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Stunning Wood Pattern to Consider for Remarkable Flooring Style

A wood pattern can be found on many surfaces at a house or any buildings. It can be on the floor or wall, depending on the context used.

It becomes an artistic touch when applied with a thorough thought. No wonder such a pattern is well-liked. The wood itself is a long-lasting material that is popular for flooring.

You can combine a variety of wood pattern design to create lots of mesmerizing masterpiece at your home.

Wood also leaves a smooth, warm, and elegant feel that makes the floor looks stunning. Those are some of the merits that wood has compared to other materials.

Many other platforms are also found adopting the same or similar patterns for many buildings, and that’s only natural.

In this article, you would agree on why wood patterns are famous. Here are some stunning flooring styles you may want to consider.

1. Make Good Use of Shipping Pallets

Just look at how lovely this herringbone pattern is. The wood pattern alone is enough to make you stunned with awe.

However, upcycling leftover wood is a good way to avoid spending money on something unnecessary. If the quality is still good enough, it’ll be such a waste to throw it away.

If you want to make good use of shipping pallets, you can exactly create a flooring idea with the same pattern.

You can either stain every piece of pallets or the whole at once to bring a visually appealing look and add interest to it.

2. Marvelous and Cheerful Look

With such a striking look, this marvelous pattern surely stresses out the flooring style. The colorful motif looks unusual yet it’s astonishing to watch.

People know this marbling method is utilized in bookbinding commerce. When you look at those bright colors, you may feel as if you’re looking at a painting.

That could be a good explanation of why many homeowners are attracted to this marble wood flooring.

For those who love bright colors and unusual patterns, this notion could also be an ideal presentation for them.

3. Golden Accent

Another piece of art flooring idea can be seen here. A blend of black and white and gold that emblazon the surface just feels right.

When black marble Marquina, white statuary, teak, burnished brass are fused, the result is just impressive.

The golden pattern beautifully accentuates the floor. it leaves and classic and glamour appearance on the surface.

4. Smooth Wood Pattern

What interesting about a school gym doesn’t always about fancy equipment at all. It could be something that may seem common yet makes people curious about it.

The reclaimed wood used in a school gym has a smooth and clean surface and most importantly it isn’t slippery.

That could be a reason that triggers students to exercise more at school. The way the boards were arranged truly creating a lovely wood pattern design.

5. Unique Flooring Idea

This is a very clever way of adorning the floor. If you are fond of puzzles, you shouldn’t waste any more time and get this idea for your flooring style in an instant.

The brilliant interlocking floor doesn’t only grant your desire of having a perfectly unique floor surface, but it also shows your personality as the homeowner.

You may have a little fun with those puzzle squares by marking them with numbers or words to create a challenging game with family members.

6. Mind-Blowing Masterpiece

What a wonderful 3D wood pattern it is. This parquet floor style is mind-blowing with its optical trick. It is a precise design that brings joy into the house.

It looks so real in terms of color and pattern as well to shows how well the creator came up with the idea.

Many would agree that it would be perfect for any rooms and it will give you warmth and beauty to your house.

7. Out of the Ordinary

out of ordinary wood pattern

As you can see, this notion floor may look the same just like any other wood floor style. But if you look at it carefully, you will know that you are pretty much wrong.

This method is adopted from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. These timber pieces were originally from a ceiling. They were turned into this beautiful flooring idea.

People upcycled those pieces and created worth appreciating flooring style, called the floor of Atsumi.

With lots of people doing upcycling stuff, I’m sure the world will have a better place to live.

You will have less garbage problem as it can reduce the amount of trash pollution in the environment near you.

8. Attractive Medallion

medallion wood pattern

A medallion on the floor would make a nice symbol to be placed in the center of a room. This concept can be an additional feature to highlight the floor.

You can be creative and make your medallion logo that matches the surroundings. Or just create one that speaks about your character. 

With a fairly large size and a unique mark at the center, the medallion becomes a focal point with its simple pattern.

People wouldn’t fail to notice that there is such an attractive design lies comfortably on the wooden floor.

9. Genuine Character

wood pattern genuine

Yes, a cobblewood has a similar name and pattern to cobblestones. Those pieces of wood can be organized to form plenty of shapes.

Rectangular, circular, or any other shape is possible with cobblewood. It will make the floor has a distinctive wood pattern that you fancy to have.

It does not only feel different from other wood floors but in terms of creativity, cobblewood is an authentic idea.

Besides, wood is also durable and spreads a sense of warmth in your house. I’m sure you will be proud of having this wood flooring design.

10. Craft It

craft it wood pattern

If you have a large number of whiskey barrels, be sure to make good use of them.

Many wood crafts can be made out of them. It would be such a waste if those barrels end up as firewood or just left at the dump.

You can use them for flooring instead. The woods would leave marks so people might notice where those pieces of wood come from.

But that shouldn’t be a problem. Those wood patterns can be the identity of the floor that tells their history.

There are plenty of wood styles that would make the floor a stunning surface people would crazy about. Which wood pattern would you like to give it a try?

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