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20 Inexpensive Decorations from Wood Sign

Wood sign decorations are in trend nowadays, thanks to its versatility. The good news is you can have some without spending a handful of money with the DIY versions of yours.

This article will give you several inspirations of what you can do with shipping pallets and wooden materials.

1. Family Rules Sign


Instead of telling your kids repeatedly what they should and shouldn’t do, try to print those rules down onto a sign. Wood sign ideas like this one will help you remind them whenever they disobey.

2. Rustic Sweet Love Wood Sign


Sometimes, after living with the same person for years, people might forget the most important between the two of them.

Hence, this sign could help to relive the moments and feelings you and your spouse once have experienced.

3. Funny Wood Sign


A classic quote like “Home is wherever I am with you” has so many versions, which all of them barely make you laugh.

Therefore, seek difference by adding a funny twist like this sign. Well, you could do some smiles occasionally.

4. Positive Message Decoration for Living Room


Life is beautiful. In case you forget the fact at some point in your lifeline, since living a livelihood is easier in a novel than in reality.

Accordingly, this vintage wood sign could make people remember it, at the very least. Also, it will be a bonus if they start to count the blessings after that.

5. Soak, Relax, Unwind Distressed Trio


This wood sign could rustically be a wall bathroom décor. Wherefore, you could create a trend, as it is uncommon to have some in a washroom.

6. Carved Wedding Date


Now, your spouse, or maybe even you, do not have an excuse to forget the wedding date anymore, as this custom wood sign will be a reminder for it forever. Well, maybe until someone decides to put it down.

7. Stenciled Wood Signs


An outdoor wood sign doubles as a direction, too, as to how this signboard initially functions before taking up your space as decoration.

Thereupon, Let’s make the item exceptionally good, as it is the first thing welcoming your guests.

8. Framed Song Lyrics Wood Sign


People often claim that music relives memories, and the lyrics in it hold the main share at that.

So, if you are one of those softies, carve the lines onto a sign and mount the signboard on the bedroom wall to relive the moments repeatedly.

9. Aloha Hand-Lettered Wood Sign


This wood signs DIY is probably the easiest do-it-yourself project to do. Besides, it only involves a piece of wood, a white marker, and your skill at hand lettering. Now, how good are you at that?

10. Marriage Wood Farmhouse Sign


By using two kinds of font types, this sign successfully delivers the meaning of a perfect marriage. Then, use this as a gift to newlyweds or as a decoration above the wedding bed of your own.

11. Welcome Sign for Front Door


The welcome mat is so traditional and, some would say, outdated. Even so, be different by vertically displaying a slim welcoming sign beside the front door. It will beautifully occupy your corner doorway.

12. Gather Wood Sign in Dark Walnut


Unique and rustic will be more than enough to define this sign. Subsequently, put this somewhere in the living room or the lounge to indicate people where they should gather and entertain one another.

In addition, this could be a seasonal decoration when family members share their free time on holidays.

13. Wooden Hanging Shop and Business Sign


As stated previously, a sign initially works to label the place it hangs in front. Now that people twist the signboard as some decorations, this item does not lose its native function.

Instead, the sign does you doubled jobs at the same time, which provides multi-benefits.

14. Happy to Welcome Fall


People use floral wreaths to welcome spring, as it is the time of the year when most flowers beautifully bloom. Then, what do you have to greet fall happily? Well, this could be a nifty idea.

15. Personalized Hanging Family Name


When you want to introduce your children’s name to the guests without mentioning any, pointing to this hanging sign would do.

Indeed, carved on reclaimed wood, it is both eco-friendly and durable. So, you could create a set on your own or have them personalized.

16. Round Home Sweet Home Décor


This round décor brings a classic quote ‘home sweet home’ to another level. Mark the message with a stencil on a unique medium combined from wood and another material.

Moreover, it is perfect for accentuating your living room or entryway.

17. Sign with Hooks


“Yeah, you could do your routine like usual, but first, coffee,” would be perfect if said while facing this versatile sign. It decorates your coffee counter and hangs the cups at the same time.

Further, just make sure that the jute or anything you use to hang this piece is strong enough to accommodate everything below.

18. Feel Blessed Reminder


The best method to be free from insecurity is to remember that your days are full of blessings. Then, this wood sign will become a reminder of the blessed life you currently live.

Thus, hang this sign in an entertainment space to welcome your guests. That way, they know that you are feeling grateful.

19. Personalized Wooden Sign Address


If people keep saying that they are lost while looking for where you live, it is better to move to a different neighborhood.

Alternatively, put a sign like this one in front of your house. Well, since the latter option is a lot easier, you should try it.

Likewise, using engraved wood signs like this one, you will legit display the address.

20. Fall Wood Sign with Vinyl


It is another option to welcome fall. It means that you should have pumpkin pies under the autumn skies or another similar meaning along the line. Well, it does not matter.

Indeed, what matters is enjoying the season, and it shows by the way that you hang this sign in front of your house.

Ah, congratulations, we have reached the bottom of the page. It means that you are fully inspired by now, right?

Do not take long to DIY some of the wood sign ideas above or only purchase them, as they do not cost a lot.

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