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Wood Headboard to Redecorate your Beds at Home

There are many simple ways that you can do to redecorate your beds in the house. Moreover, one of the ways to do that is just by adding a wood headboard. 

To some people, wood-style is a bit old fashion. However, by giving it the right touch you can make your bed and room more modern. It all depends on how you style your headboard and the theme of it. 

DIY Wood Headboard for Your Furniture

Wood headboard minimalist

To make this happen, you do not need to buy a new wood board for your bed. On the other hand, why not make a DIY wood headboard from unused materials. 

Not only will you save up some money, but you can also adjust the design as you like.

To help you with some ideas, here are some great simple wood headboard ideas that you can make.

1. Beach Inspired Look Headboard

Wood headboard

One of the great headboard ideas comes from Mandy at The Hankful House. Well, her original room has a beach looking theme with a normal box spring and mattress kind of bed. 

To make a bit difference to the room, she then decided to add a wood headboard on to the bed.

However, despite buying a new headboard she made one from wood planks. 

Other than the wood, other materials for this project are dark wood stain, board, and some tools for installing.

When buying these materials, make sure to adjust it with the beds in your rooms. 
After all the materials are ready, then start the work by cutting the woods to fit with your bed.

This is the tricky and difficult part, so you may want to get some help from the Depot person.

When the size is right, color them with the colors you like. For this project, because Mandy wanted it to fit her beach theme room, she stained them with two heavy coats. 

It will take some time until they all dry, so be patient. Make sure they all dry first before using them because if not they can stain your bed and walls.

Once they have dried, install them together onto the board. If you want it steadier, then you can also attach them to the wall. Overall, for this wood headboard, she spent around $70,000.

2. Beach Cottage Headboard

Wood headboard

Another beach headboard idea that you can apply in your room is the beach cottage headboard. This idea is suitable for those who want to feel like they are outside the room with a brighter color.

So, bring the sun inside your room by coloring the headboard with a bright color. For example, choose white for the board to get a brighter and bigger look into the room. 

Overall, the materials and processes of the making are the same as the beach-inspired look headboard. The only difference is the color to make it look brighter. 

3. Pallet Headboard

Wood headboard

If you are limited on budget, then try to use another option that is cheaper like pallet wood headboard. This material is much cheaper compared to plank woods that come in big sizes. 

The first thing to make is the frame of the headboard. You can make this by installing two long pieces of wood pallet together for each side of the board. Make sure they have the same length and height. 

One of the advantages of using pallets is that you do not have to cut the wood in small pieces. However, you will need to cut the lengths, so they are equal.

When they are the same, install the pallets together to form a plank wood size of the headboard. Both horizontal and vertical ways will make a great headboard design. 

Next, above those wood pallets, add another wood on each side of the headboard. This is to show and underline the shape of the headboard.

However, you can also skip this step if you want a simple look.

When all your parts are finished, put them together to form aboard. If you want a natural theme color, just let the pallet as it is.

However, you can also color them with brown wood to make it look more modern.

4. Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Wood heasboard

Another great idea for those with a limited budget is using reclaimed wood headboard. With this kind of material, you can make cheap wooden headboards for both rustic and modern themes.

The first step you need to do is to make sure all the wood is dry and has a soft surface. Usually old and materials have nails and rough surfaces, so use sandpaper to soften the surface.

Once it is all soft, put them together, and make it as a wood board for your bed. For a modern look, choose bold and shining colors for like dark brown.

On the other hand, if you want a rustic look, then just let the wood as it is.

Alternatively, you can also add a glossy coat for the surface to make it look better. 

5. Minimalist Wood Headboard

Wood headboard

If you want something simple and modern, then make a minimalist wooden headboard from small woods.

For this design you will not need full wood, however, you will need extra effort to cut them into small pieces. 

Cut woods in small and thin pieces with the same length. Then, make a square frame for the base of the headboard. Make sure the size is the right size of your bed too.

Then attach the small woods into the frame. 

Your headboard is almost ready, however, to make it steadier install it on the wall behind your bed. This way it will not fall or move easily.To make it match your bed color it with the same theme color. 

Well, those are the top ideas for the wood headboard that you can make for your room. Most of these headboards are simple, so you can easily make them by yourself. 

Just make sure to measure your bed when you are planning to make a headboard. Therefore, the headboard can fit perfectly into your bed. 

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