White Glue Alternative Uses: 11 Shocking Tips You Can Do

White glue is one of the various selections of fusing adhesives and nonwoven tapes in twirled design. This glue is known for its lots of functionality. It starts from the stiff to the flexible one.

You can use the glue for any projects including furniture and leather as well as fabric. It is easy to find it like a fabric and sewing store or a home-depot. It is not only durable but also can fasten permanently.

There are some types of white glue. That’s why it is important to get the right product based on the project you are working on. The ability of the glue can be heavyweight to lightweight bonding.

We suggest you read the glue’s label first especially when you want to find out whether it is safe for dry or washing cleaning. So, here are 11 white glue alternative uses for your project.

Retouch Your Unique Stuff at Home with White Glue

White glue formula is useful to give a beautiful finish to your piece of furniture, a cover of box tissue, or a picture frame. It will transform them into an antique, vintage look.

First, color the thing with a craft paint acrylic coat. Then, give time to dry. After that, use the glue to polish the paint. Next, use another contrasting color for the next coat as the glue is still wet.

When the thing dries, you can see some cracks on the painted surface. It shows the ground color. The finishing look is beautifully classic. Wait until the thing is dry completely.

The last step is to make the sealer using another coat. Isn’t it pretty?

Fix Holes using White Glue Formula

If your screw is loose but you want to avoid creating another hole in your wall, this glue formula will help you out. What you need is a cotton ball.

Before you stuff the cotton ball into the hole, immerse the cotton’s wad using the white glue. Cover the hole with the screw by drilling it and the cotton ball will anchor the screw strongly.

24 hours is the recommended duration to leave the cotton ball to be hardened.

Bring Back the Childhood Memory

Some kids used to apply glue on their fingers and peeling it off. Then, why don’t you bring that memory back again? Just a thin glue layer is all you need!

Apply that layer just a tiny bit over the skin. Give some time for it to dry. The splinter will come out once you peel it off.

Fix the Shaky Furniture

The formula within this type of glue is extremely strong. You can use that to fix old wood furniture.

Your wobbly table leg or chair can be steady again once you do a quick repair with the glue. First, turn the piece of furniture on its side gently. Then, see any small gaps by pulling it on.

Take enough glue and apply it over the leg. Make sure the glue perfectly fills in the areas. Before you set it upright, hold the leg back strongly.

Have a Cheap Decoupage Project

Do you want to have a cheap and easy decoupage medium? Mixing one small cup of water with three teaspoons of white glue in a cup will be the right magic formula.

To set the mixture to your picked surface, you can use your sponge brush. Don’t forget to smoothen out air bubbles if there is any.

Before you seal the surface with the last coat, brush some extra layers on as needed. Now, you don’t need to buy expensive decoupage boxes or drawers in a store.

Strengthen Your Furniture

White glue can help you to strengthen your furniture. The example is for particleboard furniture. It is not only prone to flaking but also chipping.

Apply a layer of the glue to the area to seal tiny cuts or chips. Use a chunk of plastic wrap to smoothen it out. This is to exempt any residues.

If you want to, you can create the same color as the neighboring section for the repair by using a permanent marker. Use an equal mixture of water and glue for raw chipboard or particleboard.

That mixture works as a sealer before you cut it. Isn’t the process easy?

Create Fabric Stiffener

Fabric stiffener aims to stiffen fabric for everyday activities. Prepare a bowl to put water and glue in the same amount together. Mix them until the solution looks like milk.

You can either color the fluid onto the fabric or dip the fabric to the bowl. Take advantage of a form to have the fabric in a shape you like. You can apply it when the glue is stiff and clear.

Work like a Band-Aid for Plants

One of the activities to protect your plants’ vitality and long-term health is pruning. Have you ever thought white glue can be a Band-Aid for your plants?

When you have pruned branches and steams, just dab a little glue on their cut ends. Then, just let it dry. Your leaves plants will be protected from loss of moisture and insect.

Rescue the Wrong Holes

When you measure the wrong place when you want to hang something on the wall and you already put the hole on it, don’t worry!

Just use a piece of plastic wrap to smooth the glue when you already fill the holes with it. Dab a little color to cover the glue when it is dry.

Avoid Frays

A bit of glue can be useful to seal the ends of your cords, ropes, or even shoelaces. It is to protect it from fraying.

Make Your Slime

Spend your Sunday morning to have a fun activity with your kids. Use white glue to create slime in your kids’ favorite color. Use water, food coloring, and borax.

Keep your kids under your supervision while doing this to avoid the unwanted, dangerous problem. Have fun!

So, white glue is not only for school supplies. There are many ranges of usage that beneficial for any household project both for fixing or artistry. So, which one is your nearest project in the future with it?

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