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5 Best Wood Types for Wood Shelving Units

Displaying decorations, photos, and collectibles are perfect with furniture like wood shelving units. It’s a popular way to decorate wall spaces.

Choosing wood as the main material for the shelving units can make a useful investment because it could last for many years to come.

There are so many kinds of wood that you need to explore out there. So, you can choose the best one for your space.

Some wood types have their features and quality. If the budget is enough, you need to find the one that’s more reliable and sturdy for the best result on your wood shelving units.

This post will help you to choose the best wood for your shelving unit. Here are things you should consider before choosing the wood for the project.

What to Look

As we know, wood is one of the most used materials to build things. It would be easy to find it in the stores nearby, right? However, it’s not that simple to begin the project.

The availability of specific wood types is according to the location you’re living in. Some places could be difficult to find the one you’ll need.

For example, it can be hard to find a new pinewood in Kansas but it would be so easy on the West Coast area. Besides, you need to consider the followings in looking for the perfect wood types for your project:

  • High-grade Wood; The grade of wood is based on the cut and tree quality.
  • Hardwood; It means the wood comes from specific trees that have more dense lumber.
  • Solid Wood without Particle Boards
  • A Wood without loose knots

For those of you who are not familiar with the name of wood grades, you should just go with number one common. It’s gonna be perfect lumber for your quality shelf.

Make sure the wood you choose to buy is not defective. Well, look for the poorly graded sides or knots. They would be a problem in the process.

You can choose whether you want to paint your wood shelving units or not. For a more aesthetic look of the material, you better keep it natural.

How to Choose

You should make some careful considerations in choosing the right material for your shelving units. It’s not going to be hard because all the picks in this post are perfect for shelves.

However, some material may not be well-suited to your specific design of wood shelving units. That’s because different types of shelves need a different kind of wood.

In this post, we’ve gathered the wood types that are recommended for shelves and also long-lasting.

If you’re still a bit confused and unsure, you should look for more information. Without further ado, check out these five best types of wood available to build an amazing shelving unit.

Western Red Cedar Wood

This wooden material is quite popular all across the Pacific Northwest of America. The states like Oregon, Washington, and other close areas offer an easy pick for such wood type.

Different from others, this tree produces softwood lumber with splendid quality. Although we already recommended you to choose hardwood over softwood, this one is an exception.

The cedarwood has a soft red tint which becomes the reason why people like to have it as their wood shelving units material. Because it’s softwood, you can cut the lumber quite easy and the painting would be as simple.

Pine Wood

The Pine trees are quite easy to find in Northern America. Many local hardware stores have this wood type available all across the country.

This is another recommended softwood type that’s well known for its affordability and versatility. It’s available in any size and grade.

Pinewood is considered softer than red cedar. So, don’t use it for a storage shed. You can use it for shelving units but make sure you don’t load them with a lot of heavy things.

Moreover, this type of material is a great option for wood shelving units especially if you’re on a budget. Just load the wood pine shelving unit with light items that are perfect on display.

Walnut Wood

Instead of softwood, hardwood is the safest choice you could go for making wood shelving units. This kind of wood has a serious statement that needs no treatment including a paint job.

This classic hardwood is not something you can find easily from the store. In the area where walnut trees don’t exist, the price would be very expensive.

Since it’s an expensive material, you don’t need to use it for a storage project. Just focus on the wood shelving unit.

The beauty of walnut wood is perfect to be a display platform. Walnut offers you a sturdy quality and elegant look. It can hold heavy stuff you may want to be displayed.

Douglas Fir Wood Shelving

wood shelving units

This is the type of wood that you can find only on the west coast and eastern Asia. You can still find across the country even though it’s not an easy-peasy job to do.

Douglas Fir wood offers you a natural beauty that provides an elegant look. So, it’s best to staining it rather than painting it.

You can use Douglas fir for the shed storage and wood shelving units. If you’re not sure what type of shelves you need in your house, this wood material is the choice. It’s for any project kinds.

Redwood Material

wood shelving units

The size and beauty is the highlight of this wood type. The tree is very popular for its big size. This common softwood costs you more money than the previous ones.

You can treat and paint the redwood as you want for your shelves. Moreover, you can leave it untouched to display its natural beauty.

A combination of redwood and black steel brackets provides a nice-looking scene on the wall. If you’re unsure about the best types you need, take your time to consider the detailed installation you plan.

Remember that’s the consideration process is crucial. It does spend some times but it doesn’t mean wasting time. You should make sure that you choose the right material for your wood shelving units.

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