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13 Wall Mural Ideas and Design for Many Purposes

Wall mural ideas are an easy way to beautify the corner of the room. Instead of looking plain and ordinary, the walls of your room will look festive with paintings, patterns, and colors.

The concept of mural is the same as painting, but not on canvas. The work is carried out on a broad and permanent medium, which can be on walls, floors, and others.

This type of painting is also quite popular in the world of architecture. You can devote emotions, stories, and creations to produce the best artwork. The following is an example of this implementation:

1. Wall Mural Ideas for Teenage

It is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Therefore, teenagers tend to try to find an identity. One way is to analyze and follow whatever is popular among them.

For this age, suitable designs are generally more minimalist and reflect the talents and interests of the space owner. But of course, the wall mural ideas for girls and boys cannot be the same.

Girls generally like pastel colors like pink and more modest images. Meanwhile, boys usually choose simpler murals with some bolder colors.

2. Cute Designs for Kids

Unlike teenagers, kids are still in the process of knowing many things. As they are eager to know everything, something like cute and colorful pictures will satisfy curiosity.

The wall mural ideas that work for them are cartoon pictures, simple paintings, and anything that contains lots of bright colors. It would be better if the images could help the learning process.

You can display animal pictures or landscapes that can attract the attention of the kids. You can also invite the kids to make their mural.

3. Beautiful Nursery Room

You can also beautify your baby’s room with the appropriate wall mural ideas. For this purpose, images with bright colors are the best choice for a peaceful nuance.

4. Wall Mural Ideas for Schools

School is identical to learning. Therefore, the applied wall ideas must also be able to attract attention and support the student learning process.

However, the type of mural required is different for each level of education. At an early age and elementary school, you are better off placing a cartoon image or a bright color.

For the high school level, the appropriate images are generally simple and show the characteristics of teenagers. You can also add words of wisdom to make students enthusiastic about learning.

5. Wall Mural Ideas for Office

Wall mural art is also applicable in the office area that is full of adults. It has recently become increasingly popular and implemented by many companies.

Of course, the images displayed must support the working climate. The mural that is displayed must also evoke the spirit of the office residents.

Recommendations for this area include images of successful people, as well as words of wisdom that inspire. However, also consider the design so that it is not too childish.

6. Art is My Everything

For artists, murals can be a medium to express them. They will treat the walls like canvas. Hence, their work might come as quite a surprise. Some people even display abstract, realist, naturalist paintings, and so on. Of course, only people with an artistic soul can create and enjoy it.

7. 3D Wall Murals

Another fun way to enjoy room decor is by displaying a 3D wall mural. Looking at a painting that looks real will provide its pleasure.

But to get this view, you certainly have to use the services of a painter who is an expert. Another option is to install wallpaper with three-dimensional paintings.

8. Wall Mural Ideas for Living Room

The arrangement of the living room must make anyone comfortable there. Besides using beautiful furniture, another way to beautify it is to use a mural.

Display beautiful paintings that will impress anyone. One recommendation that can be applied is natural scenery that makes anyone comfortable.

Showing natural scenery will make the room feel more beautiful. This method can also be applied to closed spaces to make it feel more relieved.

9. Wall Mural Ideas for Dining Room

The mural must indeed match the space used. For the dining room, of course, you have to put an image related to the dining atmosphere.

The decoration you choose should contain bright colors because it will arouse your appetite. Besides that, you can also insert food pictures there.

Some dining rooms also feature murals showing the cooking process. A few sentences about food can also be an option.

10. You Can Even Beautify the Bathroom

This room generally doesn’t get enough attention. In fact, you can even beautify your bathroom with paintings on the walls.

Water themed pictures will generally look beautiful in a bathroom. Bright colors will be a mood booster as long as you are active in it.

11. Wall Mural Ideas for Bedroom

The condition of the bed is a reflection of the occupants. The mural in it will depend on the character, talents, and interests of the owner.

To suit your taste, it’s a good idea to apply DIY wall mural ideas for bedroom DIY. You can put up wallpaper, paintings, or just doodle that can pour out your heart and mind.

12. How to Apply Wall Mural Ideas Outside

Good news for you, this painting art can not only be applied in the room. Currently, outdoor garden wall murals ideas are also popular and in great demand.

You can place it on the wall outside the room. If placed in the garden, a suitable image is related to the natural scenery that matches the plants there.

However, you also have to consider the materials used. Because it is outdoors, choose materials that can withstand heat and rain.

13. Peel and Stick

Although most people think of murals as part of art, there are easy ways to enjoy them on the walls. The trick is to use removable wall murals.

Hand-painting will take a long time. Thus, we cannot enjoy it immediately. It’s different if you use wallpaper that can be installed and removed at will.

You can use those wall mural ideas as a guideline before applying them to various rooms. Apart from those mentioned in the reviews above, there may be other designs that are no less interesting.

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