore, beginners can create it in their first DIY project.

Likewise, this string wall is from a perfect arrangement of some colorful macrame. The contrast combination performs a magnificent blend of colors on the wall.

Additionally, there are various ways to design this concept. To add a soft but colorful character on your wall, copy this attractive idea.

18. Moon Phase Wall Hanging Idea


It is a smart idea to reminiscent of the moon phase on your interior wall. Hence, this design makes a valuable and meaningful decor element for the house.

Instead of using a plain color, this decoration comes with a different style. On the moon phase decor, you can see a bit of accent on some parts. Also, that style creates a livelihood to make it real.

It is better to have this design right on a sleek white background wall. Furthermore, you can let some traditional collections under the decor.

19. Squares Wall Hanging


Even though these wall accent details have different shapes, the concept looks the same as the triangular one. As you see, the plastic rope forms a similar triangle.

It hangs the square-shaped shelf that looks like a wall hanging frame for your decorative items. Also, there are three decorations in various sizes. Each space displays its special collection.

20. Modern Art Copy Fabric Wall Hanging


The artistic method of layering the colorful fabric creates an astonishing scene on the wall. However, if you do not have a taste in art, you cannot come up with this idea.

Indeed, this could be a nice example that you can take and copy. Look at the distinctive colors of fabric used in one wall hanging.

Further, have a look at how the designer cut each fabric. You can mix and match other colors and make an even better colorful artwork from cloth.

21. Dreamy Wall Hanging


This decor is such a beautiful accent detail to have on the wall. It would strengthen the vintage and romantic vibe inside your room.

Probably, it will take more than a day to make this DIY wall hanging idea. You will need time to design the ropes and tying each of them.

Accordingly, the faux flower decoration covers the wooden base. It improves the value of wall decor.

22. Round Mirror with Tassel


Combining the function and decoration will get any better. This one is a simple but smart idea you need to have.

The function of a mirror is always necessary, especially in a bedroom. To complete the room element, hang this item on the wall.

Furthermore, by using this round frameless mirror, you do not need to add any other decorative elements. This single item is enough to impress yourself with its eye-catching tassel.

23. Hanging Greenery Leaves Upside Down


Instead of making your tassel from ribbons, ropes, or macrame, you can take certain leaves. For example, this one uses a Tillandsia plant.

It is an air plant that can thrive without water for a longer time. Thus, you can still have a fresh and lively decoration without being worried about daily watering.

This natural decoration is quite simple. However, you should get more information about this Tillandsia and other similar plants to make a better wall hanging greenery decor.

24. Photo Gallery Wall Hanging


Instead of having all of the previous string ideas, have your photos as part of the decorative wall hanging. It makes the decor more personal.

So, gather all the photos that you are going to display. Stick them to the rope and hang them just like the previous wall hanging ideas. Ensure that they are in contrast color with the background.

Additionally, this one has a bright white wall color to accommodate the black-colored decoration.

25. Tribal Feather Wall Hanging Desk


To incorporate a tradition into your design concept, you can add a small touch. For instance, this feather wall hanging will not take over a lot of vertical space.

This simple tribal feather decoration can be a good addition to the space above the working station. It is such a perfect item for you who just love to embrace the local tradition.

The brown, black, and white color combination is as meaningful as it looks. Wherefore, the neutral scheme will be enjoyable to the eyes.


Above all, there are 25 wall hanging ideas that are ready to take as inspiration for your next project. So, prepare all the materials and start it right away.

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