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5 Fancy Wine Bottle Lights Ideas You Must Try!

Have you ever thought about making wine bottle lights when you saw many piles of glass bottles in your trash? If so, then you are creative enough.

People commonly use their old glass bottles to store food ingredients or other liquid things like dish soap. Whereas, all of these items can also transform into fancy home decoration stuff.

Besides being used as flower vases, window displays, and tumblers, your old bottles can also function as lighting decorations.

This article will give you five creative ideas on how to make wine bottle lights efficiently and economically.

Without spending much money, you can now own the classy embellishment in your dwelling.

Just paint using acrylic, give an LED light in it, and add some other ornaments, now your used bottles are valuable.

To achieve a perfect finish, learning glass-cutting skills is recommended for you to produce ornaments with a smooth and even cutting surface. Moreover, do not forget to sand it as well.

Without much further ado, let us find out how to make it, and pick up your favorite one!

1. Hanging Wine Bottle Lights

Who would ever think that hanging wine bottle lights with its simple model could provide a warm accent for your peninsula or kitchen island?

Need not to pay a fortune to buy a linear pendant light from a well-known brand. Only with the hanging lamps made from recycled wine bottles, your kitchen now has an attractive decoration.

Choose several wine glass bottles with matching colors and shapes, and then cut it in half.

Make sure the number of containers you use is not too much or too little for your breakfast spot size so that it is pleasing to the eye.

Place a small bulb in each bottle, and then hang them on your kitchen ceiling linearly.

To make it more aesthetics, you can use mini vintage Edison incandescent bulbs, which will give you a warm rustic atmosphere.

2. Best Wine Bottle Lights: Outdoor Tiki Torch

Every spot of your home reserves to getting a comfortable decoration, even for your terrace.

Create some outdoor wine bottle lights similar to the one above to give your porch a coastal vibe in every summer night.

Fill the recycled wine containers with fuel, and put a wick into it. Please be sure that the cotton rope gets into the fuel properly so that it absorbs the fuel and helps to ignite the flame entirely.

When finished, you can attach this tiki torch to the fence, hang it on the pillar of your veranda, or stand it in the garden ground using a tiki torch holder. Such an incredible idea, isn’t it?

3. Painted Bottle Light

Aside from being used for a centerpiece or windowsill display, a painted bottle also worthwhile to be the lighting instrument for your bedroom and living room.

Below are two creative wine bottle lights DIY you can follow to produce a nifty and classy lamp.

Everlasting Glow Wine Bottle Lights

This wine bottle craft requires you to sort out a transparent wine bottle and make a fairy-shaped cut paper, or another shape according to your preference.

The next move you need to do is tracing it on your wine container.

After that, you can draw and color them using your favorite acrylic. Black is an excellent choice for the object while leaving the rest of your bottle transparent as you will put the fairy lights in it.

However, when you desire other colors, it is okay.

That is all you need to do. You can put this wine bottle lights near your bed, and Tinkerbell is ready to wish you a good night.

Painted Table Lamp

The second craft is to make a painted table lamp. If your liquor container already has a unique design, add a little ‘spilled liquid’ accent from the lips to your bottle’s neck in the color you like.

Alternatively, pour the paint into your bottle, and then swirl it until the paint’s color covers the whole inside of the container. That is a smart choice on how you can get the glossy finish.

For the lamp, chose whatever shape and kind according to your need. If the dim light is preferable, use the halogen incandescent bulbs. Further, the ordinary A-shaped bulbs or the spiral one will give you warm white light.

LED is also excellent if you do not mind to spend much more dollars. 

When everything is complete, take your time to have an anti-mainstream table lamp.

4. Centerpiece Hurricane Lamps

It is simple yet fascinating. That is what you can tell about these moveable hurricane lamps.

As an initial move, pick three or five different size-and-shape-bottles. Next, merely cut the bottom of it, or you can also cut it in half, and then put it over the squat candle.

You can add other ornaments as you desire. Last, put them all together in a circle with random order.

5. Goblet Candle Holder

Finally yet importantly, now you arrive on how to create the wine bottle goblet. There are two forms and ways of making a goblet candleholder from recycled wine bottles.

The first style allows you to cut the bottom of the container into a small part. It functions as the leg of the goblet, while another fragment roles as its cup.

Put the part of the bottle that has the mouth upside down properly above the bottom part. Glue the two fragments together by using silicone glue.

When the glue got dry, you can sand the edges to make it even and safe.

In contrast, the second way requires you to cut the body part of the bottle longer than the head. In this style, one that becomes the ‘feet’ is the head of the container.

To finish making this wine bottle lights DIY, simply follow the same steps as the prior. What a pretty candleholder, isn’t it?

Commonly, some people will use this item for a drinking glass. However, others will use it as a candleholder.

Solely place the candlestick on the goblet, and your hands are safe from the hot melting wax.

Well, you are done screening this page! Everything about wine bottle lights DIY already delivered to you. It is your turn to create one of them!

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