Best Wood Drill Bits and How to Pick the Best One

A collection of wood drill bits is a must-have at home because you are going to need this to do the construction, fix the things, for renovation, or even doing the DIY project.

The tool kits consist of wood drill bits in different sizes and shapes. The more complete this collection, the easier it will be for you to do many things at the same time.

It is not rocket science to find a collection of wood drill bits that features complete size and shape. You can find them in the hardware store or even better in e-commerce.

Below are some recommendations for the best wood drill bits that you can buy in the online store.

1. Best Brad Point Drill Bits

For beginners in construction activities, you can buy Best Brad Point Drill Bits, because they provide a friendly collection to use for beginners.

This wood drill kit features six basic drill bits that you can plug into the machine for various needs, from drilling wood, hoses, to ceramics.

Iron as the material of the kits makes them strong and durable, not easily damaged even if you drill on a hard surface.

Otherwise, this collection of drill bits from Best Brad Point can suit any standard drilling machine for household needs.

You can get this collection for USD10 on Amazon.

2. Bostal Drill Bits Set

This collection of drill bits from Bostal features an attractive gold and silver color combination, making the drilling machine look more beautiful and elegant.

Composed of 64 drill bits, Bostal Sets is suitable for professional construction work, such as in industry.

The tip of Bostal drill bits is very sturdy and strong, not easily damaged and durable. It is suitable for long-term and intense use.

It can be used for drilling floors, plywood, and wood. To buy this collection of 64 drill bits, you can pay around USD19. Meanwhile, its size ranges from 3 until 10 mm.

3. Comoware Drill Bits Set

The black color that surrounds its surface makes this Comoware Drill Bits a perfect fit to buy as your luxurious construction set collection.

Its material is sturdy and it features a five-edged surface that can easily penetrate thick wood or PVC.

Comoware Drill Bits Set is suitable for those of you who often do construction activities at home. It is simple but strong enough and easy to install at any drilling machine.

If you are interested in buying this collection of drill bits, get it for only USD14.

Each set consists of seven strong and durable drill bits.

4. Freud Forstner Drill Bits

If you want to perforate a flat wooden surface, Freud Forstner Drill Bits will be the right choice.

It consists of seven pieces of drill bits and can be used from simple drilling machines to the professional ones.

Using Freud Forstner Wood Drill Bits, you can perforate wood with ease and precision.

The results of drilling will be even and the depth can be adjusted based on your choice.

The drill set also comes in a strong material that is not easily broken.

You can have this drill set in USD54 at price. It is quite expensive but gives us the best drilling quality.

5. Type of Drill Bits

You can use any kind of drill bits to make a hole in a wood surface. However, drill bits have a specific purpose.

Knowing the type of drill bits based on their shapes make it easy for you to do the DIY and other construction jobs.

The first type is wood drill bits or the brad-point.

These drill bits are specially made for drilling wood. There are a sharp tip and flutes on its sides.

You will get the perfect hole because the brad-point drill can expel wood crumbs.

The price of brad-point, compared to other drill bits, is cheaper because it is not too sharp.

The second type is the twisted drill bit. Like the brad-point, the twisted drill is used to drill wood, but in the edge part.

It can be used not only for the wood but also for the metal and plastic as well.

The third is the countersink drill bit. It is also stuff used in the wood to create the pilot hole.

It can produce a deeper hole compared to the brad-point drill bits.

There is also a Foster drill bit, named after its inventor, Benjamin Foster. The tool will give you a hole in the dowel.

The Foster Tool is used in high-end furniture and professional construction.

If you want to buy the drill bits only for a home purpose or simple DIY project, better to use other types since this stuff is more expensive.

Meanwhile, a hole saw drill bit is used for making a big hole in wood, plastic, or ceramic.

The hole saw drill is sharper compared to the brad-point, so, be careful before you use this tool.

If you want a sharper bit more than the other types, a step drill is a perfect choice for you.

6. The Material of Wood Drill Bits Set

You can also pick a wood drill bits set based on its material. The first one is carbon steel. It is used when drilling the wood. Avoid using it in metal since the tool might be broken.

There is also high-speed steel. It is a combination of tungsten and alloy metals. Compared to the previous tools, the HSS provides better temperatures.

You can use it for the fiberglass and wood.

Meanwhile, Titanium HHS Bits is made up of titanium coating. It is suitable for you who want a sharper tip of hard plastic, glass, or wood.

For a metal drilling need, you can pick a black oxide HHS bits.

It features an oxide coating that lets you drill without corrosion. However, the tool is also suitable for fiberglass.

For a beginner, it is a daunting task to pick up the right bits. Their shapes are almost the same. So, before you buy one, make sure to check which kind of surface you want to drill.

If you already pick the right wood drill bits, now let us start to make some DIY pieces of furniture and do not forget to fix the broken things as soon as possible.

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