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11 Wall Shoe Rack Ideas for Best Shoes Organizing

If you are trying to figure out how to get rid of clutter your footwear make without taking too much space on the floor, the wall shoe rack will do the job undoubtedly.

Some ideas probably are crossing on your mind at the moment, but hold on a second. Shoes are not included in decorative items for the home. An improper organization might make the room look awkward.

Therefore, let’s take a look at these unique collections of shoe rack ideas for the best shoe organization to find out what design suits your family’s footwear.

1. DIY Built-In Wall Shoe Rack

The combination of iron pipes and wooden boards creates the best wall shoe rack that can hold all your shoes.

It is attached right on to the wall, so you don’t need much space. Even more, this idea is easy to be done.

You only need pipes, elbows, wood boards, and some screws then assemble them into any design you want. Just make sure it is enough to store the family’s footwear.

If you do not have any wood boards, use plywood instead. Consider using thick ones and strong enough to sustain the weight of your shoe collection.

2. Repurposing Pallet Wood

Get a new wall shoe rack in a few seconds with pallet wood! There are no tools needed and if you already have the pallet at home, this idea will cost you nothing.

All you have to do is to place the pallet against the wall. It can be either indoor or outdoor.

The space between the slats will be a perfect place to store every pair of shoes and heels you have. This is such a great and quick idea for an instant shoe rack.

3. DIY Colorful Crates for Shoe Storage

Get yourself plenty of shoe storage by repurposing empty wooden crates. If you don’t have any, go to a local store and purchase some.

Grab some different colors of paint then color them. Once they’re dried, hang them randomly on the wall. This way will give you more storage over the crates.

However, if you prefer an easy way, just stuck them up together on the floor and voila! A perfect wall shoe rack is ready to store all of your shoes.

4. Peg Rail Rack in the Entryway

Peg rail has been renowned for its capability to store and organize tools, accessories, and other things including shoes.

With some wood board and pegs, make your own as many as you need. The rack is attached directly onto the wall, so there is only very little space taken.

You can place it near the door for an entryway shoe organizer, hang them in a kid’s closet, or put it everywhere on the wall.

This is a clever notion to keep the family’s footwear well organized.

5. DIY Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

Don’t hide your gorgeous heels in the closet and only show them up when you use them. They deserve more than that.

This DIY wall-mounted shoe rack made of crown molding is a genius trick to organize a bunch of heels in a display.

It is mounted low on the wall, so don’t worry about space. You can even place them close to the ceiling to save more wall space for other purposes.

Besides making the heels easy to see, it also will give a wonderful accent to your wall.

6. Shoe Storage Under the Bench

If you are struggling to keep your balance while putting shoes on, consider having a bench with shoe rack under it.

It is quite easy to DIY, but modifying the existed one will save more time and energy. You will need some wood and nails to make the shoe storage.

Once you’ve done with that, place the bench wherever needed. It can be either in the entryway or in the bedroom. The same trick will also work for a table anyway.

7. Ladder Shoe Rack

Did you realize that the ladder, which helps us to reach high things, can turn into a great wall shoe rack?

It gives some storage to display several pair of heels, so you can easily find and grab the heels you want.

8. Quick Shoe Rack with Tension Rod

If you have some space in the corner, why don’t you make it a home for shoes? Using some bar of tension rods, build a quick and easy wall shoe rack.

All you need to do is to hang them a few centimeters close to the wall then put the shoes over it.

The shoes won’t fall because with the right measurement, they will fit perfectly between the tension rod and the wall. This shoe rack idea is also great for the closet.

9. DIY PVC Pipe Shoe Storage

Add some fun to your bedroom wall with this colorful PVC shoe rack! By looking at it, you will know that this idea is worth trying. It’s also similar to the DIY wall-mounted shoe rack above. What makes it different is the material.

First, you have to choose a large size of PVC pipes and cut them at the same length as your shoes.

Next, paint the cuts in some colors then stuck together on the wall using pipe glue or rope, so they will not move.

10. Floating Shoe Rack

The space near the door often gets cluttered with the family’s footwear. Thus, having floating shoe racks is a great idea to keep all shoes and slippers in place.

This kind of wall shoe rack won’t take up a lot of space and more importantly, you can create it yourself using wood boards.

It looks simple and gives a sense of minimalist to your home. It also doesn’t take some significant space either.

11. The Utilize of Cardboard

If you need temporary storage for your shoes, opt for empty cardboard boxes. It is low-cost and a good idea to recycle the waste.

However, its durability depends on the thickness of the material used. You can cut and make it in any size and shape or just simply stuck the box on top of each other.

For a more beautiful look, do a little work to cover them with gift wraps. Those are our 11 Wall Shoe Rack ideas for the best shoe organization we have gotten for you. They are pretty good to execute, especially if you are not keen on hardworking.

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