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DIY Window Picture Frame That Makes Your Home Exceptional

After repurposing old items become much popular, creating a window picture frame becomes a hot topic too. Old windows are among a few home elements that are rarely crushed down during building demolition.

That’s why finding vintage windows that are worth of centuries is pretty easy.

You can go to local flea markets, architecture salvage depots, or antique shops to get the windows and repurpose them into a vintage picture frame.

Moreover, if you have just finished upgrading your home and some old windows are still around, consider keeping them for the next project too.

While there is no doubt that old windows are a cheap way to bring something great and unique to your home, it must be great to repurpose them into various things. To help you get started, here are a few examples to consider.

Window Picture Frame with a Vintage Flair

Windows typically have a sturdy frame to keep the weighty glass in place. Thus, they should make great material to display your family photos as well.

Of course, you can find numerous brilliant examples of repurposed old windows into beautiful art and photo frames.

However, this design is probably among the most favorite ones. It uses string and some small pins to display the photos in the frame.

Black and White Ribbon

decorating with old windows inside

Another window picture frame that you can easily create at home. Different from the previous idea, it uses a combination of black and white ribbons to hang the photos.

You can frame the photo individually and fix them on the available grilles of your old window. Get the ribbons through the top of the small frame so that you can fasten them on the grilles easily.

Rustic Picture Frame window picture frame

frame made from old windows

An old window can bring a rustic touch in your space. Turn it into a beautiful picture frame of your small family rather than throwing this item away.

Start with printing some photos in the size of your old window pane. In case the pictures cannot fill the pane fully, you can add metallic paper under them so that the unfilled area is covered.

This rustic window picture frame left with its worn paint. Then, some orange flowers are attached to the pane for a burst of color.

Shelf and Wreath

Aside from pictures and photos, an old window frame will work well to display message boards, artworks, and other things as well. As seen above, the frame installed with corbels and shelf.

You can use the shelf to display other antique items like a vintage clock and mini birdcage as well as a pot of faux plants.

The photos are hung on a transparent string and clothespin, making it easy to change them into another one when needed.

Unusual Mirror window picture frame

Besides a window picture frame, you can also turn this old item into another useful element in the interior. For instance, you can create an exceptional mirror shown above.

Well, you must have ever heard that placing a mirror in a small room can make it seem more spacious. However, you should not throw a mirror on the wall just because it has been recommending by many experts for decades.

For a more personalized style, try to add an old window picture frame and turn your mirror into something even more beautiful.

You can replace the window glasses with mirrors that come in the same size and shape.

Then, you can attach some seashells or other accessories to adorn the frame. To get the whole process correctly, consider browsing some tutorials on the internet.

Useful Coffee Table window picture frame

window picture frame

Commonly coming with a rectangular shape, an old window picture frame will become a perfect candidate for a tabletop.

Besides, you will love the solid frame and its glass inset that can provide a lighter feel in any space either outdoor or indoor. This coffee table uses a pair of curved legs and a box as an additional storage solution.

You can use the table box to store books, magazines, or even some photos and treasured items from your previous vacation.

Unique Headboard

window picture frame

When it comes to an old window frame décor, you shouldn’t forget to consider a DIY headboard project.

If you have a used glass pane window that is wide enough to accommodate your bed, it is time to turn this useless thing into something more practical.

This idea is pretty similar to creating a window picture frame. However, instead of hanging it as a wall decoration, you will install the finished work on your bed frame.

Simply remove the glass and insert your favorite picture in exchange. This bedroom has a portrait of a sunny beach on the headboard that suits the sandy color palette.

Classy Greenhouse from Old Windows

window picture frame

Windows are supposed to bridge the indoor area and the outside. That makes them typically made to stand up to any weather. As a result, they must become a perfect material to create something useful in the garden.

The best example will be this stunning greenhouse. Except for the ceiling construction and the bright pink door, this greenhouse fully built from recycled windows. It is big enough to store all your favorite plants and flowers in one place.

Jewelry Holder

If you don’t know where to display your collection of necklaces or bracelets, grab an old window frame and create this jewelry holder.

This idea will be perfect if you have already owned window collage picture frames and want to have something more practical. All you need to do is replace the glass pane with wire mesh and install several wooden hooks on it.

Luckily, these materials are widely available at local home improvement stores.

You can refinish the frame or leave it the way it was. Then, hang this DIY jewelry around your vanity table for an easy grab when needed.

To conclude, a window picture frame is not the only thing you can create from this opening. Thus, keep your old pane borders and wait to turn them into something great.

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