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17 Eye-catching Wall Key Holder Models for Your Entrance

Wall key holder is one of the essential elements that you must have in your entryway. With this item, you can ensure that all your locking stuff is neatly stored and easy to find.

Apart from the usage, it is better to think about its aesthetics aspect. Therefore, you can simultaneously get a functional and attractive entryway view.

Further, in this article, you will find the various recommended rustic style to modern key holders for wall that you can have at home.

1. Rustic Whitewashed Key Hook with Family Name

Rustic Whitewashed Key Hook with Family Name

To have an item like above, you can order directly from the store that provides customized wall key holder services.

Meanwhile, to save more on your expenses, you can make your own with a whitewashed cut panel board, then start handwriting with acrylic paint.

Then, you can fill your decorative key holder for wall with a family name, sign, or some quotation according to your wishes. Furthermore, make sure to attach the hooks well apart.

2. Farmhouse Keychain Holder with Wallet Keeper

Farmhouse Keychain Holder with Wallet Keeper

This farmhouse style gives you an attractive and multifunctional wall key holder at once. Besides, it is useful for hanging your key chains neatly.

Also, you might put mails, a wallet, and even a flower vase in the storage section above.

3. Deer Horn Key Hook

Deer Horn Key Hook

Are you looking for a cast iron key hanger with animal horns? Then, this deer antler style will take your entryway to a more natural atmosphere. Also, it becomes a unique Key holder for wall.

Additionally, with twelve horn hangers, you can keep many other accessories besides keys near your door.

4. Key Storage with Welcoming Sign

Key Storage with Welcoming Sign

Impressing your guests from the moment they enter your entryway is easy. Thus, one of them is by pairing the wall key holder with a welcome greeting like this.

However, there are only two hooks in this holder. So, you need to install the others in a row with different quotes on each board.

5. Personalized Wall Key Hook with Coordinates

Personalized Wall Key Hook with Coordinates

Providing the coordinates to the personalized wall key holder is a creative idea for homeowners who live in a new home. 

Besides giving a welcoming sign on the top, you can replace it with the couple’s name as their wedding gift.

6. Horseshoe Key Rack

Horseshoe Key Rack

This horseshoe shape is perfect for those who are looking for a unique small key holder for wall.

Despite its eye-catching shape, many people believe that putting a horseshoe at the door will bring great fortune. So, I wish you good luck!

7. Amp Key Storage

Amp Key Storage

None prevents you from making your entryway a spot to express your hobby. On the contrary, guests will immediately recognize and appreciate what is your favorite.

Likewise, do this by installing the guitar amp-shaped wall key holder as above if you like music. Meanwhile, create another form in a piano or violin shape.

8. Cast Iron Wall Key Holder

Cast Iron Wall Key Holder

Cast iron wall key holder is a very suitable item to have in your farmhouse style home. Especially if you add yellow chalk paint like this.

Moreover, your dwelling will soon look more beautiful and pleasant to anyone.

9. Rustic Key Holder with Mail Organizer

Rustic Key Holder with Mail Organizer

A wall key holder with a mail organizer from solid wood is a stunning focal point for your rustic home.

Instead of painting, leaving it in the wood’s natural texture will make the rural feel even more vital. Again, the additional flowers in the white Mason jar will add a sweet touch to the decor.

10. Wall Key Holder with Monogram

Wall Key Holder with Monogram

Customized monogram design on wall key holder has become increasingly popular these days. Apart from personal use, you can also utilize this item as a wedding gift.

In addition, by combining the warmth of beige and gold hues, it makes your entryway look elegant.

11. Modern Key Hook with Mail Storage

Modern Key Hook with Mail Storage

For those of you who have a minimalist house, this modern entryway key holder will be very suitable to install.

M white color with stacked mail storage and some nickel hooks at the bottom make your home look cleaner and more spacious than before.

12. White Wall Key Holder with Shelf

White Wall Key Holder with Shelf

Again, the modern style comes with a white key holder with a shelf. You can ensure that this item’s good arrangement will not be cluttered and more comfortable to find through its parallelogram shape.

13. Gun Style Key Hook

Gun Style Key Hook

Do not worry! It is not a real weapon. The hook is a key keeper of a cast iron in the shape of a gun.

At the first glance, when your guest enters the entryway, they may be a little surprised. However, you can work around this by repainting it with bright colors to make it look more adorable.

14. Chalkboard Key Organizer with Storages

Chalkboard Key Organizer with Storages

The more multifunctional your keyholder is, the more attractive and more comfortable it will be for you to find everything in one area. 

Therefore, you can use this storage to store gadgets, decorative ornaments, and mails.

Meanwhile, fill the chalkboard in this object with all the essential things, such as some meeting schedules, reminder notes, or motivational quotes that will give you the enthusiasm to go through the day.

15. Lego Key Holder

Lego Key Holder

Installing a lego-shaped key and mail storage will make your modern entry hall look fun and colorful. This key keeper is suitable for those of you who have painted white, cream, and gray walls.

16. White Key Cabinet

White Key Cabinet

If you do not want to display your key chains, choosing to have a cabinet in your entryway is the best idea.

Thereupon, by giving a white color and some carving accents, your key storage now will look sweet and elegant at once.

17. Key and Sunglasses Hanger

Key and Sunglasses Hanger

Considering having a key holder that also has a sunglasses hanger is necessary. It is not only about the aesthetical aspect, but also the easiness to find them, especially in the summertime.

As an alternative to the hook, try to install some magnets in the back of your board. Wherefore, your keys will stay neatly attached there.

That is all about the exciting wall key holder ideas that can keep your keychains from losing. Now, it is time for you to install it immediately!

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