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17 Most Beautiful Wall Vase Ideas to Liven Up Your Home Decor

Thanks to their versatility, a hanging wall vase and planter is getting more popular nowadays. You can hang it around the house to display a stylish interior decoration.

Besides, a hanging planter will work great in conference rooms and offices too since its color can liven up a lifeless corporate environment. As long as there is a wall, you can hang plants on it!

Hanging Wall Vases and Planters to Spruce up Your Space

If it is your first time to deal with a hanging wall vase, you should get started by knowing several factors to consider before applying such decor.

To grow petunias and poppies, keep in mind that they require much attention. As a result, these plants suit the kitchen better.

For a bedroom, you can take a bamboo plant into account as it can be hung and left to grow by itself.

Moreover, planters come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You should choose among tubes, vases, buckets, boxes, pots, as well as jars.

When it comes to sizes, make sure that your home construction can accommodate the wall vase.

Where you put the planter plays an important factor as well, especially if children and pets are around. In case you need some examples, feel free to take inspiration from the hanging wall vases listed below.

1. Welcoming Blooming Flowers

Featuring three different colors of flowers, this hanging planter provides a triple dose of both elegance and hospitality. You can complement the blooming flowers with a hand-painted sign that can put a smile on your guests’ faces.

2. Woven Rustic Basket

Add some vintage, country touch to your home with this rustic woven basket. Complete it with either a real or faux plant that has slender branches for the best.

In case the real one is your ultimate choice, consider concealing the soil inside of a petite pot that fits under the lip of the woven basket.

3. Flower Buckets Set in Rustic Style

This wall vase brings a little piece of the garden into your indoor space. The colorful blooms are arranged like such premium bouquets yet they are in metal buckets.

4. Recycled Shutter Planter with Farmhouse Charm

Cancel your plan to throw away those antique farmhouse shutters and transform them into a beautiful piece of decor in the home.

Simply attach some planters to the wood and you will get a decoration with both rustic and authentic charm.

5. Pretty Hanging Herb Garden

Make your parsley, thyme, rosemary, and sage more effortless to grab by growing them in a series of hanging herb garden.

Get some pretty wooden boxes and fill them with soil as well as seeds. Then, hang the containers on your kitchen or pantry wall.

6. Vertical Wood Pallet Planter

Take advantage of any leftover pallets from your previous home improvement project for creating a vertical wall vase and planter.

You just need to secure the flower pots on the pallet and get them decorated or painted if needed.

7. Upcycled Old Buckets and Wooden Pallets

Turn your old paint buckets into eye-catching wall vases decor by adorning them with fresh, vibrant colors.

For instance, you can smooth over the buckets with chrome paint or add other new colors. After that, hang the planters on a wooden pallet after getting them filled with plants.

8. Lively Terracotta Pots

Bring classic charm and a pop of color to your neutral white room with these simple terracotta pots. You can grow anything from beautiful orchids to unique cacti.

To keep the style, take the small flowerpots and let them be a cute adornment on your wall. Use a floating shelf to support the pots securely.

9. Modern Wall Planter with Geometric Design

Geometric wire screens allow you to cover that wide, empty wall that deserves the best adornment.

Use the wire screens to hang bright flowerpots of your color choice. While it seems simple, the final result can give a fashionably minimalist aesthetic.

10. Hanging Planter with a Thread

Instead of hanging the wooden planter boxes on hooks only, you can arrange them in a straight line for total efficiency.

Aside from flowers or plants, the boxes will be great to store linens or other kitchen essentials. This way, they can be a multipurpose planter for functionality and decoration.

11. Little Bubble Planters for an Affordable Project

This adorable wall vase is suitable in all styles of home and office designs. You just need to hang the bubbles and fill them with soil mix.

One of the good things about this hanging vase is that it will fit into your budget and walls.

12. Wooden Hexagon Planters

These lovable wooden hexagon planters feature colorful blossoms that pop against the natural brown color of the wood.

Try growing hanging vines since they can be artfully organized to overflow from the lip of the planters.

13. Cool Transparent Wall Vase

Do you hesitate to hang wall planters since there is no much space for them? Using this transparent tube planter can be the solution.

With narrowly vertical hip, it suggests style instead of limited space. No one will realize that you go for space-saving décor here.

14. A Bunch of Small Tube Planters

Different from the previous idea, this wall vase for flowers can only accommodate a single stem. Thus, you can hang a bunch of small tubes together.

Use your creativity to arrange them on the wall and you will get a colorful yet elegant decoration in no time.

15. Rural Wall Planter Decor

Instead of something metal or modern, these planters employ wooden planks and tree stumps to achieve the warmth of rustic decoration. Pick the plants that have a desert tundra vibe to keep the balance of the decor.

16. Minimalist Wall Shelves with Life Plants

Unadorned by anything but white coating, these hexagonal wall shelves offer a simple home for the planters as well as the life plants.

You can get a colorful, eye-catching planter rather than the white one to liven up the minimalist style.

17. Hanging Glass Wall Planter

Even though working with glass materials can be tricky in this crafting project, the final result will be typically rewarding.

This hanging glass planter makes a good example as it offers a charming addition to any home décor.

Finally, you can now try one of the wall vase ideas from the above list. Since there is no wrong or right choice here, feel free to choose your favorite!

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