Wallpaper Tools to Help Your Work

Choosing the right wallpaper tools will help your work easier when installing them on your wall. There are many kinds of equipment available but not all are needed.

Wallpaper was very popular in early 2000 because it is one of the ways to make your house look pretty in an easy way. However, if they are not installed right, they will fall off easily.

Normally, people need years to learn the techniques on sticking wallpapers on to the wall. However, these days, installing them has become easier with the right tools.

1. Wallpaper Tools & Supplies


If you want your walls to look neat, then make sure to have the right wallpaper tools & supplies. Here is some equipment you will need to help your work.

Removable Wallpaper Tool


One of the main issues that people usually face is removing the old wallpaper from the wall. Usually, there is always something sticking on that makes it hard to be clean.

Therefore, to help you remove every piece of wallpaper on the wall, use a scoring tool that has stainless steel teeth.

The scrolling tool will help remove every little piece of wallpaper hanging including the residue. Even though the teeth are sharp, they will not damage your walls.

Thus, you do not need a professional helper to clean and get rid of your wallpaper. By using the right wallpaper tools, people can get clean and ready to use the wall. 

Wallpaper Shaver


If you are having a hard time getting rid of the residues, then one of the best wallpaper tools to use is the wallpaper shaver. It has the same function, however different shape. 

The shape of this tool is like a normal shave. It is long with a holder and on the edge of it is a blade to remove the residue. It is made with a wide design to make the coverage larger. 

The concept of this tool is just like a normal shaver. All you need to do is shave or brush through the walls. You can also use a special chemical to help remove the residues. 

Wall Covering Knife


One of the wallpaper installations tools that you will need is a wall-covering knife. This equipment will help you advantage and control the paper to stick precisely and neatly on your wall.

However, do not imagine the shape of this tool is like a normal knife because it is different. There is a handle on and on the other side is a razor blade from the metal frame.

Thus, when you start sticking them on the wall, you can use the knife to trim them on the wall. Therefore, there are no bubbles or folds on the inside.

When you have reached the bottom, you can cut slowly the bottom part of the wallpaper using the blade on the edge. However, you will need another wallpaper-cutting tool to cut it off.

Wall Covering Tray


The next wallpaper installation tool that is important to have is the wall-covering tray. Just like its name, it is like a container that you can use to contain the glue of the wallpaper.

However, if you are not using glue, then it can also be used to hold hanging wallpapers. Thus, the paper that does not yet stick should be placed inside the tray.

This will prevent your wallpaper from standing in your way, so it is not damaged or ripped when you stick them on. So, have at least two of these to help your work.

Rolling Tool


For a better result, one of the professional wallpaper tools you should use is the rolling tool. The edge of this tool is a wood that can roll back and forth to

This tool will help the wallpaper to stick more neatly on the wall without any bumps. It can also make sure that it applies stronger and does not fall off.

It is best to have more than one person when applying the wallpaper to the wall, so one person is responsible to stick it on, while the other uses this stick to roll the paper.

Smoothing Brush


The next wallpaper tools that eliminate wrinkles and bubbles are the smoothing brush. The shape is just the same as the normal ones and fits perfectly on your hand. 

So, after sticking on the wallpaper on to the wall, brush it using this tool. Do not give too much pressure, just enough to roll down the bubbles and wrinkles down. 

If you push it too hard, it will damage the wallpaper but if you do it too soft, it will make no change. So, pay attention to the wrinkles while doing it. 

2. How to Put up Your Wallpaper


After having the right wallpaper tools, the next important thing is to know the right techniques. Because having complete equipment is useless without the right knowledge. 

The first thing you should check is the condition of the wall. Make sure it is clean from any kind of problems such as damps, nails, or any other residue. 

If you have a current wallpaper hanging, then use a scrolling tool and shaver to clean all the parts off. Make sure all the residues are peeled off too. 

Next, measure the length of your wall and cut the wallpaper. Add around 20cm of the bottom part, just to make sure, if anything happens on the top part. 

Then stick the glue on the wall but adjust it with the width and length of your wallpaper too. Hang the paper from the edge of the wall and straighten it to the middle part. 

Roll it down slowly and make sure it is straight. Use a knife to help it stick well neatly. It is best to do this work with another person to help you get the best results. 

Before continuing, brush the wallpaper so that there are no bubbles and wrinkles. Then continue using the same steps as before. 

Use additional wallpaper tools to help you apply them neatly on your wall. Also, read the instructions on the package to get the best results. 

Thus, by using the best wallpaper tools and knowing the right technique, you can get the best results. Moreover, it is best to do this work with the help of another person, so you can get a neat wall. 

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