How to Do Weed Whacking by Yourself

Weed whacking is the process of cleaning the garden from various disturbing plants. As we all know, thriving grass in the yard can disturb the view because it makes the house look dirty and gloomy.

The unwanted weeds will also be a competitor for the living things we plant in the yard. Their growth is less than perfect because they have to fight over nutrition with the intruders.

Not to mention, that these grasses can also become a den for dangerous animals.

Apart from the reasons above, people also do weed whacking to beautify the garden. With a little touch of art, you can turn those unwanted grasses into a beautiful lawn where you spend a lot of time.

DIY Weed Whacking


Despite its urgency, not everyone can do this job on his or her own. For various reasons, most choose to call a weed whacking service that can provide a complete cleaning duty.

Nevertheless, you also need to know that it is also not without risks.

Any wrong treatment might have an impact on your lawn. Besides, you may have to pay a lot for something easy to do. Hence, for the sake of your goodness, why not try to do it yourself.

It is not hard to do but takes patience and persistence. All you need to do is learn a little about weed control, then spend time cleaning up the weed piles that threaten your garden.

Weed Whacking Equipment


Before going to the field, you need to know a few things about weed care and all the necessary equipment.

So that you do not bother doing this job, there is several recommended equipment, according to Green Groundswell. Here are some of them:

The Weed Whackers


Equipment is the key. You can do it yourself manually with a sharp object, weed eater, or anything else possible. Nevertheless, electric weed whacker will be much more effective.

There are several choices, ranging from those that use electricity, use batteries, to use solar power.

Extension Cords


If you use an electric device, then you will need electrical power. Therefore, provide enough extension cords to explore the entire garden.

Generally, the standard length used for weed whacking is approximately 100 inches.



Electrical tools cannot always solve all problems. In the end, you still have to do some work manually. For example, a shovel is better used to remove thistles from your garden.

Besides, some plants that a weed whacker may not be able to treat.

Plastic Tub


You probably would not want to hit some plants with a tool. Therefore, you also need special tools.

On the Green Groundswell page, the author uses a plastic tub that helps pick up and place tree branches, pine cones, and various other things.

You should prepare those tools before starting the weed whacking by yourself. Again, the list is not standard. You can add or subtract it according to your needs and availability at home.

Protecting Yourself during Weed Whacking


Because we are dealing directly with nature, weed whacking can be quite a risky activity. The sharpness of the leaves and the heat of the sun could be threatening at any moment.

Not to mention, that you have to deal with various kinds of insects and other dangerous animals.

To prevent unwanted things, you have to protect yourself well. Wear adequate equipment to minimize threats that may come.

The following are some of the standard outfits you must wear while doing weed whacking.

Long clothes


Even if the weather is hot, your skin must be protected. You never know what danger lurks behind the grass. Using long clothes can at least minimize the risk of contact with various threats.


Use quality boots to ensure your safety

The feet must be tightly closed to avoid bites or attacks by dangerous animals. Besides, it is useful to prevent blisters. Use quality boots to ensure your safety.


safety sock

Even if you wear shoes, there is still a chance that animals or dirt will get into the shoes. Therefore, provide another layer of protection by wearing socks. Choose one that does not make you feel hot.



Not just for fashion, wearing hats can protect you from sunburn that threatens your hair and skin.

Eye Protection


During weed whacking, your eyes must stay protected. Flying dust can be annoying. Not to mention the sunburn that can interfere with vision.

Ear protector


The weed whacking machine you use may damage hearing. We recommend using earplugs to reduce annoying noise.

Face mask


Apart from wearing a hat, do not forget to wear a mask to protect your face.

In addition to preventing dust from entering the breath, using this object will also reduce direct face contact with the dangers that may arise.



Again, it is not advisable to come into direct contact with the grass because you do not know what danger lies behind it. Always wear gloves to reduce direct contact.

Choose materials and designs that are comfortable to your taste.

The use of protectors above is necessary to avoid unwanted things. However, do not forget to keep choosing clothes that are comfortable and can absorb sweat.

Remember to change your clothes immediately after finishing your work.

How to Get Rid of Weeds


After all the equipment is ready and you have put on your armor, it is time to work. Operate the weed whacker and start eliminating unnecessary plants in your garden.

Walk around evenly to make sure that all the parts are clean.

Stop using electric tools for a while if you find plants that need manual treatment. Use weed-killer if necessary.

However, the use of any herbicide is not recommended because it will kill many other organisms in the vicinity.

Unfortunately, some service companies seem to ignore this. For the sake of time efficiency, many use Weed and Feed products to eradicate grass in the yard.

It can be done but with all careful calculations so as not to cause effects.

That is a little explanation about weed whacking. Although tiring, this activity will provide many benefits for your garden.

Not only cleaning, but you can also decorate the yard to make it look as attractive as possible. If DIY is possible, why spend a lot of money on a service call?

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