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13 Surprising Ways to Use Wood Contact Paper for Your Home Decoration

Wood contact paper makes a great candidate to decorate nearly everything without a costly budget. Besides, it comes in a variety of beautiful designs.

This inexpensive decorative material has been many people’s favorite for a long time ago. Nowadays, you can even find it in a chalkboard style for easy tagging.

1. Unique Wooden Laptop

One of the simplest ways to use a contact paper is to adorn your old laptop. This device is probably still working properly, but it may not look as nice as a long back then.

You can upgrade the look of your laptop with wood contact paper or other patterns. For instance, one with mirrored, brick, and marble designs may work too.

Thanks to the wood-grain look, this machine will become something appealing to start a conversation.

2. Wood Contact Paper for Book

Not only a laptop, but you can also turn a common notebook into something greater. It will make someone next door amazed even before reading a single word in the book.

The wood-grain pattern has made this boring book look more eye-catching. Besides, it may help to promote some new inspirations as well.

Once you are bored with the wood contact paper, simply replace it with a new one. Go for a brighter pattern or a cute animal print.

3. Patterned Stair-Risers

Stair risers are probably not in your thought when decorating a home interior. However, this idea must change the way you see these elements.

With floral-patterned contact paper, this staircase makes going up and downstairs a worth remembering. There is no need to stick to one pattern only.

You can also mix and match different designs and colors that suit your style. For instance, you can combine a subtle and bold pattern for a more interesting look.

4. Eye-Catching Drawer Lining

You probably have ever employed adhesive paper to wrap your boring draws and shelves.

However, if there are new styles and patterns available, it must be exciting to upgrade the project.

To make a simple activity like opening a drawer more fun, cover the bottom with vintage wood contact paper or floral-patterned one.

Try to cover the sides of your drawer as well so that it will appear more attractive when opened.

5. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Are you getting sick of your bedroom’s décor? If so, doing a little redesigning project must be a good choice.

With wood contact paper, you won’t need to spend much money on updating the whole look of the bedroom. Besides, it can also be easily removed once you want to change the interior into another style.

For a renter, this idea makes a great solution as well since some lease may forbid painting.

Of course, you are prone to creating little clutter when working with adhesive paper. However, since the walls will be concealed in the end, it is possible to reverse any issue whenever you like.

6. Practical Labels

Use your wood contact paper or chalkboard adhesive one to add labels into things all around the home. It must be great to tag your spice and herb jars as shown above.

Simply cut some adhesive paper in a unique shape for creating a more eye-catching label. For example, the bright blue labels of this idea look perfect on these transparent containers.

Furthermore, you can also apply a similar method to label gift boxes and other packages. Then, line them up to fill your garage shelves, closets, or cabinets.

7. DIY Frosted Window

Do you want to bring a designer touch or add a little privacy to your usual glass window?

Then, the contact paper offers a great solution. Luckily, contact paper that is designed especially for glass usage is available on the market. Thus, you can easily adorn your windows with it.

You can either apply the whole sheet or cut the paper into some unique patterns. Moreover, you don’t need to worry if the wood contact paper is not attached precisely to the window at first.

Contact paper allows you to peel and stick easily, so it is easy to reposition the material over and over until the result is satisfying.

8. Removable Backsplash

Refresh your backsplash quickly by covering it with pretty contact paper. Despite how easy this project is, the result will be highly satisfying.

With its limitless options, it won’t be hard to find suitable contact paper for your backsplash. Then, if the look is getting dull, you can easily peel the sheet off and replace it with something new.

9. Tree String Art

Wood Contact Paper

While boldly patterned contact paper can add a statement to your space, shape, and arrange it into a beautiful accent wall will bring another visual interest.

In this warm dining area, the dark wood contact paper is shaped into a tree, offering an attractive focal point. For a more dramatic impact, you can run the tree over the window and ceiling moldings.

10. Marble Contact Paper

Wood Contact Paper

Instead of using wood contact paper for countertops, you will love the one that comes in a marble design. The marble contact paper will boost the style and look of your kitchen instantly.

Besides, it doesn’t cost you as much as refinishing the old countertops. To keep things smooth, you can use a credit card to attach the paper. If there are air holes, you can crack them with a pin.

11. Temporary Holiday Decor

Wood Contact Paper

Adhesive paper allows you to decorate your home with festive whimsy. Besides, it is pretty affordable for everyone’s pocket.

For the next Halloween, you can try to create this window silhouette from black contact paper.

12. Inside the Cabinet

Wood Contact Paper

The patterned contact paper will make a perfect decoration for your kitchen cabinet door. You can change with the chalkboard type to allow note-taking of recipes and grocery lists.

13. ‘New’ Dressers

Wood Contact Paper

Turn your old dressers into something new by applying a variety of contact paper designs. Simply remove the dresser knobs first and reattach them once you have applied the paper.

To suit the new design, consider replacing the hardware if necessary. All in all, wood contact paper is what you need when looking for a quick and affordable way to update the look of any surface.

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